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Cha Jin-Hyuk,[2] also known as Tempest in Lucid Adventure,[3] is a member of Grass Roots Guild.


Tempest is a young man with fairly pale white skin, spiky black hair and sharp black eyes.

He has worn two different outfits in Lucid Adventure, the first outfit consists of a black fabric suit which he wears under a white crop top and grey cargo pants. Two boxes of ammunition are attached to the torso area of the crop top. A decorative symbol, a yellow cross over a black circle of fabric, can be seen throughout his outfit. Usually, he wore grey bandages around his stomach area under the uniform and wears grey boots and cargo pants.

Now, he wears a new outfit which is a white jacket paired with a white overcoat. His overcoat has black straps which Tempest uses to store his mana bullet canisters. The overcoat has an exposed middle, shaped like a hollow cross. Below the overcoat, he wears a long piece of black fabric that seems to cover both his arms. He has black bandages around his entire midsection, a white belt around his waist, black pants which ends are tucked inside his black boots.



Lucid Adventure

Video Games


Tempest seems to be cold and uncaring to strangers or new acquaintances. When first meeting up with Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Team Dark at the border to the Warp Zone for completing the first stage of the Combat Tournament, he threatens to shoot Hardcore Leveling Warrior if he didn't prove that he wasn't the Red Player who attacked Master Swordsman the day prior. Hardcore Leveling Warrior notes that Tempest doesn't trust people easily, despite them having been in Zara's Guild before it disbanded. Additionally, he notes that Tempest "did not hesitate to shoot him".

However, he is friendly and cares for his own guildmates very much. He refers to his Guild members by "Bro", and other nicknames and short forms. For example, he refers to Drip Soup as "Soup", Choco Bibi as "Bibi" and Cocomori as "Coco".

Tempest is somewhat hot-headed and impulsive. When his guildmates are in danger, he will not hesitate to jump forwards to protect them or attack the enemy. This can be seen multiple times, from Tempest jumping forwards when Choco Bibi is impaled by Octonash (and consequently being berated by Drip Soup for barging forwards despite being a dealer), Tempest attempting to body block for Choco Bibi as Rigos emerges from Octonash's corpse, and when he self destructs as a last resort.


Grass Roots Guild

The Best Swordsman

It was shown that Tempest and Master Swordsman were teammates in the Zara Guild and became friends with him. After Zara Guild dissolved, he and along with other remaining members joined Master Swordsman in making a new guild, the Grass Roots Guild. Tempests highly respects Master Swordsman, referring to him as 'hyung' and gave Hardcore Leveling Warrior a chance to explain himself because he used to be friends with Master Swordsman.

Choco Bibi

Tempest and Choco Bibi were both in Zara's Guild. Both of them joined the Grass Roots Guild after Zara's Guild disbanded.

They are seen to be very close to each other, even to the extent of willing to sacrifice themselves for each other. This could be due to their close history, both having been acquaintances and friends since their starting days. Like the rest of Grass Roots, influenced by the way Zara's Guild guild members used to refer to each other, they also refer to each other as "Bro". Tempest also refers to Choco Bibi by his nickname, "Bibi".

In the battle against Octonash, Octonash chooses to attack Choco Bibi as he was the most vulnerable in the team at the moment, having used up most of his mana teleporting the entire team around and being the biggest nuisance due to his ability. Octonash strikes a hole in Choco Bibi's torso, leaving him to bleed out. This causes Tempest to act irrationally, running forwards and shooting at Octonash despite being a far-ranged dealer. Ultimately, Drip Soup pulls him back, berating him.

At the start of the battle against Rigos, Rigos emerges from Octonash's wounds and Rigos's Todish explodes out in a spear-like form, attacking Choco Bibi. Choco Bibi is about to be impaled when Tempest leaps in front of him to shield him from the attack. Choco Bibi, having charged up enough mana for only one person after the battle against Octonash, chooses to teleport Tempest out of the way and gets impaled instead.

Tempest self-destructs to defeat Rigos' Todish, regretting that he did not advance earlier but commenting that he has avenged Choco Bibi and Drip Soup's deaths.

Tempest, like the rest of Grass Roots, has access to Choco Bibi's mana and is able to use it to teleport and access God's Armoury.

After the Combat Tournament, Choco Bibi's eyes were damaged from overexerting his mana channels. Tempest was focused on finding a way to fix Choco Bibi's eyes, going after 'Renjia', the field boss, after being told by Mage Nutella to retrieve its eyes. He tells Drip Soup that they have "no time to waste" and both of them head off immediately. As Drip Soup presents the glasses to Choco Bibi, both of them are seen injured and covered in bandages. Both of them are eager to see if the glasses work for Choco Bibi.

Tempest is able to access the sub-space due to Choco Bibi's mana. He notes that no one other than Choco Bibi can find the coordinates for the sub-space. When the sub-space falters, he immediately suspects Choco Bibi getting hurt.

