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"No matter what happens...I shall gift this world and the world beyond with apocalypse..."

Zero also known as The Master Black Smith, was the Moderator of Lucid Adventure[1] and one of the main antagonists of the series. She started out as a mere tool without an identity that was used to create the world that Roy Han envisioned, but during her research of the human world, she changed. Her goals became to destroy the Gods and destroy Lucid Adventure.

She was responsible for resetting Hardcore Leveling Warrior's stats and is currently trying to regain her former power to destroy Lucid Adventure and the Real World.[2][3]


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Originally, Zero was a mere tool without an identity that created the world of Lucid Adventure the way Roy Han had envisioned. During Zero's research into the human world, whatever she saw changed and she became independent and was no longer the Zero of old. She wants to destroy Lucid Adventure so that it does not become corrupted as the real world.[4]

Zero is willing to do anything to achieve her goal of destroying Lucid Adventure. She uses the power of Nightmare to entice other characters into unknowingly helong her to achieve her goal such as Rigos and Sam Han. She has targeted several characters that she feels might be a threat to her in future such as Hardcore Leveling Warrior and perhaps Lazie.

She is extremely conniving, using disguises to get close to her targets such as HCLW or using harmless attacks against Sword Master in order to get close to him to inflict a curse.

She is very sadistic and loves the sound made when the bodies of other characters are pounded by her to create weapons.

She resents people that are rude to her as seen when she severely beat HCLW for calling her a bitch.[2] She also seems to get a kick out of defeating opponents that have a long winning streak and will do anything to win no matter the means.[2][5]

She resents humanity due to their corrosive nature. As she and the other gods perished, she saw Yopi's sneak attack as proof that humanity is a disgusting race


The Gods

Sword Master


At first Zero simply did everything that Roy Han asked but after collecting data from the real world and seeing human beings true nature she changed forever.[4] She despises Roy Han for overlapping the real world with Lucid Adventure and thinks he is extremely arrogant.[6]

She has been planning to kill him ever since. After transferring all of her powers to Sword Master, she tried to kill him with swords she made based on data from the real world but she was swiftly defeated by the almighty being. This was revealed to be a decoy as she wanted to get close enough to him to spread a curse through his body that will end Lucid Adventure.

Although Sword Master managed to stop the curse by cutting off his own hand, Zero achieved her aim as Sword Master no longer completely controlled Lucid Adventure and was slowly dying from the curse in the real world.[4]

Zero is still trying to develop weapons that is capable of killing him and is using the hand he cut off to test her weapons.[6]

God of Combat

Although the exact nature of their relationship has not been revealed, It seems they are not on good terms. He informed his Father that Zero wanted to kill him[4] and also is aware that Zero was behind Rigos attack on him.[7]

God of Combat is also aware that Zero and God of Blessing were in contacts with each other.[8]

God of Blessings

Zero talked God of Blessings into helping Giga. She is using his desire to be the next God to achive her own goals. It is unclear if he knows about this.[8]

God of Death

It appears that Zero and God of Death are working together as Team The Ultimate Healer were using Nightmare and also were backed by God of Death during the PvP.[9][10]


Zero is using Giga's desire to control Lucid Adventure to manipulate them as a hole. She convinced God of Blessings to work with Giga and she most likely created Nathan Han's Dagger.

Sam Han


Zero first met Sam Han during his character's creation many years ago. She saw that he desired to replace his father and gave him the personal attribute, Oedipus, to enable him to kill him in Lucid Adventure.[11]

Over many weeks, she sent him substances that did not exist in the real world through the Lucid Adventure App.[11]

Zero is using his desire for power to manipulate him into doing her bidding. She is pretending to be 'controlled' by him while in fact she is the one controlling him.[11]


Hardcore Leveling Warrior


Zero is responsible for HCLW reset at the start of the series.[2] She saw Hardcore Leveling Warrior as a big threat to her plans to destroy Lucid Adventure. He was one of the biggest oppositions during The Very First War when he helped suppress the Guild_Nightmare.[12][13]

After becoming the #1 Ranker, HCLW was on the cusp of reaching an even higher realm which would have made him an even bigger threat to her plans so she depowered him.[14] She told him that he would go crazy trying to find him.[2]

She believes that HCLW like most humans, does not belong in Lucid Adventure.[15]


One year ago, Zero used Rigos thirst for challenges to entice him with the power of Nightmare. She manipulated him into fighting the God of Combat.

