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Come out, Hegemon King.
 Han Sung-Gong[source]

Xiang Yu,[1] also known as the 'Hegemon King'[1] and the 'Strongest Warrior of Giga',[2] was a member of the Giga Empire. He was a member of Han Sung-Gong's closest aides, The 12 Generals. Among those 12 Generals, he was one of the aces.[1] He is the first known player to hold dual Personal Attributes, an ability he acquired from Giga's experiments. He was also the guardian of Charming Castle.[3]

Xiang Yu was chosen as Giga's representative to battle for the alliance leadership. He battled Dark Land's Heart Heater and even overpowered the dragon knight. Xiang Yu was defeated by The Dragon of Evil, who had completely taken over Heart Heater's body. Eventually, Xiang Yu's head was eaten by The Dragon of Evil, leading to his character being permanently deleted from the game.[4]


Xiang Yu is a tall dark-skinned man with jade green eyes and black hair styled into a slick back.

Whilst in combat, he wears the Black Piebald Horse Set which is a full black plated armour set. He usually wears the classic male Giga uniform albeit a darker theme to it.



Xiang Yu is a serious person and has a businesslike attitude. He treats everything he does as part of his job and will accomplish it no matter what.

As one of the top aces of Giga's Team 1, Xiang Yu is extremely confident of his abilities and is an extremely capable fighter. He is able to pull off strategies that fool even the likes of Heart Heater and is able to discern his capabilities and the enemies' as well.


Han Sung-Gong

Xiang Yu is a direct subordinate and one of the aces of Han Sung-Gong. According to Han Sung-Gong, Xiang Yu has never once disappointed him which led him to being one of his favourite generals.

Heart Heater

Xiang Yu and Heart Heater dueled for the title of Captain for their leaders. Xiang Yu insulted when he noticed Heart Heater was underestimating him. Nevertheless, Xiang Yu was able to overwhelmingly defeat Heart Heater and would've killed him so were it not for the intervention of the Dragon of Evil.

Dragon of Evil

Xiang Yu feared the Dragon of Evil who had possessed Heart Heater but immediately came back to his senses when Han Sung-Gong shouted his orders. Xiang Yu knew that he was no match for the Dragon of Evil and the vast difference between the two of them but he pressed on regardless. When the Dragon of Evil fully possessed Heart Heater, Xiang Yu sensed an overwhelming dread and greatly feared him once again. When the Dragon of Evil asked him a question, Xiang Yu tried to submit as he thought the Dragon of Evil wanted to see him kneel but this was the wrong answer which led him to being devoured by the Dragon of Evil, deleting his character permanently from Lucid Adventure.



Xiang Yu was a very powerful player whose abilities and skill earned him recognition within Giga and led to him being scouted for Team 1. Even Giga's leader, Han Sung-Gong, openly said that Xiang Yu had not disappointed him once.[5] Even amongst Giga's 12 General, he is one of the aces.[1]

Even the watcher of the world, and arguably the strongest being in the whole game, the Dragon of Evil, found Xiang Yu interesting.[6]

Xiang Yu was able to evenly fight with Heart Heater, even after the latter used Dragon Mana.[5] Xiang Yu's prowess in combat is so high that Heart Heater was forced to use the Dragon of Evil's mana for the first time in decades.[5][6] Even with the aid of the Dragon of Evil's Mana, Heart Heater could not defeat Xiang Yu.[6] In fact, were it not for the direct interference of the Dragon of Evil, Xiang Yu would have killed Heart Heater.[6][7] The caveat to Xiang Yu is that he has special abilities that make him adept at fighting Dragons.[6]

Spearmanship: Xiang Yu is extremely adept at using his Spear. He was able to match Heater blow for blow in close combat and even said that he could not feel that much power from Heart Heater's sword. Using his spear, Xiang Yu can jump to great heights and can even avoid Heart Heater's Dragon's Claw from close range. The force from Xiang Yu's spear attack was strong enough to push Heart Heater's feet into the ground and create a mini crater.[5]

Double Casting: Xiang Yu is able to use both javelin throw skills and strike slashes in the same skill.[6]

Dual Wield: Xiang Yu has a special skill that allows him to use his sword and spear at the same time.[6]

Detection Skill: Xiang Yu is able to scan the enemy and calculate their threat level.[5]

Link Skills: Xiang Yu is capable of using powerful link skills. They are strong enough to even impress Heart Heater.[5]

Dragon Specialist: Xiang Yu is extremely confident in dealing with dragons. Due to equipping the full Black Piebald Horse Set, with items all made up of dragon materials, Xiang Yu has an overwhelming advantage when facing off against people who use Dragon related skills and mana.[6]

