"I will be the King of this world"

Doo-Yeop, known as Yopi in Lucid Adventure, is the King of Yopi Land[1] , and the leader of The Eastern Alliance[2]. Along with Akira, he is a winner of a previous iteration of The Combat Tournament.[4]

During the war on Nightmare, he discovered that Lucid Adventure can only exist if the players exist.[5]

After the Combat Tournament ended, Yopi used his Last Card to summon Han Gun-Jae, who he then directed to kill the God of Combat, God of Time and Space and Zero. This led to the rules of Lucid Adventure being rewritten.

During the two year timeskip, Yopi joined the Big 4 of the underworld, which includes Sad Smile, to form the Anti-Giga Coalition.[6]


In the real world, Doo-Yeop has black spiky hair with black eyes. It was cut shorter by the time the PvP Round started.

In the game, Yopi has an almost permanent toothy grin on his face, save for when he is enraged. He has short black hair with long bangs that cover the his black eyes. He is usually seen wearing a cream coloured short-sleeved shirt with a Master Yo-Yo insignia on its front. He wears black jeans and white trainers. He sometimes carries a bag with him, especially when he is on a quest.

In the second season, as a result of the explosion from the destruction of the Gods, the left side of Yopi's nody has changed. The left side of his hair is now white, his left eye is now white in colour and he has burn scars on the left side of his face and neck.

During the Siege Round, he wore a cream coloured long-sleeved t-shirt and wore a red baseball cap on his head.


Real World

Lucid Adventure


"What kind of a freak are you?" Nightmare Yopi
Yopi is generally very laid back and very hippy like in his behaviour, but he gets serious when citizens of his country or those close to him are threatened. He can be prone to acting rash when one of his own is hurt.[7][7] Despite his laid back and playful demeanour, Yopi only does things based on his calculations.[8] An example of this is on the surface, he acted friendly with the God of Combat, but ruthlessly killed him and his brother the chance arose. There is a mysterious side to Yopi that even had his own Nightmare Doppelganger calling him a freak.

He hates being controlled and defies those who he feels seek to control with force or money. He turned down Han Sung-Gong's offer when he tried to buy him off. Even in the face of a war with Giga, Yopi got involved with Dark and threw Dark a birthday party just to spite Giga. He resented the Gods because he felt that they did not manage the game, but used humanity as their puppets.

Yopi's main goal is to conquer Lucid Adventure. He ultimately found a way to get rid of the Gods, returning their power back to the world in bits. He believes the power of God should be given to humanity meaning the humans can decide and rule the world of Lucid Adventure thus giving him a chance to rule it eventually.

Yopi admittedly likes low rent stuff (Cheap and low in quality).[9] He also has a bad habit of being late. This usually leads to him being chastised by Pooh Upooh and/or the people he is meeting up with.[1][2][6][10]


Yopi Land


Although they weren't related by blood, Yopi and Taek were like real brothers.[10] They were great friends in the real world, as well as in the game. They had been playing Lucid Adventure since the early days. Even after Yopi became King, Taek's casual and sometimes brash attitude towards Yopi never changed which greatly frustrated Pooh Upooh.[1] Yopi could be seen even laughing when the angry Taek shook him furiously for being late.[1]

Yopi had full faith in Taek's abilities and trusted him to win the Combat Tournament, an important mission that would have aided Yopi greatly in conquering beating Giga and conquering Lucid adventure.[11]

Yopi was devastated by Taek's death and suspects Giga was behind it. Taek's death turned Yopi's already strong dislike for Giga into complete hatred. Yopi vowed to get revenge on Han Sung-Gong and Giga his and Taek's way.[10]

Pooh Upooh

Pooh Upooh is Yopi's one of Yopi's closes confidantes and his right hand. Ever since Yopi freed her from her imprisonment in the Dungeon of Cursed Black Magic, she's devoted her life to make Yopi the greatest King ever.


