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The Three Goddesses of Fate, also known as The Gods of Time and Space, were one of The Four Gods created by Han Gun-Jae to watch over Lucid Adventure.[1] Although they were three individuals they were seen as one.[1][2][3]

Two of the Time Gods were killed by Zero during Ragnarok as they fought against her. The Gods of Time and Space now became one as the two other gods gave their eyes and power to their sister.[4]

After the conclusion of the last ever Combat Tournament, the God of Time and Space was killed when Yopy used the last power of Han Gun-Jae to wipe out the remaining Gods which led to a rewriting of the rules of Lucid Adventure.[5]


Since the Gods of Time and Space compose of three individuals, three of which have different forms. In their miniature forms, they were merely tiny beings wearing a black cloak and three eyeballs which were red, green, and blue.

In their true forms, the red sister is a tall bright red-headed woman with neck length hair and covers the left side of her face. She wears a bright red coat with black sweater underneath, bright red pants and high heels. The blue sister is a small girl with short blue hair and has an empty eye socket. Her entire body is wrapped in blue strings with a red patch that held needles stitched on her left shoulder. The green sister is large woman with yellow curly hair and half of a stopwatch covering the left side of her head. She wears a yellow high neck dress with a symbol of a clock on her chest and a belt that held her tools.

All three of them only have one eye as a sign that they all share their power.



Being three individuals, all three have different personalities. The red one speaks and acts as the leader of their trio, the green/yellow one is soft and caring and the blue one is childish, only saying "I'm hungry" all the time, being goofy and aloof.

They're all pretty childish but the blue one even more, dashing around and making comments. Sometimes, they don't understand the gravity of the situation they're in. The red one is more emotional than the two as she is the only one that got mad at the God of Blessings for supposedly "cheating".


The Gods

Han Gun-Jae

The Gods of Time and Space respects and follows their creator. They obeyed Han Gun-Jae's order to teleport all armies of Yopi Land and Giga to their respective territories.[6]

God of Combat

The Gods of Time and Space were on good terms with God of Combat even as fellow competitors. They never opposed one another and the Gods of Time and Space were worried for God of Combat when he faced off against Zero. They had assisted him but ended up with two of them dying and had to retreat. Only the red sister came back, with all three eyes of her and her sisters.[4] Together, she and God of Combat fended off Zero until all three of them were killed by Yopi.[5]

God of Blessings

The Gods of Time and Space didn't mind God of Blessings at first. When he proclaimed himself as the Absolute God, they ignored him and made other comments about the situation they're in.[7] During the PVP Round, they were now on bad terms as their team was easily defeated by God of Blessing's team. The red sister was mad at God of Blessings and accused him of cheating.[8] The Gods of Time and Space absolutely do not want the God of Blessings to be the next Absolute God at all.

God of Death

Though they were fellow competitors, The Gods of Time and Space and God of Death were on good terms until the latter proposed to rush the tournament, the Gods of Time and Space berated her and said to just say that she wanted God of Blessings as her Absolute God.[9] In the finals, the God of Death warned the Gods of Time and Space to choose their side wisely.[10]


Team Choco Bibi

It appears each sister shows certain favoritism towards different members of Team Choco Bibi. The red sister liked Choco Bibi whilst the blue sister liked the Drip Soup.[11] They trained Choco Bibi the ability to manipulate time and space.[8]



As one of the Gods created by Han Gun-Jae to watch over Lucid Adventure, the Goddesses of Fate was one of the absolutes in the game. Though their name may only imply that they only oversee destiny, Time and Space are also under their sphere of influence as well. The Goddesses of Time and Space are able to freeze time for everyone else with the exception of the Gods, Han Gun-Jae, and surprisingly Dark who is said to have inherited a part of their power.[12]

Such is the power of the gods in the game that the usually arrogant Giga Empire emperor, Han Sung-Gong, forbade Light from interfering with the Gods for fear of reprisal.[13]

Three Eyes

The dying Yellow Time God and Blue Time God gave their eyes and powers to their sister, the Red Time God. Their powers are united with one God of Time and Space.[4]

The God of Time and Space became so powerful as she stated that she was capable of causing the extinction of mankind in the real world by casting Space Deletion on a large scale.[14]

Skill Tree

Divine Skills

  • Space-Time Stop:The Gods of Time and Space can freeze everyone in time with the exception of it's fellow gods and Han Gun-Jae.
  • Mass Return: The Gods of Time and Space can forcefully mass teleport armies into their desired location.
  • Holy Forced Teleportation: The Gods of Time and Space can forcefully teleport a target to the Gods desired location.
  • Gods of Time and Space - True Form: The Gods of Time and Space assumes their true forms.
  • Space Time Thread: The Gods of Time and Space wrap around strings, capable of holding and restricting a divine being's movement, on their opponent and supposedly locks the target in another location soon after.
  • Divine Skill - Space Deletion: The target is hit by a space magic that is characterized by a spiraling void that the target swirls into, distorting their form as they are sealed in a sub space.



