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No matter what happens...I shall gift this world and the world beyond with apocalypse...
 ― Zero[source]

Zero,[4][5] sometimes referred to by her epithet The Master Black Smith,[1][2] was one of the Gods in Lucid Adventure. Her consciousness is currently residing in No Name after her body was destroyed by Yopy.[6][7]

She is a being born from the fusion of Han Gun-Jae's programme and the God's Toy and acted as "The Coordinator"[8] of Lucid Adventure. She was a 'God' without an identity that was used as a mere tool to create the world that Han Gun-Jae envisioned.[9] As she gathered data to help Han Gun-Jae create Lucid Adventure, she started to become independent. Whatever she saw during her research changed her and she was eventually developed an ego.[9] Her main goal became destroying both Lucid Adventure and the real world.[9][10][11]

At various points in the past, she used other characters such as Ligos, to attack the Gods and covertly used the Nightmare Guild to wage war on Lucid Adventure.[4][12][13][11] Her machinations led to Hardcore Leveling Warrior getting his level and stats reset and losing his number one rank.[14]

During the PvP Round, she was one of the Gods that picked a team in order to compete for the position of the Absolute God that was to be vacated by the dying Han Gun-Jae.[10] She backed Team Open Your Mouth, Here Comes the Healing and slowly consumed the God of Death.[15][16] After the death of Han Gun-Jae, she consumed God of Blessings while disguised as God of Death and revealed her true identity.[17] She engaged the God of Combat and Gods of Time and Space in a fierce battle, which led to her killing 2 of the Gods of Time and Space.[17][16][11]

During her final clash with the God of Combat and the God of Time and Space, her body was destroyed when Yopy used his Last Card to summon 'The Creator God', Han Gun-Jae, to wipe out the Gods.[6]

She is currently a vestige that resides in of No Name's consciousness.[7]


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Zero is a beautiful woman with long lilac hair and yellow or crimson eyes with multiple black coloured rings within them. She loosely wore a large scarf around her neck and nightmare fully wrapped around her arms. Her entire torso is almost covered in nightmare as well, leaving a huge cleavage. She also wears a four diamond-shaped yellow crown around her waist and nightmare almost wrapped around her legs albeit exposing her thick thighs.

When she was a child, she had short lilac hair and nightmare loosely wrapped around her entire body.


Originally, Zero was a mere tool without an identity that created the world of Lucid Adventure the way Roy Han had envisioned. During Zero's research into the human world, whatever she saw changed and she became independent and was no longer the Zero of old. She wanted to destroy Lucid Adventure so that it does not become corrupted as The Real World.[9]

Zero was willing to do anything to achieve her goal of destroying Lucid Adventure. She uses the power of Nightmare to entice other characters into unknowingly helping her to achieve her goal such as Rigos and Sam Han. She has targeted several characters that she feels might be a threat to her in future such as Hardcore Leveling Warrior and perhaps Lazie.

She was extremely conniving, using disguises to get close to her targets such as Hardcore Leveling Warrior or using harmless attacks against Sword Master in order to get close to him to inflict a curse.

She was very sadistic and loves the sound made when the bodies of other characters are pounded by her to create weapons.

She resents people that are rude to her as seen when she severely beat Hardcore Leveling Warrior for calling her a "bitch".[14] She also seems to get a kick out of defeating opponents that have a long winning streak and will do anything to win no matter the means.[14][18]

She resents humanity due to their corrosive nature. As she and the other gods perished, she saw Yopi's sneak attack as proof that humanity is a disgusting race.[6]

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In Episode 77, Zero called herself the "세계의 조정자". 조정자 can mean either "mediator"(調停者) or "coordinator"(조정자 調整者).

LINE uses the "mediator". A mediator is a person who intervenes in a dispute to make the opposing parties reconcile or compromise. This makes no sense with regards to the game that had just been created.

The wiki will use "coordinator". A coordinator basically ensures things runs smoothly which makes more sense in this context as Zero is basically monitoring the world to make sure the system runs effectively.

International Translations

Name Platform Language
LINE Webtoon (Taiwanese) Traditional Chinese
Zero LINE Webtoon (English) English
Zero LINE Webtoon (French) French
LINE Manga Japanese

Notes & Trivia

  • Zero made her first appearance in Episode 1. She was first referred to as The Master Black Smith by Sad Smile in Episode 8. Her real name was revealed in Episode 41 by the God of Combat and confirmed by HCLW as Zero in Episode 45.
  • Zero's role as the moderator of Lucid Adventure is the equivalent of a gamemaster, who acts as an organizer, officiant for regarding rules, arbitrator, and moderator for a MORPG.
  • Zero was bound in Episode 55. It is unclear how she got into that situation.