The Ruler's Lock is gauntlet that possesses The Ruler's immobilizing Ability. It is God grade ancient relic.[1]

Design Edit

The Ruler's Lock is a gold colored gauntlet that is big enough to cover Light's left forearm and the back of his hands without reaching his fingers. It has a circular orb on its centre.

Strength Edit

As a God grade equipment, The Ruler's Lock is possibly the highest level of the immobilization skill. It took Combat God's intervention to stop it's chains.

Abilities Edit

The Ruler's Lock shoots out gold colored chains from it's openings that are aimed towards the intended target. The Effect have not been seen as of yet.

Usage Edit

The Combat Tournament - Subjugation Round Edit

After breaking through the Seven Space Trap set up by Choco Bibi, Light equipped The Ruler's Lock to immobilize Hardcore Leveling Warrior for using Nightmare. The chains were deflected by Combat God's Barrier.[1]

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Notes & Trivia Edit

  • It is the most powerful immobilization equipment seen in the series so far.

Reference Edit

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