The Golden Armor is a legendary armour set in Lucid Adventure.

Set Effect

The Knights Templar Set Effect 

When the Golden Armor set is equipped with The Sword of Honor and the user is an All-Stat, The Set Item Effect of Honor is triggered.[1] One of the effects of all the items equipped is that the user takes no damage. Even when Hardcore Leveling Warrior was paralyzed by the Paralyzing Dager which gives a critical hit on its 100th attack, his HP remained unaffected.[2] It is unclear if this is related The Knights Templar Set Effect or just a result of equipping the Full set irregardless of being an all stat user.


The Golden Armor was worn by Hardcore Leveling Warrior when he was the #1 Ranker. It was disarmed from him by Zero after he was paralysed by the Paralyzing Dagger.[2]

Golden Armour Set

Item Type Effect
The Memory of Cintamani Headgear Effect unknown
Golden Plate Suit of Fire Dragon Breastplate Effect Unknown
Golden Plate Gauntlets of Fire Dragon Gauntlet Armour: 880; All stats: +50;

Damage x3 when equipped with The Sword of Honor

Sword of the Knights - The 7 Truths Sword All Sword Skills: +5
The Jeweled Belt Of The Third King Belt Effect Unknown
Golden Plate Boots of Fire Dragon Boots Armour: 225; Doubles movement speed;

wearer can triple jump; indestructible

Notes & Trivia

  • It was the first Armour Hardcore Leveling Warrior was seen wearing in the series.[2]
  • When Hardcore Leveling Warrior is equipped with the full set, the Armor is very similar in appearance to The Ancient Dragon, further symbolising it's link with Dragons.
  • According to Hardcore Leveling Warrior, the Armor costs 100 Million Won ($100,000).
    • It is unclear if it is just the Golden Plate Suit or the whole armour set that cost that much.


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