The Tower of Abstinence is a dungeon in Lucid Adventure. It's master is Dungeon Keeper.


The tower is one of the new dungeons that showed up when the Gods disappeared. The Gods' power sipped into the Tower of Abstinence and distorted the space and time inside.[1]

There are 9 floors in total in the Tower. Each team must enter the dungeon through a different entrance at different hours, clearing the dungeon in a parallel dimension with the distorted space and time. All participants must meet at the middle level before the next level opens.

There is an ancient inscription on the wall that reads "Wills of the roads broken into three points at the treasure on the top". The three teams must meet at the middle level and once the condition is met the Dungeon Keeper appears and opens three doorways to the next level.[1]

When the three teams have reached the end, they will confront each other once again to reach the treasure.[1]

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Notes & Trivia

  • The Tower of Abstinence is one of the three dungeons shown to have a karma reaction to the Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Karma.[2]


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