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The Best Swordsman's Secret Skill - Water Dragon Wave[1] is one of The Best Swordsman's secret skills. 


The Best Swordsman uses his Sea Dragon Sword to fire a dragon-shaped water beam at the target.[1] Water Dragon Wave absorbs water magic with a lower skill level than itself.[2]

The skill can be activated telepathically as The Best Swordsman activated the skill while he was paralyzed and not in contact with Sea Dragon Sword.[1]


Instance Description
Season 2 Episode 104 During his PvP with Hardcore Leveling Warrior, The Best Swordsman used Water Dragon Wave to counter Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Aqua Impact.[2] Due to Aqua Impact having a lower skill level than the Water Dragon Wave, it was absorbed by the Water Dragon Wave.[2] The Water Dragon Wave was eventually neutralised by Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Hellfire.[2]
Episode 28 Whilst the cloaked Hardcore Leveling Warrior-like assassin is distracted, The Best Swordsman activates Water Dragon Wave by telepathically communicating with Sea Dragon Sword. The Water Dragon Wave hit the cloaked character.[1]
Episode 173 The Best Swordsman used Water Dragon Wave to counter Nightmare The Best Swordsman's Nightmare Water Dragon Wave. The skills clashing caused a huge explosion.[3]
Season 2 Episode 29 While using his 50% True Awakening, The Best Swordsman used Water Dragon Beam while Nightmare the Best Swordsman used Nightmare Water Dragon Beam.[4] Unlike the first time, were both skills neutralised each other, The Best Swordsman's Water Dragon Wave overwhelmed Nightmare The Best Swordsman's own Water Dragon Wave.[4] Nightmare The Best Swordsman's flesh was torn apart, leaving him debilitated with a whole in his body and his flesh and skeleton shwoing.[4]
Season 2 Episode 98 The Best Swordsman used Water Dragon Wave to neutralise the Level 3 Hardcore Leveling Warrior's (Demon King Chimera) Hellfire.[5]




Translation Notes

Errors and Issues


Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Issues

지존검사 비기 수룡파 is translated as Master Swordsman's Secret Skill - Water Dragon Beam by LINE Webtoon.

As described here, 지존검사 literally means The Best Swordsman and not Master Swordsman.

비기 is the hangul form of the hanja '秘記' which is 'a writing of divination'. It is used to describe religious books that prophesied the future of human beings or nations based on the Taoist ideology and the theory of yin and yang. It is called a "Secret" in the sense that it is a secret record that cannot be published publicly. Secret is a good translation for the word.

수 is the hangul form of the hanja 水, which means "water".

룡 is the hangul form of the hanja 龍, which means "dragon".

파 is the hangul form of the hanja 波, which means "wave". In Japanese comics (manga), wave (波) is used for blast and beam attacks. For example, the Kamehameha Wave (かめはめ) used by Son Goku in the Dragonball series. Blast and beam are sometimes used as translations for "wave" attacks. The wiki will be using the literal translation but LINE Webtoon's translation does retain the same "feel" of the skill.

A better translation for 지존검사 비기 수룡파 would be The Best Swordsman Secret Skill - Water Dragon Wave.

Hero Cantare

In the Hero Cantare game, the skill is called 지존검사류 - 수룡파 which means The Best Swordsman Style - Water Dragon Wave.

Notes & Trivia

  • It has been presumed that Sea Dragon Sword is required for this skill but this was never confirmed. Ego Swords take on the personal attribute of their users, so Sea Dragon Sword more than likely has the motif of the Yi Sun-Shin personal attribute.