Warlock is one of the Jobs in Lucid Adventure.


Warlock is a magic-oriented class that allows the characters to wield power of the dead, demons as well as well as inflict curses that weaken or sap away strength.

The Warlock can turn a corpse into an undead slave. However, the quality of the undead that could be created was depended on the species of the corpse used for it. The best corpses were those of powerful beings like dragons, while human corpses could become zombies and skeletons

The Warlock Class and Black Magic was created by Darkist, the First Black Magic Master. The current black magic used today are the ones passed on by Darkist's disciples onto their predecessors, which is quite different from the original that Darkist created. His used his mana with more finesse.

Warlock have the capacity to control undead in numbers or even going as far as using the corpses of their victims to make one under their command. Even when overwhelmed with a lot of enemies, they are confident of not being defeated by numbers. Often they employ a Zerg Rush - creating hordes of weak undead and sending them after a problem till it dies. They can also summon powerful dark creatures and even take powerful demons as their servants.

Like all magic-oriented classes, Warlocks are not specialised for close range combat but they are not helpless as some can even merge with heir servant spirit to increase their physical stats.

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