The Witch is a supernatural being that helped Han Gun-Jae create Lucid Adventure. She's refered to as the Messenger of Real World's gods (who she describes as childish) and was even granted some their tools (including The God's Toy) by them as well as probably immortality.


She is a mysterious being that looks like a little girl.




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Monsters, Angels, Devils, Immortal, God's Messenger, Aliens are some word that refer to "it" in this world according to Han Gun-Jae, but right now it is known as "The Witch" in this world. Some clain she has lived over 1,000 years. While others say that she won a bet against the god and is now immortal. The only thing that is known about her is that she is a mysterious being that looks like a little girl.[1]

She gave Han Gun-Jae The God's Toy in exchange of a big amount of money enabling him to create Lucid Adventure.[1]

She had the ability to control Dark's body in the real world after he could't log out.[1]

Genesis Arc

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