  • Dragon Clan Resistance: Xiang Yu has 70% resistance to Dragon Clan related skills. Xiang Yu was capable of deflecting Heart Heater's Dragon of Evil's mana powered Dragon Fang Attack - Triple Cut. A normal blow by Heart Heater powered by the Dragon of Evil's mana, a mana that has been described as terrible, was capable of caving in the ground; Xiang Yu was able to tank the attack like it was nothing.[6]
  • Extra Damage to Dragons: Xiang Yu's skills all have 20% more damage when he is facing a dragon.[6] Xiang Yu was able to split apart Heart Heaters Earth Dragon's Shield with an attack.[6]

Personal Attribute

Main Article: Xiang Yu

Xiang Yu's personal attribute is based on a legendary Chinese General of the same name, Xiang Yu, the Hegemon-King of Western Chu. Xiang Yu enables Xiang Yu's combat stats to increase by five times. He was able to evenly duel with a Heart Heater that was using the Dragon of Evil's mana and even overpower the Dragon Knight.[6]

Xiang Yu can use skill based on the Song of Gaixia, a poem the real Xiang Yu recited as he parted from his lover Woo-Hee by death.[6]

Enhanced Physical Abilities: Using his personal attribute's passive skills allows Xiang Yu's strength stat to increase by five times

  • Enhanced Strength: Xiang Yu's strength increased by five fold. According to Dark, his strength stat had reached the maximum level.[6]

Spirit Burst: Xiang Yu is capable of using a spirit burst powerful enough to break an Ancient Dragon Magic.

Enhanced Spearmanship: Xiang Yu is able to duel Heart Heater who was using the Dragon of Evil's mana. Their weapons clashing caused the air around them to ring.[6] His spearmanship was incredibly strong and swift as he instantly split apart and defeated three giga high rankers with a few swings of his spear.[8]

Enhanced Swordsmanship: Xiang Yu's sword strike was powerful enough to cut through Heart Heater's clothes, his skin, his ribs and even his lungs. It would have cleaved Heart Heater in two were it not for the Dragon of Evil's interference.[6]

Enhanced Speed and Agility: Xiang Yu was able to dodge Heart Heater's North Piercing Wind and even get behind him to deliver a critical hit.[6] Xiang Yu was so fast that he dodged all of the six high rankers attacks at once as he and Heart Heater made a dash for Zhuge Kongming[8].

Double Personal Attributes

Main Articles: Double Attributes

After opening Double Attributes, Xiang Yu is able to use Lu Bu's personal attribute and his personal attribute at the same time. Xiang Yu is the first player shown using dual personal attributes. It is one of Giga's new technology.[7]

Giga had a top secret project where they copied and overlayed personal attributes on top of each other. The success rate of that top secret project was below 0.1%, but the first successful case was born out of the odds was Xiang Yu. When Lu Bu was at Giga, he took a part in different tests and experiments. Dark theorizes that this technology had similarities to Nightmare[7]

After opening the double personal attribute, Xiang Yu grows a pair of black horns with the motif of the real Lu Bu's pheasant tails.[7] A giant Avatar that looks like a combination of Lu Bu and Xiang Yu is behind Xiang Yu. The giant Avatar is controlled by Xiang Yu and wields a sword of its own.[7][9]

In this form, Xiang Yu stats has already surpassed All-Stat and reached the stage of transcendence. Xiang Yu is able to push his items abilities to the limit in this form and overlap his skills on layers to mobilise his combat capabilities.[7]

Overwhelming Attack Power: Each of Xiang Yu's blows in this form are a high degree of skills that destroys a mountain. A slash from his sword had enough power to reach the sky.[7]

  • Five-Pronged Attack: After pushing his items and overlapping his skills, Xiang Yu is capable of utilising a powerful five pronged attack. Xiang Yu was even able to add tracking magic to this attack, which allowed the five-pronged attack to home in on the Dragon of Evil Controlled Heart Heater after it was deflected.[7]
  • Xiang Yu's Deadly Attack: Xiang Yu desperately put his all into into a deadly strike in hopes of the attack reaching The Dragon of Evil. Xiang Yu's avatar wielding it's giant blue sword delivers a powerful blow to the target. The strike is so powerful that it caused a massive explosion that pushed back the observers of the duel who were standing quite far away. The skill created a massive crater in the earth. The skill was so powerful that the blowback from it caused Xiang Yu himself damage and destroyed his Sword and Gauntlets, leaving him exhausted. The blow was so powerful that had The Dragon of Evil not covered Heart Heater's body with his scales, Heart Heater would have disappeared without a trace.[9]

Overwhelming Attack Speed: Xiang Yu's attack speed was incredibly fast as he was able to strike both Sasaki Kojiro and Miyamoto Musashi, who moved at an incredible speed that they appeared as a streak of light, at the same time and defeated them in one hit without seeming to have moved an inch of his body.[10]

Incredible Defense: Xiang Yu is able to defend against multiple attacks from the three high rankers, Miyamoto Musashi, Sasaki Kojiro, and Beast Form Im Kkeokjeong all at the same time. [10]

Skill Tree

Xiang Yu Skills

Other Skills

  • Open Double Personal Attributes: Allows Xiang Yu to use both his own personal attribute and Lu Bu's at the same time.