Dark Land



Heart Heater


Grass Roots Guild

The Best Swordsman

Choco Bibi


Han Sung-Gong

The Gods

Yopi felt that the Gods used humans as their puppets instead of actually managing the world. This led to him figuring out a way to break down their so-called divine power and return it back to the humans. Despite the Gods fighting to protect the humans, Yopi used the last of Han Gun-Jae's power to destroy the Gods. Yopi's betrayal of the Gods was further proof to Zero of the despicability of the human race.[12]

God of Combat

Yopi and the God of Combat appeared to have a good relationship. During the Siege Round match between Team Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Team Lu Bu, they had some friendly banter. Yopi even shared his kimchi popcorn with the God of Combat.[13] Yopi acted as an official of the Combat Tournament during the PvP Round.[14]

Yopi wanted to use The God of Combat's power in the form of God's Gift to challenge Giga, which is why he was desperate for his team to win The Combat Tournament.[15]

Yopi believed that God of Combat was the main cause of Zero's resurrection. He believed that God of Combat's arrogance is the reason that Zero was able to sneak into the PvP Round, encourage a fight among the Gods and locking up the users in the confined space of the Tomb of Swords.[16]

Originally, it looked like Yopi was aiding The Gods to defeat Zero when he used Han Gun-Jae's spell to empower them users' power. In the end, Yopi uses his Last Card and dissected The Gods, which shocked God of Combat. On the surface, Yopi pretended to be on friendly terms with God of Combat, but ultimately, Yopi saw God of Combat as another obstacle that needed to be removed for humans to truly be the rulers of the game.


Han Gun-Jae

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Yopi respects Hardcore Leveling Warrior but doesn't fear him. He was aware of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's reputation and power. They first met when Hardcore Leveling Warrior defeated a Raid Monster in Yopi Land territory. Yopi tried to get Hardcore Leveling Warrior to join his guild to make up for it but was told to fuck off. Eventually, they worked out a deal so Hardcore Leveling Warrior would not cause any more trouble in Yopi Land.[17]

Yopi has a lot of faith in Harcore Leveling Warrior's abilities. Despite Hardcore Leveling Warrior being a level 1 player, he bet 100 Million gold on the former rank 1 to win a formal PK.[9] He also bet 100 Million gold on Hardcore Leveling Warrior's team beating Lu Bu's team in the Siege Round.[13] In both situations, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was at an overwhelming disadvantage.

When Akira made a deal with Dark to give him the footage of Yopi during the first Combat Tournament under the conditions that Dark left Yopi Land forever. When Dark lost and Hardcore Leveling Warrior stepped in and fought Akira, Yopi stepped in and stopped the fight, showing Akira that if the fight were to continue on, Hardcore Leveling Warrior would most likely have PK'd Akira.

Yopi congratulated Hardcore Leveling Warrior after Team Hardcore Leveling Warrior defeated Team Yopi Land, Yopi even told Hardcore Leveling Warrior that his team "better win the rest of the tournament too".[14]

During the PvP Round Semifinals, he was eager to see Hardcore Leveling Warrior utilize his true combat style after the latter had supposedly recovered the Memory of Cintamani.[17]

Skills & Abilities

"What kind of a freak are you?" Nightmare Yopi
As the King of Yopi Land, Yopi has the highest authority over one of the strongest guilds in the game. Although Yopi has not been seen in full combat, it has been implied that he is very powerful.

In the earlier days of Lucid Adventure, a level 67 Yopi defeated defeated a level 80 horned ogre.[18] He was also able to break the curse on Pooh Upooh, a feat that Pooh Upooh thought was impossible.[19]

His implied threat to Giga's Diplomatic Ambassadors, a team that included the estimated rank 3 Light, was enough to put them on alert. The usually brash and rude General Manager Park went silent after Yopi threatened to blow up his mouth.[20] The Creator, Han Gun-Jae, believed that a fight between Yopi and Han Sung-Gong would cause Lucid Adventure as we know it to collapse.[21]

Yopi was the only user in the Tomb of Sword to defeat his Nightmare clone.[22] This is an incredible feat. considering that the Nightmare Players are born at their max level.[23]

During the civil war in Yopi Land, Yopi defeated Akira in a duel for the guild master position. Long Padding Man was shocked at the amount of curses and poisons on Akira's body and called it "a hell of a debuff".[24]

