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Yopy Land is one of the big four guilds in Lucid Adventure. It was founded and co-founded by Yopy and Akira. It currently has no Guild Leader since Yopy was deleted from the game by Nightmare Yopy.


Yopy Land is one of the first guilds to rise in Lucid Adventure and one of the first to rival The Giga Empire as well. It consists not only of players but many NPCs as well, with even some of their bases being guarded solely by NPCs.

The guild relies on the high level undead and chimeras summoned and created by Pooh Upooh to form the bulk of their army.

For reasons unknown, the guild had joined hands with the Major Four Guilds of Misfits, including Sad Smile, creating an alliance called the Anti-Giga Coalition.




Season 1

Black Magic Dungeon Arc

Leaf Dungeon Arc

Pooh Upooh's Request Quest

Pooh Upooh Retrieval Arc

Season 2

Summit Arc

The Great War Begins Arc

Advent of the Demon King Arc

Known Members

Name Position Info
Yopy Guild Master Currently ranked no.33. Deleted from the game by Nightmare Yopy
Akira Guild Member Former No.2. Defected to Dark Land
Taek Guild Member Deceased in the real world
Pooh Upooh Guild Member Strategist for the Players' Union
Lime Guild Member
I Lick Ketchup Guild Member Currently ranked no.42


Notes & Trivia