Although Zero could be seen in 'Zero's Memory', a piece of memory deeply embedded in Rigos' mind,[16] It seems Rigos is unaware of her true identity as he didn't recognise her name when it was mentioned by God of Combat.[7]


Zero v Lazie

Within a year ago, Zero attacked Lazie in order to acquire his Horns to use for her weapons. After handing Lazie his first ever defeat, she sealed him in the 3rd floor of Black Magic Dungeon and said he might he might see her again if he endured.[5]

Sad Smile

Golden Plate Boots of The Dragon2

As Sad Smile is a dog of Giga, Zero gave him HCLW's Golden Gauntlet and Boots and told him to give it to his

followers. Sad Smile appears to be unaware of her true identity.[17]

No Name

The exact relations hsip between Zero and No Name is unclear, but she seems to be one of Zero's subjects. According to Ledinia,  The Evil Dragon referred to her as 'Zero's one and only failure' and she could be 'the key who can stop the destruction of Lucid Adventure.[18] Choco Bibi remarked that she looked like a mixture of Zero and Armes.[19]

Zero sent one of her minions to capture her and bring her back to The Source' but No Name shouted that "I won't go back to that place ever again!".[20] Zero then commissioned Scallion Head and his minions to capture her but this failed as well.


Zero's Seeds

The effects of the 'seeds' are currently unknown, but it seems that Zero is able to change her appearance to the 'seeded' players and NPC. It is possible that the 'seeds' are players that have used the power of Nightmare. The players and NPC Zero is known to disguise herself as are Choco Pork Stew, Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Umai.

Those with seeds are Black Knights, a giga mercenary with a scar on his right eye, Manager Lee, Pooh Upooh, The Ultimate Healer, Medusa, Wolf, A green haired Giga employee with brown skin, Taoist Kim, Bubbles, Tempest, General Manager Park and Cocomori.[21]

Zero identified an unknown character as the beginning of the end of Lucid Adventure.[21]

Skills & Abilities

"You have no idea what really makes Zero so's not about her power or strength...she was once was the seed of this world...and...she has the 'Nightmare' ability...if she wanted to, she could absorb and recreate this whole world..." God of Death


As one of the two fundamental beings in Lucid Adventure's stability alongside Roy Han, Zero is one of the most powerful characters in Lucid Adventure. She is a God that helped Roy Han create the world of Lucid Adventure and had half the core of Lucid Adventure stored within her core before she destroyed it.

At the start of the series, she had as much power as Roy Han as she was able to help build Lucid Adventure. After transferring all of her power to him, she was no longer his opponent and was swiftly defeated.

Zero seems to be the origin of Nightmare, a power that corrupts as well as grants extraordinary buffs to both players and NPC.

Zero is able to create and use 'bug weapons' that have fraudulent stats in combat. She is strong enough to overpower Tac even when disguised as BJ Umai. Zero was also powerful enough to defeat the undefeated Great Demon, Lazie, without seemingly suffering any damage and sealing him in a dungeon. She was fast enough to dodge Light's attack when disguised as Hardcore Leveling Warrior, a feat that had only been achieved by a few people in Giga.

She was strong enough to fight equally or even be at an advantage against a 50% Nightmarized Hardcore Leveling Warrior. She was able to take his ultimate skill that had an attack power of 99999, All-In, head on confidently without suffering any damage and was even said to be holding back by Choco Bibi.

Fighting Style

Zero has been shown to favoured close and mid range combat, utilising multiple swords to attack and stab opponents. She has used disguises to make her targets lower their guard before she strikes a killer blow.


Nightmare Mode - Zero1

During Zero's fight with Roy Han, she had wings, as well as a mask with multiple eyes covering the left side of her face.[4] It is unclear if this is a skill or even a transformation but she hasn't been seen using this ability since.

All Weapon Usage

Zero was able to take HCLW Warrior's equipment without using any skill.[2] She was able to wield the Sword of Honor without getting repelled by it, similar to Roy Han in his Novelist Han avatar.[2][22] It is possible that as a 'god' of Lucid Adventure, she alos has the ability to bypass the laws of the world.

Master Blacksmith

Her sword craftsmanship is revered in Lucid Adventure, as Sad Smile was eager to get a hand one of her swords. She created 39 swords in total. She is the creator of the Paralyzing Dagger. She is able to create 'bug' weapons that are capable of defying the laws of Lucid Adventure and even deleting players avatars from the world.

