The Ultimate Warrior Lv. 1 is a passive skill of Lu Bu.

Overview Edit

On creating a character in Lucid Adventure, Lu Bu had a strength stat of +900.[1]

Effect Edit

Lu Bu has a strength stat of 900+ at Level 1.[1]

This meant that even during The Siege Round where all players start at Level one, Lu Bu retained his 900+ Strength.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • '무신' is the hangul form of the hanja, '武神 ', which literally translates to 'God of War', 'God of Military Arts', 'Warlord' or even 'Military Personnel'. Line Webtoon translated this as 'The Ultimate Warrior Lv.1'.
  • It is assumed that this passive skill is a result of his Personal Attribute, Lu Bu.
  • 'God of War' (Korean: '무신') is also the name of a 2012 South Korean television series starring Kim Joo-hyuk as the real-life historical figure Kim Jun who was written about in the Goryeosa.

References Edit

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