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This page lists the various terminologies found in the Hardcore Leveling Warrior webtoon. For the common Korean terminology that includes various honorifics and slang, see here.


  • Absolute God (LINE: Almighty God): The strongest God in Lucid Adventure. It was the title of Han Gun-Jae, the Creator God of Lucid Adventure.
  • Absolute Quest: a quest that all players receive once their characters are created. The objective of the quest is to "conquer the world" which led to some players to think it is just an 'event type' quest.
  • After Episode (AE): short stories Kim Sehoon used to reinforce the storyline of Part 1 before starting Part 2.
  • All-Stat: term used for a Player that has achieved the maximum level and maxed out all the stats in Lucid Adventure.
  • Ancient Knights: Knights that fought the demons during the Human-Demon War.


  • Beta Tester: refers to players who were invited to test the Lucid Adventure during its beta test period before its official release
  • Buff: the term used to describe a temporary beneficial spell or effect that affects mainly player or enemy statistics.
  • Bug: A programming error in a game that produces a malfunction of the game i.e. characters that disappear or fly away, deleted games... The glitch is also a fault in the game, but unlike the bug does not spoil the experience of the player and is an error that he himself can benefit by getting more money, experience, or even crossing an area. In Lucid Adventure, the bug is known as Nightmare.
  • Bug Player: players that gain an overwhelming advantage over other players either by exploiting a flaw in the existing system or by subverting it through hacking. In Lucid Adventure, bug players use Nightmare.


  • Chaebol: A type of family run business conglomerate. Members of that family are often called chaebols. For example, Giga is a chaebol and the Han family are Chaebols.
  • Class: also known as 'Jobs'. a designation that determines a character's abilities and fighting style. It is used to differentiate the abilities of different game characters.
  • Combat NPC (proper translation: NPC of Combat): The underlings of The God of Combat. They referee duels and PvPs in Lucid Adventure and act as enforcers of the rewards.
  • Combat Tournament: A Lucid Adventure Tournament created and hosted by the God of Combat. It occurs once a year in Lucid Adventure time. The winner of the Tournament can gain great items and even an entire country as a reward.
  • Combat Power (LINE Webtoon: Combat stats/Battle stats): a person's pure fighting prowess that can be presented as a letter rating or a pure numerical value.
  • Concept Destruction: an attack strategy using an individual attributes where you find the 'Concept Destruction' spellcaster's weak point and disarm them right away. It is one of the methods used to stop Conceptual Magic.
  • Conceptual Magic: a spell made from the concept of someone's Personal Attribute


  • Dealer:
  • Double Attributes: A new technology of Giga that copied and overlayed personal attributes on top of each other. The user is able to use two separate personal attributes at the same time. It is similar to Nightmare.


  • Ego Sword: a sword that has an ego and they develop over time with their owner. Depending on what it goes through, it can become the most powerful weapon that can kill a dragon or a chef's knife for the best food in the world


  • Familiar Spirit (LINE: Servant Spirit): a creature that has been magically bound to a person in a master-and-servant type of relationship.
  • Field Boss: term for strong boss monsters that are a lot stronger than normal monsters by several folds. In general, they require at least 20 players to be defeated.
  • Formal PK (also known as Legal PK): an act of fight permitted by the God of Combat to legally fight in a village. Presided pver by one of the NPC of Combat or Combat Fairies.


  • God: The beings that created and rule over Lucid Adventure.
  • God's Gift: a prize given to the winners of a the Combat Tournament by God of Combat.
  • Guild: group of players with an organized structure that are led by a Guild Master.
  • Guild Master: leaders of guilds whose main job is to maintain and supervise the internal and external operations of the guild
  • Golden Armor: a legendary armour set in Lucid Adventure.


  • Heroization: A hero-type personal attribute specific skill. The player becomes the real hero
  • Hikikomori: a Japanese terminology used to refer to reclusive adolescents or adults who withdraw from society and seek extreme degrees of isolation and confinement
  • Human-Demon War: a war that occurred between humans and demons 1000s of years ago.


  • Items: any object in a game world that can be collected by the player or Non-Player Character (NPC) and stored in their inventory.


  • Job: also known as 'class'. a designation that determines a character's abilities and fighting style. It is used to differentiate the abilities of different game characters.
  • Job Advancement (also known as Class-Change): a quest done to change a players class.