Season 2

Summit Arc

After it is decided by the 4 Guild Leaders that a duel between Giga and Dark Land will decide the alliance Leader, Han Sung-Gong picks Xiang Yu to represent Giga in the duel.[1]

Xiang Yu confidently steps up and changes to his combat gear. He cracks his fingers to indicate his readiness. Dacon is summoned to referee the fight between him and Heart Heater. They both start to fight and charged at each other head on. Xiang Yu gives Heart Heater a compliment regarding his powers as Heart Heaters does the same for him.

After Heart Heater used the Dragon of Evil's mana, Xiang Yu remained undaunted and used his buffing skill, Strength Uproots Mountains, Spirit Covers World, immensely boosting his combat stats by fivefold. They both fight to a standstill until Xiang Yu broke it by using a clever strategy that fooled Heart Heater, using his spear as a distraction and dashing in to strike Heart Heater. Before Xiang Yu could even penetrate Heart Heater's heart, he trembled in fear when he felt the Dragon of Evil's watchful gaze and immediately backed away.

After the Dragon of Evil possessed Heart Heater, Xiang Yu was broken out of his fears by Han Sung-Gong's command and activated his Double Personal Attributes, combining his and Lu Bu's. Xiang Yu then relentlessly attacked the Dragon of Evil despite the latter destroying and dodging all of his skills and attacks. Xiang Yu attempts to finish the Dragon of Evil off with his ultimate attack but it proved for naught as the Dragon of Evil fully possessed Heart Heater's body and protected him with his scales.

Xiang Yu had been defeated but was asked a question by the Dragon of Evil if he was willing to fight on or give up. Xiang Yu had answered the Dragon of Evil with the second option and was instantly devoured, deleting him from the game forever by the Dragon of Evil for picking the wrong answer.

Major Battles

Translation Notes & Issues

'패왕' (hanja: 覇王) is the title of Xiang Yu in the series and is based on his real life counterparts title. '覇' literally translates to 'overlod' (historical), 'hegemon', 'tyrant'. It can also mean 'supreme' based on the Japanese Kanji. '王' simply translates to 'King', 'monarch'.

LINE Webtoon translates '패왕' as 'Supreme King'. Strictly speaking, LINE Webtoon's translation is not incorrect based on the translations of the word as seen above, but the most common English translation of '패왕' is 'Hegemon King', hence why it has been used for this wiki.

Notes & Trivia

  • The character is based on the historical Chinese figure of the same name, Xiang Yu. In China, Xiang Yu is held in the highest regards for his military combat. unlike Lu Bu, whose duelling feats come from the inspired fictional novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Xiang Yu has superior feats and is held as the strongest general of the Three Kingdoms era in China. He managed to push back an army of 500,000 troops with only 30000 troops. He is described as having the "strength to move mountains and energy to cover the world". He stands on top all the historical Chinese Heroes such as Guan Yu and Lu Bu.
    • Xiang Yu, Courtesy Name,  Ji (籍; Jí), was the Ba Wang (霸王) or Hegemon-King of Western Chu during the Chu–Han Contention period (206–202 BC) of China.. After the fall of Qin, Xiang Yu was enthroned as the "Hegemon-King of Western Chu" (西楚霸王)l. He engaged Liu Bang, the founding emperor of the Han dynasty, in a long struggle for power, known as the Chu–Han Contention, which concluded with his eventual defeat at the Battle of Gaixia. He committed suicide at the bank of the Wu River.
    • Xiang Yu is popularly known as "Xi Chu Ba Wang" (西楚霸王; Xī Chǔ Bà Wáng), which has been translated as "Overlord of Western Chu", "Hegemon-King of Western Chu", "Conqueror of Western Chu", "King of Kings of Western Chu", and other renditions. This title is sometimes simplified to "Ba Wang" (霸王; Bà Wáng), without the link to "Western Chu". Since Xiang Yu's death, the term Ba Wang has come to be used specifically to refer to him. Xiang Yu's subjects sometimes address him as "Xiang Wang" (项王; 項王; Xiàng Wáng), which literally means "King Xiang".
      • The character in the series is called 'Hegemon King' (Korean: 패왕, LINE Webtoon: Supreme King) as a reference to the historical title.
  • According to Zhang Fei, Xiang Yu is Han Sung-Gong's favourite.[5]
  • The yellow coloured '籍01' on the left shoulder of Xiang Yu's armour means 'Record 01'. It may indicate the first successful copy of Personal Attributes as Xiang Yu was Giga's only success with the project.