Vast Wealth: As the King of Yopi Land, Yopi has the resources of one of the strongest guilds at his disposal. During Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Formal PK with Scallion Head, Yopi placed a bet of 100 Million Gold on Hardcore Leveling Warrior, which shocked the bystanders.[9] During the PvP Round fight between Team Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Team Lu Bu, he placed 100 Million Gold on Hardcore Leveling Warrior's team.[13]

Super Human Endurance: A level 67 Yopi was able to endure the curse from Pooh Upooh's body despite the fact that his stats were continuously dropping. He endured the curse long enough to pull out the stake out of Pooh Upooh's body, a feat that Pooh Upooh thought was impossible.[19]

Super Human Speed: A level 67 Yopi was able to dodge a level 80 Pooh Upooh's Bone Buckshot at point blank range which surprised Pooh Upooh.[19] He was able to dodge a point blank ranged physical attack from a level 80 Horned Ogre.[18]

Enhanced Perception: Yopi's perception appears to be at a high level. He was able to sense the giant magic traps that were set up by the Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior, something that Taek could not spot.[17]

Resurrection Skill: Through some unknown method, Yopi was able to resurrect Pooh Upooh and Lime after they were killed in the PvP Round Quarterfinals.[25]

Teleportation Negation: Yopi was able to split Choco Bibi's 'Mark of Teleportation' in half with a chop.[22]

Card Skills: Yopi uses a yellow card as his main method for skills in the game.

  • Summoning: Yopi can use his card to summon entities.[12]
  • Magical Attacks: Yopi can use his card to project magical attacks.
  • Item Storage: Yopi can use his card to store items.

Castle Lord Abilities: As a Castle Lord, Yopi is able to use castle lord skills.[2]

  • Status Reading: Yopi can use magic to read the character information of people on his territory.[2][26]
  • Protection Magic: Yopi can protect his subjects character information from being read by another Castle Lord.[26]

Personal Attribute

Yopi's personal attribute has yet to be revealed, but we do know it was unlocked by the personal attribute specialist, Holla.[27]

Combat Style

Skill Tree

Yopi Card Skills

Castle Lord Skills

  • The Lord's Eye: Yopi has the ability to read all character's information that are in the areas that are under the his command.
  • The Lord's Guard: Yopi can bestow a protection magic to those who serve him. When in an are protected by another Lord, it prevents Yopi's subordinates information from being read by The Lord's Eyes.


Level Stats Instance Notes
67 ??? Episode 127 This was during the 'Early Days of Lucid Adventure'.[18]


  • Card: Yopi uses a yellow card for summoning entities and magical attacks. It can also be used to store items.

Other Items



Meeting Pooh Upooh

Level 67 Yopi in the early days of Lucid Adventure (Episode 127)

Level 67 Yopi in the early days of Lucid Adventure

A party consisting of a level 67 Yopi, a level 67 Akira, a level 27 Taek and a slime enter the The Dungeon of Cursed Black Magic in an attempt to clear it. The party successfully clear the first 8 floors before arriving at the 9th floor. The party reach the 9th floor where they encounter Popochi, who attacks Taek. Taek is healed by the slime and Popochi is defeated by Akira. After clearing the 9th floor, the part enter the top floor to face Pooh Upooh where the air is cursed. The slime mimics a gas mask to protect the party members from the cursed gas. The party defeats the high level undead in the dungeon, with Yopi using a Magic Card - Boom Boom Shot to destroy a Horned Ogre.[18]

Yopi pulls out the cursed stakes from Pooh Upooh (Episode 128)

Yopi successfully pulls out the cursed stakes from Pooh Upooh

The party then set their sights on Pooh Upooh. Taek and Akira are immobilised by Pooh Upooh's Bone Buckshot.[19] Yopi dodges a pointblank Bone Buckshot the gets close enough to Pooh Upooh and grabs her cursed stakes in an attempt to pull it out. The curse in the stakes reduce Yopi's stats by 90% before he successfully pulls it out, freeing Pooh Upooh in the process. As the dungeon collapses, the party is protected from the falling debris by the Slime's Protection Barrier. Pooh Upooh then tells Yopi she will make him the greatest King ever. The slime takes a human form and is named Lime by Yopi.[19]

Winning the Combat Tournament

At some point in the past, a team including Yopi and Akira won a previous iteration of The Combat Tournament.[4]

Meeting the Giga Chairman

Doo-Yeop turning down Han Sung-Gong's offer (Episode 105)

Doo-Yeop telling Han Sung-Gong where to stick it.