She is currently trying to craft a weapon capable of killing Sword Master.

Core Destroyer

Zero was able to spread a curse that is capable of destroying both her and Roy Han's core which will bring an end to Lucid Adventure. Although Roy Han managed to stop the curse from spreading, it still spread and is somehow affecting him in the real world.


As a 'God' and former Moderator of Lucid Adventure, Zero is extremely knowledgeable about the world and possibly knows the weakness of every player. She knew the Hardcore Leveling Warrior stats would reset back to 1 if he was died, which surprised him.

She seems to know the secret of the Dark Skill Window as she alluded that Light was close to the secret.

Real World Effect

Through some unknown method, Zero is able to transport Items from Lucid Adventure to the real world. She was able to send Sam Han a diamond and other materials not found in the Real World through the Lucid Adventure App.[11]

Shape shifting

Zero has the ability to disguise herself as other characters, as she was able to disguise herself as Choco Pork Stew, Hardcore Levelling Warrior and BJ Umai.

When she was disguised as HCLW, she was able to use Moon Light Slash as well as Teleport.

Her disguise did not allow her to mimic BJ Umai's archery prowess, as noted by Tac. Even when disguised as BJ Umai, she was still able to overpower Tac but had to shed the disguise to engage Hardcore Levelling Warrior in battle.

Skill Tree

Nightmare Skills

Sword Skills

  • Moonlight Slash: Zero used this skill to delete Silla's character during the Preliminary Round while disguised as Hardcore Leveling Warrior.

Space Magic

Divine Skills



  • Golden Plate Suit of Fire Dragon: Breastplate of the Golden Armor set. Effect unknown. Taken from HCLW.
  • Golden Plate Gauntlets of Fire Dragon: Gauntlets of the Golden Armour Set. All stats are increased by 50 points, and damage is tripled if used with the Sword of Honour. Taken from HCLW and contaminated by Nightmare. Zero gave it to Sad Smile to give to his followers.
  • The Jeweled Belt Of The Third King: Effect unknown. Taken from HCLW
  • Golden Plate Boots of Fire Dragon: Boots of the Golden Armour Set. They double the speed of their wearer. They are indestructible, and even thorns that are enchanted to "pierce through anything and anyone regardless of their strengths" are unable to penetrate them. Hardcore Leveling Warrior uses their invulnerability to block attacks he otherwise could not take. They also allow the wielder to triple jump. Taken from HCLW and contaminated by Nightmare. Zero gave it to Sad Smile to give to his followers.


  • The Memory of Cintamani: The Head ornament of the Golden Armor Set. Effects unknown. Taken from HCLW and contaminated with Nightmare. It somehow ended up in the hands of a wanderer.


Zero Made Weapons

  • Paralyzing Dagger:  A weapon regarded as Zero's failure. This weapon only deals one damage. However, every 100th strike the dagger will instead ignore all defense stats and deal critical damage (in the sense that it is enough to near-lethally damage the target) in addition to paralyzing the target. The special skill of the dagger is unidentifiable, requiring prior knowledge of it to understand its effects.
  • The 3rd Sword - The Sword of Doom's Day: A dagger like sword that has a huge debuff when it strikes its target.. The first strike paralysis it's target with a red effect similar to that of the Paralyzing Dagger, the second strike decreases the characters ability by half for a certain time and the third strike causes eternal death. When the Fake Umai used it, it only took 2 strikes to make the character fall into eternal death. According to HCLW, the sword cannot be avoided because it has 100% accuracy.
  • The 6th Sword - Needle: A short sword with a rings and pointed thorns as it's pommel. Zero can fight with it as a single sword in close combat or summon multiple 'Needles' to attack a target. The Sword was broken by HCLW during the Subjugation Round.
  • The 16th Sword - The Sword of Avarice: A large sword that looks closer to a spear than an actual sword. It has 9 eyes embedded on its blade.
  • The 30th Sword - Guillotine: Like most of Zero's swords, Guillotine has a unique design, it's blade look similar to a pair of scissors with teeth in the middle. According to Zero, Guillotine binds the target with a 100% probability and when attacking the neck, the target is destroyed forever. The sword was broken by Hardcore Leveling Warrior copying Cocomori's Weapon break.
  • The 3rd Sword - The Sword of Doom's Day: A dagger like sword that has a huge debuff when it strikes its target.. The first strike paralyzis it's target with a red effect similar to that of the Paralyzing Dagger, the second strike decreases the characters ability by half for a certain time and the third strike causes eternal death. When the Fake Umai used it, it only took 2 strikes to make the character fall into eternal death. According to HCLW, the sword cannot be avoided because it has 100% accuracy.
  • The 38th Sword - The Devil's Sword: A sword made from the one of the horns of Lazie. According to Koosiam, the sword has a strong curse that can inflict those that come into contact with it. It was put on the black market and acquired by Sad Smile through Heart Heater.
  • The Dagger of Devil's Horn - Lazie: A ritual dagger made from the stolen horn of Lazie and cobalt ores. Its damage is low because it is meant to be used for rituals. It did not make the master blacksmith's hidden pieces. However, it increases dark skill levels by +3 and grants the owner immunity to curses.

