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Twin Black Dragon Slash Wave[1] is a skill used by Nightmare The Best Swordsman.


Nightmare The Best Swordsman blasts two large spiralling Nightmare infused dragon shaped beams from his sword at the target.[1]


Instance Description
Season 2 Episode 89 Nightmare The Best Swordsman launches a Twin Black Dragon Wave at mana depleted and exhausted The Best Swordsman.[1] The skill was neutralised by Constant's Lies that Deceive Magic.[1]

Translation Notes & Issues

Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Issues

쌍룡흑참파 is translated as Double Black Dragon Blast by LINE Webtoon.

쌍 means "twin; double". 룡 means "dragon". 흑 means "black". 참 means "to cut; to chop (with a large blade, forcefully)" which can be translated as "slash". 파 is the hangul form of the hanja 波, which means "wave".

쌍룡흑참파 literally means Twin Dragon Black Slash Wave or Double Dragon Black Slash Wave. This has been rearranged as Twin Black Dragon Slash Wave to match the Black Dragon Slash Wave skill. The author most likely made an error in the hangul placement.

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