Transcendental Skill Type is one of the Four Personal Attribute Types in Lucid Adventure. It is a Tier 0 Personal Attribute


Unlike the other Personal Attribute Types, the percentage of players with this attribute is unknown.

Players with this Personal Attribute Type type can transcend the laws of the game. Very few players have this and little is known about this.[1]

Known Transcendental Skill Types

  • Time Magic - Dark is able to use Time-Related skills.
  • Contractor - Sad Smile can make three mutually agreed contracts simultaneously. If Sad Smile makes a fourth contract, the Contractor devours him and he is gone

Notes & Trivia

  • Some fans believe that Absolute Luck is a a Transcendental Skill Type Personal Attribute.
  • It appears that the Transcendental Skill Types can take physical forms and are sentient. Sad Smile's Contractor and Dark's Time all took physical forms although it has not been confirmed if this is just specific of their own personal attribute or a trait of the Personal Attribute type once the skill has reached a certain level.


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