Doo Yeop (Line Webtoon: David), also known as Yopi in Lucid Adventure, is the King of Yopi Land, as well as the Leader of The Eastern Alliance. Along with Akira, he is a winner of a previous iteration of The Combat Tournament.[1]

During the war on Nightmare, he discovered that Lucid Adventure can only exist if the players exist.[2]

After using his Final Card, his character is dying in Lucid Adventure.[3]


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Yopi is generally very laid back and very hippy like in his behavior, but he gets serious when citizens of his country are threatened.

He admittedly likes low rent stuff (Cheap and low in quality). He expressed the desire to conquer Lucid Adventure when facing against Sam Han. It was revealed that he holds resentment towards the Gods who he saw werent managing but rather using humans like puppets. His goal was to take the power of God and grant it back to the world in bits. He believes the power of God should be given to humanity meaning the humans can decide and rule the world of Lucid Adventure thus giving him a chance to rule it eventually


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"What kind of a freak are you?" Nightmare Yopi


Yopi has not been seen in combat, but as the King of Yopi Land, it is safe to assume he is strong. His implied threats were enough to put Giga's Diplomatic Corps that included the Master Magician Light on alert. According to Roy Han, a battle between him and Sam Han would cause the end of Lucid Adventure



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Yopi's Personal Attribute has not been shown, but it was unlocked by the personal attribute specialist, Holla.[4]

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At some point in the past, Yopi

At some point in the past, Yopi became the head of The Eastern Alliance. He was the King of Yopi Land when they were at war with Giga, but struck a truce with them in order to contain the threat of Nightmare.

Season 1

Yopi is amongst the crowd watching the Legal PK between Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Scallion Head. He goes against the grain and bets 100 Million Gold[5] on Hardcore Leveling Warrior winning and gets rewarded for it.[6]

He returned to Yopi Land after an attack by some unknown assassins.

Yopi, through Heart Heater, gave Dark's party a quest. It was later revealed he gave it to them on behalf of Sword Master.

He was present during the Team HCLW's Siege Round battle against Team Fengxian. He bet on HCLW's team.


Season 2

Notes & Trivia

  • Yopi made his first appearance in Episode 5 and his name was revealed in Episode 6.
  • Yopi's appearance and real world name are based on Doo Yeop, the artist of the Daum Webtoon, Dosa Land.


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