In the creation of Lucid World, Han Gun-Jae created the four gods, God of Death, God of Blessing, God of combat and the God of time and space - who's purpose was to monitor and oversee the world.[1]

Season 1

Dark's Birthday Arc

Giga invaded Yopi Land for the main purpose of defeating and capturing Han Gun-Jae, and due to their efforts he was eventually defeated and drained, in the final of moments of Sam Han preparing to kill Han Gun-Jae, they were interrupted by Yopi's group ultimately declaring war between the two. Realising the battle between Yopi and Sam Han would cause the collapse of Lucid World, through the God's Messenger contacted all the current Gods. As the God's arrived each one asked him whether he was dead, alive or hungry. Han Gun-Jae requested the God of Time and Space to quietened the area under a time space freeze, at the same time they notice that Dark was able to see them noting that the gained some of their powers.[12]

The Gods then started to discuss on who will become the next God, Combat God suggested that the PvP Round of the combat tournament for each god, they would choose a team to represent them and the owner of the winning team would become the next God, to which all Gods agree to this. After Han Gun-Jae thanks them for coming, he then requested God of Time and Space to mass teleport all the current troops of Giga and Yopi Land remaining only Ethan, Dark and Sora to which Han Gun-Jae tells them to leave them here. Finally re-activating the flow of time to continue.[6]

Post-Dark's Birthday Arc

As for the competition on becoming the next God, the Gods of Time and Space, selected Choco Bibi's group to represent them. They first spied on Bibi and Tempest who were preparing for the tournament, the blue one was charging to them while evading Tempest's shot as well nullifying Bibi's forced teleportation, to which then she teleported to a sub space full of space mana. The three gods discussed with Choco Bibi that they're participating in the PvP Round to choose the next God and thus chose them.[11]

PvP Round Quarterfinals Arc

The Gods of Time and Space arrives to the Tomb of Swords for the Combat Tournament along with the other Gods and take their seats.[15] When Top Baldhead complained about the space they were gonna fighting, the Gods of Time and Space called him and the others imbeciles without an ounce of patience. They summoned partial land pieces from Lucid Adventure with their power and told the combatant that these pieces of land will be their arenas. The Gods of Time and Space further added on that they copied and recreated each dungeon all over Lucid Adventure since the match is for all the Gods and to make things more interesting.[15]

In the first match, while the Blue God of Time and Space ate popcorn, the Red God of Time and Space wondered why the Absolute God didn't pick his own son to win and that he didn't see any blessing from him either, further adding on that the Absolute God didn't pick any at all perhaps.[16] The Red God of Time and Space noted that it was gonna be a little more interesting now that Dragon Knight was using his draconic powers.[16]

It is announced that Team Choco Bibi will face off against Team Light in the second round of the Quarter finals.[17] The Gods of Time and Space bicker with the God of Blessings, stating his team will be the one to lose.[17] When Choco Bibi opened his Eye of Space, the Gods of Time and Space rejoice as it was the future that led their victory in the tournament. However the Gods of Time and Space foreseen future blurs and changes as Team Light handles Team Choco Bibi well despite their buff. They then cursed the God of Blessing on what did he do.[18]

After their team lost, the Gods of Time and Space were still baffled by what happened as the future they saw were altered by human uncertainties. The enraged Red God of Time and Space then grabbed the God of Blessing's collar, lashing out on how much did he intervene and that he would use his divine power like that. The two Gods bicker but were stopped by the God of Combat.[8]

PvP Round Semifinals Arc

When No Name awakened her purified Nightmare powers, the Gods of Time and Space looked into the past and discovered that the dragon was behind this but not even that dragon knew it would turn out like this. Adding on that that it was a combination between the Dragon's seal and the girl's personality, ending up purifying the Nightmare.[19]

The Gods of Time and Space were surprised along with the God of Blessings and the God of Combat by God of Death's suggestion. The Gods of Time and Space were enraged at the suggestion and told God of Death to just say it up front that God of Blessings can be the next Absolute God. They were distraught when God of Combat agreed with God of Death's suggestion.[9]

Escape From Seoul Arc

The Gods of Time and Space called out the God of Blessings on using Zero as if he was the absolute god already. The time gods told that Zero doesn't stand a chance against them and that all she ever does is to make other people fight for her battles.[20]

PvP Round Final Arc

The Gods of Time and Space sit by their thrones as they watch the finals of the tournament begin. [21]

The Gods of Time and Space sat quietly despite God of Blessing's rants but were shocked by the God of Death who had sided with the God of Blessings in exchange for half of the Absolute God's powers. The Gods of Time and Space were warned by the God of Death to choose wisely.[10]

When the God of Combat came to take the lives of the God of Death and God of Blessings, the Gods of Time and Space moved out of the way and asked the God of Combat if he was really gonna kill them. They were also shocked when the Combat God said Zero who had appeared by devouring both God of Blessings and God of Death.[22]

