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I am the watcher of the world..The Dragon of Evil-!!
 ― Dragon of Evil[source]

Vinjure,[8] more commonly known as the Dragon of Evil,[2][3] and also known as Dragon of Darkness,[5][6] was a Primordial Dragon in Lucid Adventure. He was one of the two Dragons created by The Absolute God to act as a balance to The Four Gods.[3] As one of the Primordial Dragons, he held one of the last two pages required to complete the Absolute Quest.[9][10]

He acted as The Watcher of Lucid Adventure.[4] As a primordial Dragon, his main mission was to fulfil The Absolute God's will, which was to prevent both Lucid Adventure and the Real World from intertwining.[6] Dragon of Evil was given 'the eyes' by Han Gun-Jae to recognise 'The Ones who See the End' and to guide them when the time comes.[11] The Witch also tasked the Dragon of Evil guide those who will see the game's ending.[12]

Due to the machinations of a one of the Four Gods,[6] the Dragon of Evil fought the Dragon of Light for over a millennium and their blood soaked the earth, leaving magic and technology in the world.[6] By the time they discovered that it was part of the God's scheme, both had weakened too much.[6]

After Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Dark and Sora were identified by The Witch as the 'ones who will see the game's ending', the Dragon of Evil took interest in them. Under the pretext of 'punishing' Heart Heater, the Dragon of Evil lured Dark's Party to the Dragon Mountain and forced them to undergo the Trial of a Dragon to prove their worth as 'the Promised Ones'.[3] After the 3 players passed the test, the Dragon of Evil gave the the title of Cursed Heroes.[13]

During Heart Heater's duel with Xiang Yu, the Dragon of Evil took over Heart Heater's body and fought in his place.[14] He ended up eating Xiang Yu and deleting the player from the game.[15] Giga attempted to raid Dragon of Evil, but they were all forced to kneel before him.[16]

Alongside the Dragon of Light, Heart Heater and Stone, the Dragon of Evil was transferred to the Demon World to confront the Demon King - Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[17] Seeing that there was no other way to beat Hardcore Leveling Warrior, the Dragon of Evil sacrificed himself to give Dark and Sora a chance to enter Hardcore Leveling Warrior's mental world.[18]


In his humanoid form, the Dragon of Evil had messy black hair, red eyes, and shark-like teeth. He is shown to be half naked in all his appearances, wearing only blue ripped jeans, no shoes, and wearing bandages around his head to his right arm. His skin starts to darken around his hands and feet as well.

According to Dark, he looked like a kid in his puberty and an anime character due to the bandages around his arm.

In his dragon form, he is a massive black dragon with multiple eyes across his face.


The Dragon of Evil is playful of everything, finding Dark's tantrum against him amusing and making a new class called the Dragon Knights because he was fond of the Ancient Knights that fought the Demons. He had fun whilst observing Heart Heater fight for his life against Xiang Yu even when Heart Heater made a blunder and said that Xiang Yu got him good. When he finally possessed Heart Heater, he had toyed with Xiang Yu, dodging and blocking one of Xiang Yu's attack with his teeth.

However, he has a more serious side. First becoming angry when Xiang Yu almost killed Heart Heater and scaring the former away, the second when he had asked Xiang Yu a serious question and proceeded to kill him for picking the wrong answer, and the third when he had told Dacon, The Combat Npc, that she could do nothing to him now that the Gods are gone and proceeded to make Giga's army, including Sam Han to bend the knee against him for attempting to attack him.

He's also the type to hide his care for other people and doesn't like being cared for as shown he said that in the past, Heart Heater cared about the Dragon of Evil, not knowing his place.


By Dragon of Evil

  • (Dragon of Evil to Dark): "I got this wound from fighting that bitch, 'The Dragon of Light'.[3]
  • (To Sora): "If there is an afterlife, let's have a meal there together. Sora..."[18]

To Dragon of Evil

  • (Han Gun-Jae): "You guys [Vinjure and Lahru] are the final observers. You will become Light and Darkness respectively, to keep and eye on Zero and the Gods. Let's create a fun world together. I'm counting on you guys."[18]
  • (Dragon of Light): "Right. We're just balancers of this world".

About Dragon of Evil

  • (By Heart Heater): "It is said that the two dragons were made to balance the gods."[3]
  • (By Heart Heater): "If he's [Hardcore Leveling Warrior] really able to wield the power of the Demon King, the only ones who can go against such a being, are the two Primordial Dragons, the Dragon of Light and the Dragon of Evil."[19]
  • (By Heart Heater): "What's certain is that in this world where the Gods have disappeared, there is no one stronger than the Primordial Dragons."[6]
  • (By Narrator): "The first two dragons were created to monitor them. The two dragons were as powerful as the gods, and they were protecting order in their respective realms. A pair of Dragons, Good (Light) and Evil (Darkness), were one body. The dragon's offspring's thrived and flourished and multiplied to fill the world. This was also the will of The Absolute God. With the intention of destroying the the two Primordial Dragons, one of the four Gods deliberately corrupted the children of the Primordial Dragons. It was to steal their forbidden power. As a result, The Dragon of Evil ate his own children up as punishment which led to a conflict with the Dragon of Light who was enraged by such a actions. Light and Darkness started to fight. The two dragons, who gnawed at each other for thousands of years, finally found out that it was the God's scheme, but both dragons had already become too weak. The power left behind by the disappearance of the gods due to Yopy was also absorbed by the ancient dragons. The two dragons have their mission, 'The Will of the Absolute God', Which is to prevent the two worlds from crossing paths."[6]

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Translation Notes

Issues and Errors

Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Issues

Character Name

'악의 용' literally means Dragon of Evil. LINE Webtoon translates this as Evil Dragon. Whilst this is not a major translation issue, they do not do the same for the Dragon of Light. They do not call the Dragon of Light, 'Light Dragon'.

To ensure there is consistency between the Dragon of Light, the original and proper translation, Dragon of Evil will be used for this wiki.

International Translations

Name Platform Language
Name Epithet
LINE Webtoon (Taiwan) Traditional Chinese
Vinjure Evil Dragon LINE Webtoon (United States) American English
Dragon Maléfique;

Le Dragon Des Ténèbres

LINE Webtoon (France) French
LINE Manga (Japane) Japanese

Notes & Trivia

  • The Dragon of Evil was first mentioned in Episode 22. He made his debut in the series in Episode 137. His real name, Vinjure, was revealed by the Dragon of Light in Season 2 Episode 111.
    The Evil Dragon1.jpg
  • When the Dragon of Evil was first mentioned by Spirit of the Mirror in Episode 25, his Dragon form appearance was completely different to his current design. It is possible that the author had not settled on a design at that point. This has not been confirmed as of yet.
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior called Dragon of Evil and Dragon of Light "Yonggary" (용가리, Yonggari) (LINE incorrectly translated this as simply "dragons") in Season 2 Episode 111. This was a reference to Yongarry (sometimes spelt as "Yongary"), a giant dragon-like Kaiju originating from the 1967 South Korean film Yongary, Monster from the Deep. The film and its title character were produced to rival the success of Toho's Godzilla films during the mid-60s.