Thunder is the Cartoon Character Type Personal Attribute of Akira.


Six years ago, before the world was covered in radiation, Thunder was a youth baseball player at the national level. After the disaster' he became one of the 'kids' whose bodies were strengthened by the radiation and has gone on to strengthen his ability as a batter.

Unlike other 'kids' who have their growths capped, Thunder has the ability to grow and become stronger.

Thunder uses baseball bats as his main weapons and has the ability to deflect multiple bullets at point blank range with them.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Thunder is the main protagonist of the Naver Webtoon series, Sindorim.
  • Sindorim Station is a real station located in Seoul, South Korea.
  • This is the second cartoon character type to be introduced in the series.
  • Like Tac's personal attribute, Kim Gu, Thiunder has not been explicitly stated to be Akira's personal attribute but it is heavily implied through Akira's Attire, skill set and weapons.


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