Yopi Grilled Skewers is a consumable item in Lucid Adventure


It is Yopi Land's speciality and one of the five great dishes of Lucid Adventure. It is made up of five taste eggplant, the Highest Quality of Dragon Meat and an underground shrimp. It can be found in Yopi Land's Food Alley (Yopi Land).[1]

Such is it's popularity, that people come from far and wide to eat it, leading to a long line of people. it's taste is so good, that it has brought tears to the eyes pf some of its consumers.[1]

Zhou Cang purchased the patent for the Yopi Grilled Skewers.[2]



Notes & Trivia

  • A Yopi Grilled Skewers advert was seen on in Episode 30.
  • Zhou Cang purchased the patent for the Yopi Grilled Skewers just before the war between Giga and Yopi Land started.[2] It is unknown if she purchased it on behalf of Giga or if it is for herself.


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