Ragnarök Arc

As Zero absorbed the power of the players, the God of Time and Space recognized the unfamiliar power which is the power of the Other World. After Zero transformed, the Gods of Time and Space reverted to their true forms to assist the God of Combat as the latter can't handle Zero alone now. The Blue God of Time and Space wrapped up Zero in her thread as she and her sisters attempt to lock her up far away. Zero ripped through her threads and unleashed multiple god-killing blades at them, piercing the yellow and blue God of Time and Space whilst the Red One had her left limbs cut. The Gods of Time and Space teleported and retreated back into their dimension.[4]

In their dimension, the Red God of Time was distraught as her sisters lay dying. The Blue and Yellow God of Time then told her to take their eyes. The Red God of Time reluctantly agreed to take them. The two sisters lay dying as they confess each others their small secrets. The Two God of Time and Space disappear as their eyes are taken by their saddened Red Sister.[4]

Now as one, the God of Time and Space, joined the fight between the God of Combat and Zero once more. She tells God of Combat to stand back as she casted her divine skill, Divine Skill - Space Deletion, and locked Zero up in subspace, saying that it wouldn't be easy to get out even for her. However Zero managed to escape all the same. The God of Time and Space suggested to God of Combat one last option which is to unleash the extinction of humanity in the real world. She added on that if she casts Space Deletion on a large scale but was stopped by God of Combat who disagreed with the option.[14] Dark's corny speech and Yopy's strategy along with the users' desire to save Lucid Adventure, that energy with the magic spell that Han Gun-Jae shared with Yopy and with Nutella's help, The God of Time and Space were bestowed with the same power that Zero possessed and were now equal in power with her.[14]

The God of Time and Space was told by the God of Combat to take the humans and get away as far as possible as his blow will tear the entire space apart. The God of Time and Space however had already assigned the task to the right person and gave him one of her eyes.[23] The God of Time and Space, who now wielded two blades made out of her own power, and the God of Combat clashed with Zero for the last time. The moment the Gods clashed with Zero for the last time, the God of Time and Space sent a signal to Choco Bibi. With that signal, the God of Time and Space's mana resonated with Choco Bibi's.[23]

Their clash caused an incredibly massive explosion with God of Time and Space piercing Zero with her blades, telling God of Combat to hold on as he was pierced with Zero's spear. The Gods and Zero were shocked when they saw Yopy summon the Absolute God, Han Gun-Jae. The God of Time and Space and God of Combat were glad as even though Zero was as powerful as them both, with their creator's blow, it will be their victory.[5]

However the blow not only split apart Zero but the God of Time and Space and God of Combat as well. The God of Time and Space fell along with the other Gods as Yopy used Han Gun-Jae to scatter their powers all over the world.[5]


After the death of the Gods and Zero, the power of The Creator which Han Gun-Jae wanted to tried to hand over to the four Gods, the inherent power of the four Gods had, and the power of the world core that belonged to Zero all combined and formed a huge energy that rained down throughout the entire Lucid Adventure similar to snowflakes. New world rules such as Sleepwalking were generated.[24][25]

Even though The Gods of Time and Space perished, the concept of time and space did not disappear as Dark's personal Attribute, Time, was able to stop time similar to them.[26]

The Spirit of Space-Time, the embodied form of the Space-Time Magic, took the eye form of the The Gods of Time and Space in order to appear as something familiar to Choco Bibi. The iris of The Spirit of Space-Time's is a combination of red, yellow and blue which is a homage to the colour scheme of The three Gods of Time and Space.[27]

Notes & Trivia

  • They seem to be based on the Moirai, The Fates of Greek Mythology and Graeae , three hag-like creatures featured in the story of Perseus. The Three Goddesses having one eye each (Although they actually have two) is a homage to the Graeae. While the thread skill used by the Blue God of Time and Space is the motif of the Moirai.


The Moirai

The Moirai (Moirae) were the three goddesses of fate who personified the inescapable destiny of man. They assigned to every person his or her fate or share in the scheme of things. Their name means "Parts." "Shares" or "Alottted Portions." The individuals were Klotho (Clotho), the "the Spinner," who spun the thread of life, Lakhesis (Lachesis), "the Apportioner of Lots", who measured it, and Atropos (or Aisa), "She who cannot be turned," who cut it short. Zeus Moiragetes, the god of fate, was their leader.


Graeae , also known as the Stygian Witches or the Grey Sisters, were three grey haired hag-like sisters in Greek mythology. They were the children of the elemental gods Phorcys and Ceto, and they were the goddesses of old age. They had grey hair, empty eye sockets, and toothless mouths from birth. They were the sisters of the gorgons. Because of their lack of godliness, the Graeae were given jurisdiction over a swamp. They were also given an eye to share among themselves. This eye gave them great knowledge and wisdom.