At some point in the past, Doo-Yeop was cornered by Giga agents and taken to Giga Game Headquarters, where he met Han Sung-Gong. Han Sung-Gong asked him to name his price, before Doo-Yeop is reveals that he knows that Giga do not fully control the game and that the game cannot exists without the players. He scathingly turns down Han Sung-Gong's offer and mockingly tells him he would consider it if he was offered a thousand trillion.[5]

Meeting 'The Creator'

Baby Purple Phoenixes attacking Yopi (Episode 170)

Yopi attacked by baby Purple Phoenixes

Yopi made his way to the top of the Nest of the Purple Phoenix to collect the adventurer's remains in order to complete his quest. Whilst collecting the Adventurer's remains, he was attacked by baby purple phoenixes and was critically injured.

Han Gun-Jae and Yopi talking near the Purple Phoenix's Nest (Episode 170)

Han Gun-Jae and Yopi conversing

The baby phoenixes' attacks were stopped by Han Gun-Jae. Han Gun-Jae asked Yopi why he didn't kill them when he could, Yopi tells him that he wouldn't have gotten the rewards and he enjoys the challenge. Han Gun-Jae asks Yopi for a favour and tells him about Zero...[16]

Meeting the Rank No.1

Accompanied by Taek, Yopi confronting the rank no.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior (Episode 148)

Yopi and Taek confronting the Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Accompanied by Taek, Yopi confronted the Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior for hunting a Raid Monster that belonged to Yopi Land in Yopi Land territory. Yopi told Hardcore Leveling Warrior that he would let it slide if Hardcore Leveling Warrior joined his guild. Hardcore Leveling Warrior responded by telling Yopi to "fuck off" which enraged Taek. As Taek was about to confront Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Yopi stopped him as he had detected multiple giant magic traps set up by Hardcore Leveling Warrior. Both parties eventually made a deal in Yopi Land so Hardcore Leveling Warrior did not cause them any trouble.[17]

Season 1

The Reset Arc

Yopi Master Yo-Yo shirt

Yopi talking to Dark and Sora

Yopi is amongst the crowd watching the Formal PK between Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Scallion Head. He talks to Sora and Dark about betting on formal PKs before going on to bet 100 Million Gold on Hardcore Leveling Warrior winning, which was against the odds. Yopi's 100 Million gold bet shocked the onlooking bystanders.[9]

Taek angrily shaking Yopi whilst Yopi laughs (Episode 6)

Yopi laughing while Taek angrily shakes him

Yopi collected his reward after Hardcore Leveling Warrior defeats Scallion Head.[1] Accompanied by Pooh Upooh, Yopi arrives late to his meet-up with Tac and is comically chastised by Taek. Yopi reflects on the attack on the castle before telling Pooh Upooh to put a tail on Hardcore Leveling Warrior's party, telling her to report anything that happens to them directly to him.[1]

Black Magic Dungeon Arc

Yopi during the meeting with Giga's diplomatic ambassadors (Episode 11)

Yopi during the meeting with Giga's Diplomatic Ambassadors

Accompanied by Lime and Pooh Upooh, Yopi welcomes Giga's Diplomatic Ambassadors and tells Taek to stand down. He tells Taek that if the Flowe Girl had been hurt, he would not have just stood there, which put Giga's team on alert.He invites them into Yopi Castle for the meeting.

