The Overlap (겹침, gyeobchim) or the 'Overlapping' Incident (겹쳐짐  사건을, gyeobchyeojim  sageon-eul) is an occurred when the First God overlapped the other world and Lucid Adventure.[1]

Based on the 'Overlapping Incident', the era in Lucid Adventure is divided into The Old Era and The New Era.[1]


After the First God connected Lucid Adventure with the other world, many changes took place in Lucid Adventure.[1]

One such change was the new concept of a machine's personal attribute. Since then, Lucid Adventure, a world of magic and sword started to accept the knowledge and power from the real world.[1]

'Travelers' from the other world gained abilities they did not have in their world, including various personal attributes and abilities of the heroes from their world. Machine and Science became the two of the many new powers brought over from the other world.[1]

Giga conquered those powers and distributed their great power to many and expanded their territory faster than anyone which led to the current Giga Empire.[1]

According to the Old Hag, the Overlap will become even thicker after the current PvP Round is over.[2]

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