The Hands of The Deceased is a High-Tier Binding Skill used by Rigos and Warlocks.


Hands belonging to the dead come out of the ground and restricts the target movement by binding the their arms and legs.[1]

Sad Smile's Hands of the Deceased come out of his hands rather than from the ground.[2]

It is well known to be very difficult to remove.[3]


Rigos stabs the ground with his sword and frozen dead hands come from the ground and restricts the targets movements by binding their arms and legs. According to Hardcore Leveling Warrior, it is a very High-Tiered binding skill. HCLW with a strength stat of 900+ could not break out of it.

It seems to be very hard to dodge as HCLW in his #3 Ranker Form with a could not avoid it and he said he could not avoid it in the past.[1]

Pooh Upooh used this skill to bind HCLW during the PvP Round but it was disenchanted by Dark.[3]

Sad Smile used this skill to bind constant in the Temple of Battle.

Notes & Trivia

  • Each Hands of the Deceased have different colors.
  • It is unclear if Sad Smile's version is special as he can summon it from his hands or if that variation is available to all the other users.


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