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What are you talking about? Our guild won't lose to Giga
 Armes to Han Gun-Ho[source]

Zara Guild was a guild in Lucid Adventure.[1] It's guild master was Armes.


Zara Guild was a rising powerful guild back in the early days of Lucid Adventure. Zara Guild began dominating and conquering other guilds at an incredibly fast rate in an effort to complete the Absolute Quest.

It's tremendous progress in the completion of the Absolute Quest in such a short time made even the mighty Giga Guild wary. This eventually led to Zara Guild being framed by Giga, which eventually led to the Guild's dissolution.

The influence of the guild can still be felt in Lucid Adventure to this day. Despite being such a small guild, many of it's former members went on to become some of the most powerful and influential people in the game.

Known Members

Name Positon Notes
Armes Guild Master Captured by Han Gun-Ho. Died in the real world
The Best Swordsman Vice Guild Master Formed Grass Roots Guild and became it's Guild Master
Hardcore Leveling Warrior First Battalion Commander Became a solo player and became the no.1 ranker
Constant Guild Member Joined Giga and became a member of the 13th Team
Choco Bibi Guild Member Joined Grass Roots Guild
Tempest Guild Member Joined Grass Roots Guild member
Dorita Guild Member
Lotus Root Girl Guild Member

Guild Strength

The Zara Guild was a guild with amazing potential and was regarded as a threat to Giga's attempt to conquer the game. It was without a doubt one of the strongest guilds of it's time.

Aiming to become the first guild to conquer the game in the Absolute Quest, it had 3 players with the power of high rankers and one with high ranker potential. Armes hid her strength but was as stronger than The Best Swordsman, who was ranked 3rd at the time. Hardcore Leveling Warrior was ranked no.88 and Constant had great potential.

The Guild successfully defeated several guilds including Tete Guild that was led by the ranker Kkakdugi. The guild would have become the first group of players to conquer Cobalt Castle had it not been for Han Gun-Ho's machinations.

Eventually, it took Giga framing Zara Guild for using Nightmare for the guilds dissolution to begin.



At some point in the very early days of Lucid Adventure, the Zara Guild was created by Armes.[2][1]

Recruiting Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Constant

The the ranked no.3 The Best Swordsman sought out Hardcore Leveling Warrior for Zara Guild due to his reputation.[3] After defeating Hardcore Leveling Warrior, he told Hardcore Leveling Warrior to meet him at near the north gate of Cobalt Castle. Both Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Constant registered with Zara Guild near the north gate of Cobalt Castle.[2]

Recruiting Tempest

Zara Guild completed a quest thanks to Armes leadership. Armes found Tempest near a dungeon and introduced him to the guild. Tempest ended up singing a song as an initiation.[4] After everyone leaves Armes alone, she begins planning the guild's next course of action and thinks Cobalt castle is a step to far and Tete Guild might be good opponents. Armes defeats The Best Swordsman in a duel and pleads with him to take care of the guild after she's gone.[4]

Celebrating Constant's Job Advancement

Zara Guild defeated another guild led by Knight Guild Master. After he was killed by Hardcore Leveling Warrior, The Best Swordsman duelled Hardcore Leveling Warrior for the 113th time and lost. A group containing Armes, The Best Swordsman, Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Constant and Choco Bibi raided a dungeon to celebrate Constant's job advancement. They defeated the Dragon and celebrated by eating the dragon and her eggs.[1]

Zara Guild Castle Infiltration

While The Best Swordsman led the rest of the Zara Guild members to fight Tete Guild, Sad Smile summoned a hoard of undead that explode when they are hit on Zara Guild's castle. Armes was the only one in the castle and took some damage as the undead destroyed Zara Guild's area. Hardcore Leveling Warrior arrived as back up and eventually all the undead were defeated. Constant healed the injured Armes.[1]

Raid on Dandan Castle

Armes led Zara Guild on a raid on Tete Guild's Dandan Castle for the Absolute Quest. By this point, Hardcore Leveling Warrior had been promoted to Zara Guild's first battalion commander. The Best Swordsman, supported by Choco Bibi, defeated Tete Guild's Vice Guild Master, Wajangchang Man. Tete Guild's forces were defeated and Kkakdugi was defeated by Hardcore Leveling Warrior and then cut up by The Best Swordsman.[5]

Armes got a 'page' from Kkakdugi's 'book' for the Absolute Quest before Kkakdugi is apprehended by Giga Guild's security team for using Nightmare.[5] They were approached and invited by Giga to join their guild but Armes immediately refused stated that they'll never lose to Giga.[5] The guild celebrate their victory over Tete Guild.[6]

Raid on Cobalt Castle

Zara Guild then set its eyes on Cobalt Castle, which was known to be a highly impregnable castle that no guild was able to conquer before. Zara Guild slowly came up with a detailed plan with everyone as two weeks go by in the Real World. Two weeks later (real world time) after meticulous planning, Zara Guild raided Cobalt Castle.