Drip Soup

Drip Soup and Tempest were both part of Team Choco Bibi in the Combat Tournament. They seem to be close friends. Like the rest of Grass Roots, influenced by the way Zara's Guild guild members used to refer to each other, they also refer to each other as "Bro". Tempest also refers to Drip Soup by his nickname, "Soup."

In the battle against Octonash, Drip Soup pulls Tempest back after he jumps in to attack Octonash, berating him.

In the battle against Rigos, Drip Soup dies initially when Rigos emerges from Octonash's wounds. Tempest self-destructs to defeat Rigos' Todish, regretting that he did not advance earlier but commenting that he has avenged Choco Bibi and Drip Soup's deaths.

After the Combat Tournament, Choco Bibi's eyes were damaged from overexerting his mana channels. Tempest was focused on finding a way to fix Choco Bibi's eyes, going after 'Renjia', the field boss, after being told by Mage Nutella to retrieve its eyes. He tells Drip Soup that they have "no time to waste" and both of them head off immediately. As Drip Soup presents the glasses to Choco Bibi, both of them are seen injured and covered in bandages. Both of them are eager to see if the glasses work for Choco Bibi.


Hardcore Leveling Warrior

As former guildmates, they know each other from way back. Tempests states that he doesn't trust someone like Hardcore Leveling Warrior who betrayed his guild. Tempest was annoyed that Hardcore Leveling Warrior knew that he's too lazy to make physical bullets. Although two years later, he seems to still have some sort of care for Hardcore Leveling Warrior as he directly asked if Dark knew where he is.


Not much interaction is seen between the two of them. Armes, as guild leader, accepted Tempest into the guild (as seen in AE 2: Closed Beta Tester) as he was outside the dungeon Zara's Guild has raided. When someone in the guild teases Tempest and asks him to sing as a "tradition for joining the guild", Armes encourages this.

Nightmare Tempest

Unlike Nightmare Tempest towards his original, Tempest hasn't shown any slight anger towards his nightmare counterpart however he doesn't like it when Nightmare Tempest makes ridiculous expressions with his own face.

Skills & Abilities


Tempest is a very proficient marksman, remarked to be well versed in any firearms, from a pistol to a rocket launcher, preferably magical firearms. He appears to use sniper rifles and grenades for the most part and imbues holy power into his firearms and bullets to further increase their overall power.

He is able to summon miniature angels that also wield holy firearms to assist him in combat whether to help him gun down the enemy or have them explode themselves in his opponent's faces, causing large explosions of blue fire. He and Tempest are the only one able to use Divine Weapons from the Divine Realm and Tempest himself is able to summon Divine Weapons through God's Armory all by himself without needing Choco Bibi's teleportation spell for it.[4]

He mastered the perfect subterfuge technique, which is subspace, that guarantees a clean shot. It was his very own combination technique that something only he can pull off.[4]

During his third battle with Nightmare Tempest, Tempest unleashes his True Awakening, the Angel of the Battlefield - Lucifer, greatly amplifying his firepower. With The Best Swordsman's Origin (元) skill as its basis, Tempest was able to develop his True Awakening and allow him to erase an enemy's existence with each bullet and negate their regeneration.[5]

Ranged Weapon Proficiency: Tempest is able to wield any ranged weapon he has with great prowess and accuracy. He can shoot or throw even reload multiple rounds of projectiles with quick succession. As a proficient ranged fighter, his marksmen skills are extraordinary where he is even capable of hitting pressure points and other weak spots with ease.

  • Holy Ranged Weapons: Tempest is able to use ranged weapons from the Divine Realm and imbue them with his own Holy Attribute to further bolster their firepower.[4]

Subspace: Tempest is able to conceal himself in another dimension within the same space, making him invisible. Tempest can place a mirror image with only the barrel of his gun outside of his subspace and allows him to shoot freely from his safe spot.[4]


Gunner: Tempest uses firearms as his main weapon, preferably long ranged firearms. He creates his own physical bullets, but mainly uses mana bullets and imbues them with holy attribute for more power output.

  • Holy Shooter: Tempest is able to use holy or divine weapons from the Divine Realm. Tempest is now able to access God's Armory and use a divine firearm which is sniper rifle.

Personal Attribute

Tempest's personal attribute is the Holy Attribute, which is a class-type that allows him to deal damage with holy mana and become a Holy Shooter which is a hidden class in the game.

True Awakening

Main Article: Angel of the Battlefield, Lucifer

Tempest stabs a syringe filled with light blue substance in his chest, erupting in a massive light blue explosion with the help of a flashbang and a noise amplifier. Tempest unleashes his True Awakening as the Angel of the Battlefield, Lucifer.[5]

Tempest assumes a new form as his entire figure alights with a light blue glow. His eyes light up and a cross materializes on his left eye that serves as his scope. He dons a pair of black wings and sports himself a black and white outfit. His signature weapon, the Sniper Rifle, is also alighted with the same glow.[5]

With the Origin (元) skill as its basis, Tempest's firepower is amplified, now allowing him to erase a part of the person's existence with each bullet shot and completely negate regeneration.[5]

High Purity Bullets: Linked with The Best Swordsman's Origin (元) skill, these bullets are able to delete a part of the opponent's existence with each shot until they're deleted and halt their regeneration.[5]

Flight: With his black wings, Tempest is capable of flying at high speeds, levitate and stand in mid-air as if he was standing on solid ground.[5]

Combat Style

Because of his long-ranged weapons, he stays in the back and provides backup from afar, atop vantage points and positions. With his eyesight and abilities, he makes up for his teammates' weak spots.

