The Sword of Honor - The 7 Truths also known as The Sword of Knights - The 7 Truths is a legendary weapon capable of bisecting mountains with a single blow.


The Sword of Honor is a broad sword that is almost as tall as Hardcore Leveling Warrior. It has a brown hilt with a red diamond on the butt of the sword, a golden quillion with a red diamond in its centre, and a wide grey blade.


The Sword of Honor is a legendary sword that the very first Grand Master pulled out from the ground. Only the chosen one can use.[1]

It can only be used by the one contracted with it, repelling others who try to pick it up with a forcefield.[2]


It Increases all Sword Skills by +5.[1]

Set Effects

When a player equips The Sword of Honor, Golden Plate Boots of Fire Dragon and Golden Plate Gauntlets of Fire Dragon there is a Three Piece Effect. One of the effects is the ability to see the enemy's level.[3]

When The Sword of Honor is equipped with the Golden Armor set and the user is an All-Stat, The Set Item Effect of Honor is activated.[4]


  • A strength stat of at least 800 is required to swing the sword properly.[5]
  • In order to pick up the sword, you have to be the person under contract with it, although Novelist Han was able to bypass the contract and pick up the sword because he was actually a divided form of the God of Lucid Adventure, Roy Han.
  • It appears that the contract with the sword doesn't expire after the user's death, as Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to pick it up after recovering it from Zero.


The sword of Honor is one of the most powerful weapons seen in the series so far. The force from simply dropping it was enough to split a mountain in half.[5]


The Sword of Honor was pulled from the ground by the very first Grand Master.[1]

At some point between being Ranked #88 and #3, Hardcore Leveling Warrior obtained The Sword of Honor.[6][7] He continued to use it after he became the #1 Ranker.[8]


It was first seen being used by the #1 Ranked Hardcore Leveling Warrior when he defeated a python and during an ambush by Scallion Head's Guild.[8]

It was taken away from him by the Zero after he was critically injured by the Paralyzing Dagger.[8]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior got it back temporarily after Dark used his Rewind skill, reverting him back to his #3 Ranked form.[9]

After wining his PvP against Zero, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was rewarded the Sword of Honor as a reward.[10]

Novelist Han was able to pick up The Sword of Honor off Hardcore Leveling Warrior's back and used it to defeat the monsters outside Cobalt Castle.

After completing the Novelist's Request' Quest, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's strength stat shot up to 988, enabling him to swing The Sword of Honor without a Lucky Coin buff.[11]

HCLW used the Sword of Honor during the Siege Round and PvP Rounds. It was broken in the PvP Round semi finals by No Name's Conqueror's Sword.[12]

HCLW temporarily regained The Sword of Honor when he was rewound by Dark and regained his #1 Rank Power. The Sword of Honor was broken alongside +16 Hero's Sword after he delivered Lacerate (節) to a Light that had fully succumbed to Zero's Nightmare power.[13]

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Notes & Trivia

  • Kang Ji-hyun trying to pick up the Sword of Honor (Troll Trap Episode 48)

    Kang Ji-hyun with the Sword of Honor[14]

    This was the first Sword Hardcore Leveling Warrior was seen using in the series. The first weapon he used was the bag of Gold he used to PK Choco Pork Stew with.[8]
  • Novelist Han was bale to pick up the Sword in Episode 62 despite not being under contract with the weapon. It was late revealed that he was actually Roy Han, the creator and God of Lucid Adventure.
  • The Sword of Honor is one of his favourite items alongside +16 Hero's Sword.[15]
  • The Sword was pulled out by the vert first grand master. It is possible that Haru was the original user of the item.
  • The Sword of Honor made a brief cameo in Troll Trap. Kang Ji-hyun attempted to pick it up but remarked that "this is too heavy".[14]


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