After Zara Guild's Shield Disarming Team successfully made a hole in Cobalt Castle's magic shield, Choco Bibi mass teleported a portion of the guild's army, dubbed "Infiltration Team", inside the fortress. The infiltration team aimed to open Cobalt Castle's main gate in order to let the rest of Zara Guild's troops into Cobalt Castle. At the climax of the battle, they were suddenly infected with Nightmare when the Nightmare bug in Constant's pocket resonated with the giant cobalt Gemstone, which ended up immobilising all the NPCs.

Han Gun-Ho and Giga are revealed to be behind the Nightmare infection and engage Zara Guild. Armes defeats multiple Giga Guild Security team members and appeared to have the upper hand until the rest of he guild were captured by Giga Guild's secutrity team and used as a bargaining chip. Armes surrendered to save her guild members from being deleted from the game. Armes was captured taken to Empra, where she had her 'page' is taken and told she was permanently banned from playing Lucid Adventure and telling anyone what happened at Cobalt Castle. Constant tells the guild that Nightmare took Armes which led to Zara Guild hunting Nightmare in search of Armes

Fall of Zara Guild

After Armes' disappearance, the guild fell apart without her leadership. After a while, A lot of guild members left the guild. They were scouted by Giga including Constant and felt it was time for them to move on. Even after Nightmare was defeated, Armes was never found.


After Zara Guild's break up, The Best Swordsman formed the Zara Guild with Choco Bibi and Tempest. They planned on following Armes' legacy in their own way by completing the Absolute Quest. 4 years later, The Best Swordsman eventually became the 4th ranked player under the Lucid Ball Ranking System.

Before leaving Zara Guild, Hardcore Leveling Warrior defeated The Best Swordsman and took his Moonlight Slash and was ranked 3rd during The Very First War. He isolated himself from companionship and became a solo player that did anything to win. Eventually, he rose to become the first ranker in the server. He became hostile towards Giga after he found out they were involved with the Nightmare incident in Cobalt Castle that led to Armes' disappearance. He lost his rank and slowly fostered new companionship with Dark and Sora on the way to winning the last ever Combat Tournament with them After the Gods died, he became the system limit for the Lucid Ball Ranking System.

Constant joined Giga and grew to become one of the strongest and most mysterious players in the game. He swore revenge on Chairman Kim for the treatment he received in Chairman Kim's workshop. He is still eager to be recognised by Hardcore Leveling Warrior and is a yandere for him.

Dorita and Lotus Girl reunited with Constant sometime after. It was awkward at first, but eventually they joined together.

No Name, a mysterious Nightmare that looked like a cross between Armes and Zero appeared sometime after Armes' disappearance. Not only are her attire and short sword identical to Armes', but even her personality and strategic ability are similar. During the last ever Combat Tournament, it was revealed that she had the Armes' personal attribute and even fought like her. After the time-skip, she formed the New Nightmare Guild and is aiming to clear the game by clearing The Absolute Quest like Armes' intended to. The exact relationship between Armes and No Name is currently unknown


About Zara Guild

  • (Armes to Han Gun-Ho): "What are you talking about? Our guild won't lose to Giga"[5]

Major Battles

  • Zara Guild vs Unnamed Guild
  • Zara Guild vs Mother Dragon
  • Zara Guild vs. Tete Guild
  • Zara Guild vs. Cobalt Castle's Magic Soldiers and Magic Archers


Notes & Trivia

  • The guild was actually referenced by The Best Swordsman as "his guild" in Episode 51. The name of the guild was revealed in Episode 52.
  • The guild's symbol is a turtle. Some people think it might be a reference to Yi Sun-Shin's turtle ship.
  • In AE 2, Tempest was called "newcomer" by the guild members, not "newbie" as translated by LINE Webtoon.