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"No matter what happens...I shall gift this world and the world beyond with apocalypse..."
Zero also known as The Master Black Smith, was the Moderator of Lucid Adventure[1] and one of the main antagonists of the Season 1. She started out as a mere tool without an identity that was used to create the world that Han Gun-Jae envisioned, but during her research of the human world, she changed. Her goals became to destroy the Gods and destroy Lucid Adventure.

She was responsible for resetting Hardcore Leveling Warrior's stats and tried to regain her former power to destroy Lucid Adventure and the Real World.[2][3]

At various points in the past, Zero had used other characters to attack the Gods. She was one of the Gods that picked a team in order to become the Absolute God of Lucid Adventure, backing Team Open Your Mouth, Here Comes the Healing. After the death of Han Gun-Jae, Zero revealed herself and ended up fighting both God of Combat and Gods of Time and Space. She was killed when Yopi used his Last Card to summon 'The Creator' who killed her and the Gods. In her final moments she laughed maniacally and mocked the Gods for trying to save humans who ended up killing them.


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