The Sword of Doom's Day is The 3rd Sword created by The Master Blacksmith.


The Sword of Doomsday is a dagger like weapon with a Nightmare design pattern on it's crossguard.

The Sword causes a massive debuff when it is used on a player. When a character is stabbed by The Sword of Doomsday Twice, their stats will be reduced by half for a certain time.[1][2]

If The player is stabbed by The Sword of Doom's Day three times they face an eternal death and the character is deleted from Lucid Adventure.

The Sword causes the stabbed player to be surrounded by a red lightning like effect after being stabbed similar to Zero's Paralyzing Dagger.

When the dagger was used by the Fake Umai, the first strike causes paralysis and the second strike causes eternal death. According to Hardcore Leveling Warrior, the sword stabs with a 100% accuracy.[3]


The Bug Hardcore Leveling Warrior used it to stab Master Swordsman twice before the start of The Combat Tournament.[1]

During The Preliminary Round, the Fake Hardcore Leveling Warrior used it to delete the characters of Silla and Orange Candy.[2]

Zero disguised as Umai used it to strike Hardcore Leveling Warrior during the Subjugation Round.[3]

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Notes & Trivia

  • it was originally called the The Sword of Doom's Day[1] but when summoned by the fake Umai, it was called 'The 3rd Dagger'[4]. The Korean translation refers to it as 'The Third Sword' rather than dagger.


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