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This is made out of your brothers...It's the Final Spear!!
 Zero to God of Combat

The Final Spear[1] (tentative name) is a pole weapon that was created and used by Zero.[1][2] It is currently in the possession of Queen No Name.[3]


Effect: Unknown

It is a long blood red spear that Zero pulls out directly from her sternum. The spear was made from both the God of Blessings and God of Death.[1] The spear is strong enough to pierce the flesh of the God of Combat.[2]

The Level 3 Hardore Leveling Warrior (Demon King Chimera) believed that he would not have simply died after being struck by the spear, but he would have been annihilated and ceased to exist.[3]


Season 1

Ragnarök Arc

Zero pulled out The Final Spear during her battle with the God of Combat and the God of Time and Space.[1] During the final clash of the gods, she used the spear to completely pierce through the God of Combat's flesh.[2]

Season 2

Hardcore Leveling Warrior Retrieval Arc

During her duel with the Level 3 Hardcore Leveling Warrior, No Name equipped Zero's Final Spear. No Name used the spear to block Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Tornado Spiral Lacerate (節). No Name lunged at Hardcore Leveling Warrior with the spear and shattered his Cursed Treasured Sword of the Knights.[3] Hardcore Leveling Warrior repaired the shattered sword with his repair skill, but No Name used the spear to break it once again.[3]


Notes & Trivia

  • Zero referred to the item as "The Final Spear", hence the name of the article. It is unclear if that is the actual name of the weapon.
  • As it is made from two Gods, the weapon has been classified as a Divine weapon. This was confirmed by No Name in Season 2 Episode 95.
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior called the spear an "overpowered(OP) item".[3]
  • The actual item grade was never revealed, but it is presumably Divine/God grade.
  • No Name is able to equip this item because she has the power of Zero.[3]
  • The Crow (Han Gun-Ho) said that Hardcore Leveling Warrior would "probably be absorbed" by No Name if he was hit by the spear.[3] This power has not been seen yet so for now it is not included in the abilities of the item. Han Gun-Ho is known to lie to manipulate characters.