  • Legendary Attribute: an attribute that occurs in legendary weapons in Lucid Adventure. In rare occasion, weapons in the legends of the real world takes the form in the game as items. Only Weapon Master Class or those who satisfied certain conditions can use it
  • Lucid: a substance that makes up the sphere known as Lucid Adventure
  • Lucid Adventure: A popular VMMORPG that is accessed through a person's dream. It was created by Giga. An hour in the real world is 7 hours in Lucid Adventure. The game has become so popular that it has begun impacting the real world. What you can do in the game has as much impact as what you can do in the real world.
  • Lucid Adventure App.: an app used by players to access Lucid Adventure.
  • Lucid Ball: items that emerged in Lucid Adventure after the gods were killed. They provide a variety of functions that aid regular users and rankers.


  • Mana (MP): an attribute that allows the characters to use special abilities or magic.
  • Mana Lines: It is a vein through which mana flows. It is difficult to use any magic if there is a problem with it.
  • Master Yo-Yo: a brand that seems to be associated with Yopi Land.
  • Mythril: a type of metal found in Lucid adventure



  • Overlap: an event that occurred when the First God overlapped the other world and Lucid Adventure


  • Passive Skill: a skill that is always active. One that you do not have to cast
  • Player: Also known as 'User'. Gamers that use their game avatars to play in the 'virtual world', Lucid Adventure, with the aid of the Lucid Adventure App. that is sold by Giga.
  • Personal Attribute: a skill randomly given at character creation. It is an attribute given regardless of classes or tribes.
  • Player Killing (PK): is an unrestricted PvP resulting in a character's death
  • Preliminary Round:
  • Primordial Dragon (LINE: First Dragon): The two strongest dragons created by Han Gun-Jae at the start of Lucid Adventure. They were created to act as a balance to the four gods.
  • Project Troy:
  • PvP:
  • PvP Round:


  • Quest: an event that typically leads to a reward after fulfilling a series of set conditions


  • Race: also known as "Tribe". The race of the players such as humans, orcs and elves
  • Ranker: The strongest players in Lucid Adventure.
  • Red Player: a Player Killer, a criminal that murdered another player.


  • Set Effect: also known as 'Item Set Effect'. occurs when certain Items and equipment are used in conjunction with one another. They will provide a bonus and a special abilities.
  • Siege Round:
  • Skills: abilities that players and NPC can use in Lucid Adventure
  • Stats: also known as Statistics. They are used to represent the strength of a character. They represent a character's physical, mental, and metaphysical capabilities.
  • Status Effect: These conditions affect a character's attributes or actions either positively or negatively. Some status ailments can be side effects of attacks, while others might be their own spell or skill. They can affect either one or multiple characters.
  • Sub Concepts (LINE Webtoon: Sub-Stats): They are under the stats. They were first revealed by The Best Swordsman when Sora was in the middle of her live combat training. Even with the same stat, each player has a different level of using them
  • Subjugation Round:
  • Supporter:
  • Sword Energy: a unique resource of the swordsman class in Lucid Adventure.
  • Sword Force: a skill that is only achievable when a swordsman's body and sword are in complete unison.


  • Tanker:
  • The Book: an item for the Absolute Quest. It is acquired when a player creates a guild, builds a castle,and leads a group in order to complete the absolute quest. It can only be obtained by a guild master
  • The Four Gods: The four gods created by The Absolute God (Han Gun-Jae) to watch over Lucid Adventure.
  • The Trial of a Dragon:
  • The Very First War: A world war in Lucid Adventure that was started by a red player guild called Nightmare who wanted to destroy everything in the Lucid Adventure World.
  • Title: special brands assigned to players that can can provide stat boosts, debuffs, or give no effect.
  • Tribe: also known as "Race". The race of the players such as humans, orcs and elves
  • True Awakening (LINE: Jin Unleashed): When a character unlocks their true personal attribute, which increases their combat power by several folds.
  • Trolling:
  • Tsundere: a Japanese term for a character development process that describes a person who is initially cold (and sometimes even hostile) before gradually showing a warmer, friendlier side over time


  • User: also known as 'Player'. Gamers that use their game avatars to play in the 'virtual world', Lucid Adventure, with the aid of the Lucid Adventure App. that is sold by Giga.