Yopi threatening General Manager Park (Episode 11)

Yopi threatening General Manager Park

Yopi listens to Giga's report of the "unnecessary aggression" of Yopi Land on Giga's "mere scouting unit". Yopi offers Giga the mines near Teto and threatens General Manager Park after he calls Pooh Upooh a 'damn NPC'. Light tells Yopi that the truce between Yopi Land and Giga will broken if Yopi does not back away from Dark.[20]

Leaf Dungeon Arc

Han Gun-Jae visited Yopi in his office and asked Yopi to give Dark's party the Secret Quest. Han Gun-Jae also told Yopi he would be competing in the Combat Tournament before he vanished. Yopi tried to track him down but failed.[2]


Siege Round Arc

Dark's Birthday Arc

Pooh Upooh Retrieval Arc

PvP Round Prelude Arc

PvP Round Quarterfinals Arc

Yopi waving at the ressurrected Team Yopi Land (Episode 131)

Yopi can be seen waving at resurrected Team Yopi Land after their loss to Team Hardcore Leveling Warrior. Through some unknown method, he was able to resurrect Pooh Upooh and Lime.[25]

Yopi congratulating Hardcore Leveling Warrior after his team's victory in the PvP Round Quarterfinals (Episode 132)

Yopi congratulates Hardcore Leveling Warrior and expresses his shock that Heart Heater was a Dragon Knight. Akira grumpily tells Yopi they need to leave.

Yopi tells Team Hardcore Leveling Warrior that they better win the whole tournament. As Yopi leaves and Akira leave, Sad Smile bumps into Akira and Yopi becomes vigilant.[14]

PvP Round Semifinals Arc

PvP Round Finas Arc

Yopi is

Ragnarök Arc

Yopi talking about his plan (Episode 169)

I have a plan...

Zero's identity is revealed after she absorbs the God of Blessings and her clash with God of Combat sends shock-waves through the Tomb of Swords. Yopi and the restof the users are all shocked. The Command Centre pops out of the Tomb of Swords and attacks the users with its tentacles. As the Nightmare tentacles approach Yopi, they are destroyed by Akira's bat. As more tentacles approach Yopi and Akira, they are sliced up by The Best Swordsman. Yopi tells The Best Swordsman's party and his Yopi Land party that he has a plan.[28]

Yopi summons Mage Nutella (Episode 172)

Yopi tells the group that Zero is the person behind Nightmare and the Nightmare Guild. Yopi has been researching her since he met Han Gun-Jae, but he could not find anything about her. He tells The Best Swordsman and Choco Bibi that all is not lost and he still has a plan.[29]

Nightmare Yopi confronts Yopi (Episode 173)

Yopi meets his other half...

Yopi's tells those gathered around him of plan is to kill Zero before she can absorb the power of the users. Yopi tells The Best Swordsman and Choco Bibi that Giga will not help the users evacuate the Tomb of Swords. Yopi directs Lime and Pooh Upooh to fight the Nightmarized Top Baldhead.[30]

Yopi pulls out his Last Card (Episode 173)

It's endgame time...

Yopi is delighted with Dark's speech that turned the trapped users into hope. Yopi summons Mage Nutella and tells her to quickly draw a magic circle and dow what he says. With the magic spell that Han Gun-Jae shared with Yopi and with the help of Nutella, the users' desire to save Lucid Adventure was transformed into energy that was transferred to 'The God of Combat' and 'The God of Time and Space'.[31]

Yopi's Nightmare Copy is born after Zero brings 'The Rule' back to the surface. Yopi finds his copy interesting, and he tells the Nightmare Copy he wants to take it with him. The Nightmare Player asks the grinning Yopi "what kind of a freak are you?". Yopi eventually defeats his Nightmare clone. As the battle of the Gods reaches its climax, Yopi breaks Choco Bibi's mark of teleportation and brings out his Last Card.[22]

Yopi summons Han Gun-Jae (Episode 174)

Yopi summons Han Gun-Jae

As The God's clash for the last time, the space is torn apart. Yopi is protects himself form the damage by creating God's Barrier. Yopi then uses his Last Card to summon 'The Creator', Han Gun-Jae. Under the direction of Yopi's will, Han Gun-Jae summons his sword and delivers a slash that dissects the Gods.

Yopi caught in the explosion caused by the death of the gods (Episode 174)

Job done!

