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Yopy Land is The Capital City of The Eastern Kingdom of Lucid Adventure.[1] It's current King is Yopy.


Yopy Land was founded by Yopy and Akira back in their early days of playing together and is one of the four major guilds in Lucid Adventure.

It is widely considered as the most friendly and hospitable country in Lucid Adventure, treating NPCs equally as other players, allowing members of their enemy guild, Giga, to visit them with no hostilities and even Hardcore Leveling Warrior who was widely hated by the majority, felt safe to login in Yopy Land.

It is treated as the main gathering place of all players and is also home to the largest black market ever.



Season 1

Season 2

Military Strength

Yopy Land is considered one of the strongest guilds in Lucid Adventure and is also the leading guild in the Eastern Alliance.

Their armies mostly consist of NPCs with even some of their bases being guarded by NPCs only. Yopy Land's entire army is a massive horde of undead and chimeras monsters summoned and created by Pooh Upooh.

Her undead army is incredibly strong as they are able to match Giga's massive army of machines with the highest stats and can be summoned at anywhere in Lucid Adventure.

Foreign Relations

Giga Empire

Yopy Land and Giga have been enemies ever since the start of the game. Though they have had multiple truces, both have always tried to take advantage of one another in the shadows. Both vie for absolute control over Lucid Adventure.

Eastern Alliance

An alliance created to fight against Giga during the First War.

Dark Land

It is unknown whether Dark Land and Yopy Land are actually enemies but they're supposedly are according to Dark.

Grass Roots Guild

Yopy Land and the Grass Roots were good allies as the latter had assisted them on multiple occasion. However it is unclear if they still at the current events.

Elixir Plant Guild

The relations between Yopy Land and the Elixir Plant Guild are bad as Yopy breached the contract between all Major Four Guilds.

Yopy Land Locations

Yopy Land's current territories

Yopy Castle

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Yopy Land Square

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Food Alley

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Dark Magician's Lab

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Koosiam's Store

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The Best Food

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Yopy Land Hunting Ground

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Former Locations

Quest House

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Known Yopys

Name Position Notes
Yopy King Founder of Yopy Land
Akira Yopy Land No.2 Co-founder of Yopy Land
Taek Grand General Well known for his strength
Pooh Upooh Strategist and Adviser Her abilities are well known across Lucid Adventure.
Lime Supporter and Healer a High Level NPC
Magna Member 'Counter' Specialist
Rhythm Monkey Yopy Land Recruiter Monkey Martial Artist
Name Status Notes
Koosiam Owner of Koosiam's Store Well-known Black Marketeer
Holla The Personal Attribute Specialist The one to unlock Yopy's personal attribute
Beubeu Cartoonist Knew who Sword Master was
Flower Girl Flower Seller
Name Visitors Note
Heart Heater The Powerful Black Marketeer Handles only V.I.P.
Rim Sidekick of Heart Heater Renown Swordsman
Alpaca Man Healer ???



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