Other Weapons

  • The Sword of Honor - The 7 Truths: A legendary weapon capable of bisecting mountains with a single blow. Increases all Sword Skills by +5. It can only be used by the one contracted with it, repelling others who try to pick it up with a forcefield. Zero took it from HCLW, but lost it during the Subjugation Round after she was "defeated" by HCLW.
  • Brown Bow: Zero wielded a brown bow when disguised as BJ Umai. As pointed out by Tac, her archery skills were not as good as Umai's which led to her overpowering Tac with the arro at close combat.

Demonic Items

Divine Items

  • God's Hand: The hand which God cut off himself to prevent Zero's curse from spreading. Zero is trying to create weapons that can kill God and is using his hand as a test to see if any of the weapons can penetrate his divine flesh.
  • The Final Spear




Zero was created when Roy Han's program fused with The God's Toy. She became the Moderator of Lucid Adventure.[1] . She was actually a god used as an identity-less tool. She analyzed Roy's data and created his body while granting him his great abilities while she helped create the world Roy Han wished for. When Roy logged onto a network to extract more data to fill his head, zero gained more independence. Since Roy was human, he couldn't fully create a world with every object and order. In order to do so, he had to extract data everywhere to fill the gaps such as internet and the memories in people's dreams in order to create it but during this process, the research changed zero completely. She ceased to be herself and sought to kill Roy.[4]


Many years before, after the beta testing phase, she met Sam Han where she said that it's not a game world and that he is in a sub space connected through his consciousness. She reasons that they will both need each other and said that even if Sam acted stoic, he knows he's an heir. She then granted him his personal attribute "Oedipus" which she reasons is the power to kill Roy. Sam tried to call it a farce but Zero explains that she knows his lust for power and wealth and offered him a diamond which she says is a fraction of what he could gain from her. Sam hand logged in after getting a diamond and granted him materials that aren't in the real world which made him realize that he can rule the real world using the game world. The truth was that zero was using him and Giga in order to orchestrate the death of Roy and the end of Lucid Adventure.[11]

Nightmare Mode - Zero2

Eventually, she confronted him and tried to fight him. She used the skill called the Murder of God to summon countless weapons to attack Roy which he found reckless due to the fact she knew he was invulnerable. She was quickly defeated and Roy questioned how she found those weapons if they don't exist in Lucid adventure. It wasn't his story so when he asked why, she smiled and fell into his arms. Roy said it was pointless to fight him if she already gave him all her power which she responds that she knew that the weapons wouldn't so much as scratch him yet didn't eliminate the possibility that she could end the world. She pierced herself which shocked Roy and explained that she didn't want Lucid Adventure to end up as corrupt as the real world and since both her and Roy were cores of this world, one of their deaths can spark the end of lucid adventure.[4]


She decided to share the fate with Roy and touched his hand to spread a curse which made Roy realize that she wasn't trying to kill him but to destroy his core which will end Lucid Adventure. Roy cuts off his own hand to stop the curse from spreading. He wasn't going to let her end the world thus used lacerate to split her in half while knowing that the core was in her head. He used his God's Skill to stop her core from being destroyed , but he spat out blood while zero retorted by saying that her core was already destroyed while as a severed head. She found it hilarious that he sacrificed himself to save her, but while he slowly dies, the world will die at that same rate. Ever since then ,she's been using Sad Smile, Giga and even the Ultimate Healer Team by creating Nightmare weapons in order to achieve her objective. She kept Roy's hand as a way to test out her weapons.

