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Time is the Transcendental Skill Type personal attribute of Dark. Dark's Personal Attribute is the rarest Type in Lucid Adventure which allows him to transcend the laws of the game.[1]

Due to the personal attributes mana being used up when it escaped the demon world with Dark, it was in a slumber which meant that Dark couldn't use his time abilities for a while.[2] It had fully recovered and awoken at the climax of Dark and Rajie's fight, allowing him to use his time-related abilities once again.


'Time' is a grey being with the appearance of a small child and a hole in his chest.



During the two year time skip, Dark's Personal Attribute actually took a sentient form. It is aware about The Gods of Time and Space and also about Dark's relationship wilt Hardcore Leveling Warrior and empathised with his dilemma. It gave Dark the option of Clock Spring of the Past or Clock Spring of the Future, and Dark chose the former in order to find Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[3]


Dark's Personal Attribute allows him to manipulate time to various degree. Over the course of the series, he gains more powerful Time manipulation abilities as he gets stronger.

The 'Time' personal attribute is tricky to Level up because there are certain conditions that need to be met in order to level them up.[4]

Flash Precognition: Dark is able to see seconds into the future. While useless for long predictions, it does give several practical advantages when fighting and can be used to counter attack an opponent. Dark uses this skill in combination with The Eye of Trajectory.

Temporal Rewind: Dark can rewind a person back to their past form which makes them weaker. It is usually a debuff, but when used on Hardcore Leveling Warrior, it is an overwhelming buff.

Temporal Deceleration: Dark can slow time down of a target which slows time for a certain target. It can be used slow down opponents to avoid attacks and dampen movements.

Time Stop: Not an ability of Dark's but that of his personal attributes sentient form. Every time his personal attribute appears in it's sentient form, everything is paused except for Dark. It is possible Dark might have this ability in future.

Temporal Immunity: Dark's personal attribute grants him some form of 'Time Pause immunity'. Even when one of the Gods of Time and Space stopped time, Dark could still hear them which lead to one of the Gods of Time and Space to hypothesis that Dark had somehow gained some of the powers, further emphasising the transcendence of his Time ability.[5]

Temporal Reload: Dark can "save" the current moment in time and "reload" (or go back to) that point. Just like in a video game, this power gives Dark the unique ability to simply "come back and try again" after death; as such, death is a concept that's unimportant to him during a fight.

How to Obtain

Dark needed to face an overwhelming opponent in a fight to unlock it which led to him fighting Heart Heater. Dark faced Heart Heater and was eventually killed. Just as Dark was about to be killed by Heart Heater, he felt the Deja Vu phenomenon and was killed. His personal attribute was then unlocked.[6]


This is a history of the personal attributes sentient form and not the usage of time spells


While Dark is discussing Hardcore Leveling Warrior's whereabouts with

Season 2

'Time' appeared once again to Dark after all of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Lucky Coin pieces where combined. It once again caused a time stop in the area and everyone within the area was paused. It was surprised that Dark had assembled all the pieces so fast. It asked Dark if Dark was ready to meet Hardcore Leveling Warrior, to which Dark replied "in hell or...wherever he is..I'll drag him out..". 'Time' smiled and said it knew Dark would say that. It then used Tracking Time on Dark.[7]

'Time' took

Notes & Trivia

  • The name of Dark's Personal Attribute was not actually revealed when he first unlocked.[6] It was first revealed as 'Time-Related Skills' in Episode 68.
  • The personal attribute has been called several things at various points in the series.
    • Hardcore Leveling Warrior referred to it as 'Time Related Skills' (Korean: 시간관련 스킬).[4]
    • The Personal Attribute was called 'Time Magic (Transcendence)' (Line Webtoon: 'Time Spells (Transcendence)) (Korean: 시간마법 (초월)) when Dark's character information was revealed at the start of the PvP Round Final.[8]
    • The Personal Attribute referred to itself as 'The Skill of Time' (Korean: 시간의 스킬) during its conversation with Dark.[3]
    • 'The System' simply called it 'Time' (Korean: 시간) after Dark levelled up his personal attribute.[3]
  • It was the first Transcendental Skill Type Personal Attribute shown in the series but it was only revealed as a Transcendental Skill Type in Episode 98 by Hardcore Leveling Warrior after Sad Smile revealed his own Transcendental Skill Type, Contractor.
  • Dark's personal attribute has earned several comments from some notable characters in the series.
    • Hola, the personal attribute specialist said that Dark's Personal Attribute is very unique. Hola said that Dark was the most dangerous person she had "smelt", even above Heart Heater who was the most dangerous person she had smelt originally.[9] This is most likely due to his personal attribute but this was never confirmed.
    • While he was in the company of powerful players such as Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Tac and Choco Bibi, his personal attribute was praised as being the most interesting by the God of Combat.[10]
    • He was also called 'interesting' by the powerful Ancient Dragon, Redinaea, due to this ability.[11]