The grinning Yopi is cursed by God of Combat for using Han Gun-Jae's last power like that. God of Combat says humans can't take the world by themselves. Yopi responds by saying that The Gods used humans like puppets instead of managing the world. He plans to break up their divine power and return it back to the humans.[12]

He then directs Han Gun-Jae to kill the Gods, smashing their power into tiny bits and its and scattering them around the world. Yopi is caught in the resulting explosion. Yopi is teleported to Yopi Land with the whole of his left side brunt. He is badly injured and is encased in Lime's barrier. As he loses consciousness, he reflects on the fact that humans are now the 'masters' of Lucid Adventure.[12]

Yopi's appearence from the side in Season 2

Yopi's new appearance


Sometime after the Combat Tournament, Pooh Upooh tells Drip Soup that Yopi is dying.[32] During the timeskip, Yopi joined hands with 'Big 4 of the Underworld' that includes Sad Smile. They formed the Anti-Giga Coalition to oppose Giga.[6]

Season 2

Lucid Adventure Arc

Yopi arrives late to the Anti-Giga Coalition covered in blood, saying he had some things to take care of.[6]

Summit Arc

Yopi, Lime and Pooh Upooh arriving at the Summit (Season 2 Episode 32)

Yopi arrives at the summit. Late as usual.

There was a civil war in Yopi Land on who gets to be the next guild master. It was top-secret info that only a few knew. Yopi and Akira had a duel and the loser had to erase their account. Akira lost but Yopi spared his life.[24]

Yopi going into a silent rage after seeing Han Sung-Gong (Season 2 Episode 32)

Yopi in a silent rage after seeing Han Sung-Gong

Accompanied by the big 4 of the underworld, Pooh Upooh and Lime, Yopi arrives late for the summit. He greets Principal, Stone. When Yopi sees Han Sung-Gong, he is reminded of the death of Taek which sends him into a silent rage. Dark Land arrive last for the summit and Akira suddenly jumps down and attacks Yopi. Blood drips from the top of Yopi's head.[33]

The injury Yopi got from Akira bursting open (Season 2 Episode 33)

I didn't feel a thing...

Akira attacks Yopi's head with his bat. Everyone present at the summit is shocked at the assault. Pooh Upooh screams at Akira for attacking Yopi even after Yopi spared his life. With a large bump on his head, Yopi gets up and calms Pooh Upooh. Yopi tells Akira that his attack did nothing and all of a sudden blood burst out of the large bump on his head. Lime heals Yopi and the summit continues.[33]

Yopi propses a fight for the Guild Alliance Leader position (Season 2 Episode 33)

Over who's gonna be the Leader...let's fight!

The 4 Guild leaders enter Principal's barrier to have the private talk. Yopi admits that Principal has no malice and wants to hear her plan. Principal tells them her plan to stop the continual rise of New Nightmare and proposes that the Big 4 Guilds form an alliance.

Principal creates and gives each of the 3 guild leaders a 'Bracelet of Rules' and puts it on herself. She tells them that they cannot attack each other's bases. Han Sung-Gon nominates himself as the leader of the newly formed Guild Alliance, but Yopi disagrees and proposes they fight for the position.[33]

Major Battles

Notes & Trivia

  • Yopi made his first appearance in Episode 5 and his name was revealed in Episode 6.
  • Yopi's appearance and real world name are based on Lee Doo-Yeop (이두엽), the artist of the Daum Webtoon, Taoist Land and the Naver Webtoon, Link Boy.
  • Yopi does not like comics that kill off his favourite characters too early. It is one of the reasons he stopped reading Gurren Lagann.[13]
  • Yopi has been late to every meeting in the series.
    • He was late to his meet up with Taek.[1]
    • He was late to the Eastern alliance Meeting.[2]
    • He was late to the Anti-Giga Coalition meeting.[6]
    • He was late to the 4 Guild Summit.[10]
  • Yopi's hobby was doing quests everyone else found to be hard work and useless.[16]
  • Yopi likes kimchi-flavoured popcorn he was seen eating it during the Siege Round.[13]
  • After Yopi killed the Gods, fans compared him to both Park Mu-Bong and Judge R from the God of Highschool webtoon. Just like Yopi, both Park Mu-Bong and Judge R wanted humanity to be liberated from the Gods.
  • The author has revealed that Yopi is comes from an extremely rich family and is possibly a Chaebol like Samsung and LG.


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