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Here, in the Tomb of Swords, you'll all have a fair fight in my name.
 ― God of Combat[source]

The Tomb of Swords is the final arena in the battleground of the Combat Tournament. It is where the last stage of the last Combat Tournament, the PvP Round, took place.[1]

It is the place where Zero, The Four Gods, and the Absolute God, Han Gun-Jae, met their end and where the New World of Lucid Adventure first began.[2][3]


The Tomb of Swords is an incredibly large colosseum that is located above the clouds. It's size is so great that it could fit large pieces of land or dungeons across Lucid Adventure within it. [1]

True to its name, the colosseum is surrounded by numerous gigantic swords of any kind, eastern and western, which are stationed as if they were stabbed on the ground.[1]


These are the locations or land pieces that were used as arenas in the Tomb of Swords.

The Land of Boiling Lava

A land piece transported from the land of boiling lava. It is a volcanic region with lava seeping across the ground.[1]


A large field of grass transported from somewhere. It is where Team Yopy Land and Team Dark fought in the quarter finals.[1]

The Wizard's Grave

Where ores that halve mana and very dangerous traps are planted throughout the area. It is the worst map imaginable for Wizards. A field that decreases a Wizard's magic attack by 50% or more.[4]

It is where Team Choco Bibi & Team Light, and Team Taoist & Team Timmy fought in the quarter finals.[4][5]

Water Island

An island on water transported from a body of water somewhere. Numerous chunks of ground float and serve as the combatant's platforms. It is where Team Open Your Mouth, Here Comes the Healing and Team Giga No.2 fought in the quarter finals.[6]

The Valley of Pain

A valley transported from somewhere. Numerous veins of mana are seen within its rocky valley. It is where Team Light and Team Open Your Mouth, Here Comes the Healing fought in the semi finals.[7]

Town of Forgotten Knights

A town built by the Ancient Knights and a high-level hunting field known for its extremely high difficulty. It is where Team Dark and Team Taoist fought in the semi finals.[8]

God's Arena

(Hangul: 신의 경기장,  Romaja: sin-ui gyeong-gijang) (Line Webtoon: Divine Realm)

A large divine arena created by the God Of Combat and where the Gods watched the last match closely.[9] Stated by the God of Combat to be indestructible to any mortal until ??? Light destroyed it.[10]

It is where Team Dark and Team Light fought in the finals[9]. It's also where Hardcore Leveling Warrior temporarily regained his former Rank No.1 powers.[9]

Season 1

PvP Round Prelude Arc

Numerous teams such as Team Dark are transported above the clouds and on the floating blocks within the Tomb of Swords. Pieces of Land and Dungeons across Lucid Adventure are transported as well to show the arenas the combatants will fight in.[1] It served as the main battleground for the rest of the Tournament.

Ragnarök Arc

The Tomb of Swords was completely destroyed due to Zero and the Gods who created a worldwide explosion that dwarfed Lucid Adventure upon their death.[3]

Notes & Trivia

  • It is the playground of the God of Combat.[1]