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Tete Guild was a guild in Lucid Adventure. It's guild master was Kkakdugi.


Tete Guild was one of the guilds in the early days of Lucid Adventure.[1] They took part in the Absolute Quest in order to conquer Lucid Adventure.[1] The guild had a rivalry with Zara Guild and engaged in a few skirmishes with them. This culminated with Zara Guild raiding Dandan Castle and defeating the Tete Guild. [1]

Kkakdugi was eventually arrested by Giga Guild's Security Team for using Nightmare and the fate of the guild afterwards is unknown.[1]

Known Members

Name Positon Notes
Kkakdugi Guild Master Former Ranker. Arrested by Giga for using Nightmare.[1]
Wajangchang Man Vice Guild Master Defeated by The Best Swordsman.[1]

Guild Strength

The Guild Master, Kkakdugi, was a ranker, which made him one of the strongest players of his time. Destroyer was a proficient spear wielder. The guild was at least strong enough to take part in the Absolute Quest.[1]

The strength of the other soldiers were never shown although they were easily defeated by The Best Swordsman, who was ranked 3rd at the time.[1]



Fighting the Zara Guild


Notes & Trivia

  • The actual fate of Tete Guild was never revealed. It is assumed that it disbanded but this was never confirmed in the webtoon.