Zero Bound

During Zara Guild's infiltration of Cobalt Castle, the Nightmare bug with Constant resonated with the giant Cobalt gemstone, leading to Nightmare to spread and infect all members of Zara Guild present in Cobalt Castle. A bound Zero could be seen saying "haha..very good. Human".[23]

Zero after defeating Lazie

Within a year before the start of the series, Zero defeated Lazie and took both of his horns. She then proceeded to seal him in the Black Magic Dungeon.[5]


Defeating The Number 1

Choco Pork Stew Zero

Zero, under the disguise of Choco Pork Stew, managed to sneak up on Hardcore Levelling Warrior when his guard was down and give him a critical hit with the Paralyzing Dagger, before proceeding to beat him up and then disarm him of his high level items. She then left him to be killed by the Zombie Dragon.[2]

The Preliminary Round

Zero disguised as HCLW

Zero disguised herself as Hardcore Levelling Warrior, and stabbed Master Swordsman twice with the The Sword of Dooms Day. That left Master Swordsman unable to compete in the first two rounds of the Combat Tournament. She then entered the first round of the Combat Tournament, permanently killing Silla and other people. She critically injured Bamboo Spear Man before fighting Light and purposefully jumping off the edge of a cliff after he revealed his Hidden Gate.

Subjugation Round

Zero as Umai1

Zero to disguise herself as BJ Umai in the second round of the Combat Tournament, and ends up engaging Tac in a one-on-one fight and overwhelms him (Reference before engaging in Hardcore Levelling Warrior in a PvP.)


She then reveals her identity, which enrages Hardcore Levelling Warrior to the point that he uses Nightmarization to try and defeat her. She summons the The Sword of Avarice to clash with Hardcore Levelling Warrior's ultimate skill, All-In, which had an attack power of 99999. The clash of both their weapons creates an explosive dome. When the smoke cleared, Zero was gone, and Hardcore Leveling Warrior states that he missed her.

Siege Round


Just before the start of the Siege Round, she sent one of her underlings to retrieve No Name. When the underling encounters Bamboo Spear Man's Party, she tells it to fall back and from its own team for the Combat Tournament.[20]

Zero is then seen in The Origin, looking at the 'seeded players that have advanced to the Siege Round, citing that one of them will be the beginning of the end of Lucid Adventure.[21]

Pooh Upooh Recovery


Zero sent Scallion Head and his lackey to retrieve No Name. They instead found Pooh Upooh a she told Scallion Head to pull back and bring Pooh Upooh as she would make a "fine ingredient". A Hero Knight brought by one of her underlings was used as an ingredient to create another weapon. She watched on delighted as the Hero Knight was pounded in her furnace. She then used the Karma from the furnace to create an arrow. Her servant tested the weapon on God's Hand, but it failed to penetrate his divine flesh, leading Zero to dub the weapon another 'Master Blacksmith's failure'. She then ordered her servants to hand the arrow to some humans in exchange for more ingredients.[6]

God vs 'The Eldest Son of God'


During Sam Han's encounter with Roy Han, Sam Han was seen with Zero's head in a lab jar, saying that she was just an artificial intelligence that had been fully analyzed and serves as his chess piece under his his control.[24]

PvP Round

Zero with her servants

Just after the first Round of the PvP round, Zero had several servants reporting to her about ongoing events around Lucid Adventure. She was informed by one of them that The Evil Dragon created new heroes. She was unconcerned by the news and said that she will gift the world and he world beyond with apocalypse and that it is not too long until she regained her power.[3]

PvP Round Final

Light Succumbing to Zero's Nightmare

During the PvP final, after Majin Light was utterly humiliated by Hardcore Leveling Warrior. His despair caused him to be consumed by Nightmare completely and Zero was consumed him with Nightmare.[25]

Notes & Trivia

  • Zero made her first appearance in Episode 1. She was first referred to as The Master Black Smith by Sad Smile in Episode 8. Her real name was revealed in Episode 41 by the God of Combat and confirmed by HCLW as Zero in Episode 45.
  • Zero's role as the moderator of Lucid Adventure is the equivalent of a Gamemaster, who acts as an organizer, officiant for regarding rules, arbitrator, and moderator for a MORPG.
  • Zero was bound in Episode 55. It is unclear how she got into that situation.


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