The Dagger of Devil's Horn - Lazie is an item created by Zero using one of Lazie's horns.[1]


The Dagger is made of a Devil's Horn and Cobalt Ores.[1]

It was put on the black market and came into Pooh Upooh's possession. While Pooh Upooh was away at The Combat Tournament, The Hohoian Gang stole the Dagger on behalf of The Bear Gang, who themselves were commissioned by Sad Smile.[2]

With the help of Bamboo Spear Man's Party and Non Name, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's PArty were able to retrive the Dagger during Pooh Upooh's Request Quest. Pooh Upooh let Dark keep the item.


Its damage is low because it is made for rituals. It did not make The Master Blacksmith's hidden pieces.[1]

It Increases Dark skill Levels by +3.[1]

It Pairs with the 38th Dagger of Master Blacksmith, set effect (Effect = ??)[1]

Passive Effect: The owner is immune to curses.[1]

When the item is equipped, there is no delay in casting spells and a skill is used immediately the caster thinks about it.[1]

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Notes & Trivia

  • The item was created using Lazie's horns that Zero took from him in a flashback shown in Episode 9.[3]
  • Pooh Upooh acquired the dagger to stop another person from getting it. It is heavily implied to be Sad Smile.[4]


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