True Awakening

Duke of Loyalty and Warfare: Yi Sun-Shin is the True Awakening of The Best Swordsman's personal attribute, Yi Sun-Shin.[1]


The Best Swordsman puts on his helmet and Sea Dragon Sword opens 2 out of its 3 eyes, which awakens his 'true' Personal Attribute at 50%. In this form, The Best Swordsman is surrounded by a transparent fiery light blue armour in his shoulders and upper thighs.[2]

The Best Swordsman's attack power and swordsmanship are greatly enhanced. The Best Swordsman believed Guan Yu was reckless for challenging him when he was in this form.[3] In this form he easily bested Nightmare The Best Swordsman and Nightmare Choco Bibi said that The Best Swordsman is stronger than all four Nightmare Players combined.[4][5]

When duelling Nightmare The Best Swordsman, The Best Swordsman was surrounded by giant red aura and the blue armour plates on his shoulders and thighs were crimson red in colour.[4]

During the battle with Ruud Ra Kan, The Best Swordsman in this form was the only member of the Grass Roots Guild that impressed Ruud. He was able to counterattack Ruud Ra Kan immediately after receiving a blow.[6]

Enhanced Swordsmanship: The Best Swordsman's attack power and swordsmanship are enhanced in this form.

  • The Best Swordsman is able to duel with the powerful player Guan Yu and not be at a disadvantage.[3]
  • In this form, The Best Swordsman is able to use the powerful sword skill, Lacerate(切) to critically wound Guan Yu and Sun Wukong.[3]
  • The Best Swordsman was able to push back Nightmare The Best Swordsman in their sword duel. Nightmare The Best Swordsman noted that The Best Swordsman's sword was heavier and he had gotten stronger.[4] His Water Dragon Wave was strong enough to overpower Nightmare The Best Swordsman's Nightmare Water Dragon Wave and critically injure Nightmare The Best Swordsman.[4] He easily split Nightmare The Best Swordsman in half even after the latter used his Nightmare True Awakening.[4]
  • The Best Swordsman blocked a direct blow from a charging Ruud Ra Kan with his sword and not be pushed back.[6] The Best Swordsman was able to deflect Ruud's Dark Ball using his sword.[6] He was able to survive Ruud's Dark Rain by deflecting the multiple attacks with his sword while guild members had to teleport away from the area to avoid getting critically injured or even killed by Ruud's attack.[6]

Enhanced Movement Speed: The Best Swordsman's speed increased in this form. He was further able to amplify it with Hero's Footsteps and immediately counterattack Ruud Ra Kan after he received a blow from the Demon Prince.[6]

While in his 50% True Awakened state, The Best Swordsman gets into a sword stance and the area around him rumbles while the percentage keeps rising till it reaches 100% and causes the blue aura surrounding The Best Swordsman to explode. The armour on The Best Swordsman becomes a thicker and Sea Dragon Sword becomes a pair of swords that carry the motif of the real Yi Sun-Shin's "Twin Dragon Swords".[1]

Inspired by the fact that Yi Sun-Shin carried the "Twin Dragon Swords", The Best Swordsman combines his ego sword and personal attribute to create in order to reach the ultimate form of an all-in swordsman.[1]

In this form, The Best Swordsman power is amplified to an even greater level. In an instant of this transformation, Ruud Ra Kan noted that The Best Swordsman's mana easily exceeds the The Knight's power. The Best Swordsman's power was enough for Ruud Ra Kan to fight seriously by using his Royal Blood of The Demon King.[1]

The Best Swordsman is able to go blow for blow with Ruud Ra Kan and spam powerful sword attacks. Ruud Ra Kan noted that fighters as good as The Best Swordsman are rare even in the Demon World and called The Best Swordsman "The Strongest Human" he's ever met.[1]

Even in this form, The Best Swordsman believes that he is no match for Hardcore Leveling Warrior in his prime.[1]

Further Enhanced Swordsmanship: The Best Swordsman's swordsmanship is elevated to incredible levels. The Best Swordsman is able to spam powerful sword skills at a rate that even shocked Ruud Ra Kan.[1] The Best Swordsman's sword attacks are now strong enough to push Ruud Ra Kan back and also destroy The Demon Prince's treasures.[1] The Best Swordsman is also able to block a powerful blow from Ruud with his swords and immediately counter attack.[1]

  • Dual Wielding: The Best Swordsman is capable of wielding two different swords with ease in combat as Sea Dragon Sword split into 2 with the motif of yi Sun Shin's "Twin Dragon Swords".[1] He is able to use Dual-Wield versions of a lot of his sword skills in this form such as Lacerate and Moonlight Slash.
  • Improved Lacerate: In this form, The Best Swordsman is able to use a stronger version of Lacerate than in his 50% form. Unlike his 50% Form where he could only use Lacerate(切), The Best Swordsman can now use Double Lacerate.[1]

Flight: In this form, The Best Swordsman is able to fly at incredible speeds, levitate and stand in mid-air as if he was standing on solid ground.[1]


Instance Description
Season 2 Episode 13 The Best Swordsman used his True Awakening 50% form in order to distract Guan Yu and Sun Wukong.

He ended up duelling Guan Yu for a brief time before

being teleported by Choco Bibi to the entrance of the Crosswalk of Moon.[2][3]

Season 2 Episode 29 The Best Swordsman used his True Awakening 50% form to duel Nightmare The Best Swordsman.[4]
Season 2 Episode 47 The Best Swordsman entered his 50% True Awakened form to duel Ruud Ra Kan.[6]

Instance Description
Season 2 Episode 48 In order to defeat Ruud Ra Kan, the Best Swordsman entered his

100% True Awakening form.[6][1]



Translation Issues

"충무공 - 이순신" is incorrectly translated by Line Webtoon as "Admiral: Yi Sunshin". Line Webtoon incorrectly translates "충무공" as "Admiral".

"충무공" literally means "Duke of Loyalty and Warfare" and is pronounced Chungmugong in Korean.

Notes & Trivia

  • Chungmu (충무忠武) is the posthumous name given to the great military commanders of the Joseon Dynasty. Those who were given the posthumous title are called Chungmugong (충무공忠武公). Chungmugong literally translates to "Duke of Loyalty and Warfare". Both the name and title of Chungmu have become nearly synonymous with Yi Sun-sin. Chungmugong was one of the titles bestowed upon Yi Sun-Shin after his death.
  • A picture of Yi Sun-Shin's 'Twin DragonSword' from 1910 in Joseon Art Museum
    Admiral Yi Sun-Shin is famed for wielding the "Twin Dragon Swords" (쌍룡검, Ssanglyong-geom) that have become National Treasures in South Korea. The twin swords that Admiral Yi had commissioned in 1594 are over 6 feet in length. Inscribed on this blade are the words that Yi Sun-Shin had inscribed on his twin swords: "鑄得雙龍劍 千秋氣尙雄 盟山誓海意 忠憤古今同" (Lit. "With this 6-foot sword, I swear to Heaven, as the seas and mountains tremble. I whip—I sweep. The rivers and hills are dyed red with the blood of my enemies"). The inscriptions in this sword are engraved by one of Korea's foremost swordsmiths, Master Lee Sung-Ho. A picture of the Twin Dragon Swords can be seen on the right (it should be noted that the validity of this picture is still hotly debated in South Korea).
    • Practitioners of kumdo (the Korean pronunciation of the characters used to write kendo) insist their art is the direct descendant of the one Admiral Yi Sun-shin used in battle.
  • The Best Swordsman is the only user that has been shown to use partial versions of his True Awakening. The rest of the other users always use their complete 100% True Awakenings.


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