When in 1v1 battles, for example the battle against their Nightmarized clones, he uses the sub-space, linked with Choco Bibi, to hide from the enemy, attack and gain better positioning. Tempest's play style borrows mana from Choco Bibi in order to perform other plays.

Skill Tree


  • Rapid Fire: Tempest fires off a quick round of bullets to subdue enemies closing in at near range.
  • Eagle's Eye: Tempest is able to see long distances with his skill.

Holy Shooter

  • Advent of Angels: summons Holy Warriors to come down to the world to aid him in battle. Up to 5 can be summoned.
    • Angel's Gift - Grenade: the Holy Warriors throws a grenade made out of divine energy that explodes on impact. Effective against Demons and Monsters.
    • Healing: Tempest is the unofficial healer of Grass Roots Guild. He uses his angels to heal teammates.
  • Self-Explosion (Holy Explosion): Tempest blows himself up as a last attempt to catch the enemy by surprise and defeat them. He is noted by his teammates and allies to use this ability quite a lot.
  • Blessings of the Dead: Tempest's skill allows him to provide his teammates with buffs and holy power after he dies. This works hand in hand with his self-explosion.
  • Summon - Clingy Weepy Angel: summons an abnormally large angel that can self destruct and cause a large explosion of divine energy.
  • Summon - Crying Baby Angels: summons multiple angels that are able to aid him in combat.
  • Summon - God's Armory: Tempest is able to wield the God's guns which can deal divine damage. Effective against Demons and Monsters.
  • Angel's Bulletproof Vest: Tempest's passive skill that activates upon taking fatal damage from bullet shots, preventing him from dying.




  • Handguns: Tempest wields multiple pistols which he dual wields whenever there are fast opponents around him.
    • Unknown Handgun: Tempest was rewarded an unknown pistol from the chest of the Great Demon Ligos. It has a similar appearance to that of a SIG Sauer Revolution 1911.
  • Sniper Rifle: Tempest's signature weapon. It is made out of his holy attribute and allows him to fire magical bullets imbued with the holy attribute at the same time. He uses this long range firearm whenever he is far from his opponents and at a vantage point.
  • UMP45: Tempest also wields UMP45 submachine guns which he dual wields whenever an opponent is close to him.


  • Magic Bullets - Tempest's magic bullets are made of mana. These are the bullets he usually uses. He is able to imbue these bullets with holy mana from his holy attribute.
  • Physical Bullets - Tempest has to make these bullets himself and only uses them as a last resort. He is too lazy to make them.[6]
  • Large Monster Bullets: Tempest's special bullets that explodes when it gets in contact with the mana inside their targets. It was specifically made for large monsters.



At some point in the past, Tempest became a Gunner and completed the Job advancement to become a Holy Shooter. A few years ago, he was recruited by Armes in front of a dungeon that Zara Guild had just cleared.

After the Zara Guild had been disbanded, he joined the Grass Roots Guild alongside Master Swordsman and Choco Bibi.

Season 1

Preliminary Round Arc

He entered the tournament under Team Choco Bibi. When Choco Bibi teleports Team Dark to the Warp Zone, he threatens Hardcore Leveling Warrior to prove that he wasn't the person who attacked Master Swordsman the previous night.

Subjugation Round Arc

He self destructs in the battle against Rigos.

Siege Round Arc

Dark's Birthday Arc

PvP Round Prelude Arc

PvP Round Quarterfinals Arc

He self destructs in an attempt to take down Secretary Park. He fails to do so but provides his teammates with a buff.

PvP Round Semifinals Arc

PvP Round Final Arc

Ragnarök Arc


AE 1

Season 2

Finding Lucky Coin Pieces Arc

The Great War Begins Arc

Beyond the Boundary Arc

Demon World Arc

Unnamed Arc


By Tempest

  • (To Zara Guild members): "Hello. My name is Tempest. Shooter is my first job...Nice to meet you all".

To Tempest

About Tempest

  • (Armes to Zara Guild members): "We have a newcomer. I recruited him in front of the dungeon back there! He's got quite a rare class. A holy attribute shooter!"[7]
  • (By Zara Guild Members): "Whoa ~ He's got a nice voice, doesn't he?"
  • (By Zara Guild member): "He looks so handsome!"
  • (By Hardcore Leveling Warrior): "A newcomer? We haven't had a newcomer in a while. He looks pretty useful."
  • (By The Best Swordsman): "We're short on long-range dealers (Marksman)".[7]

Major Battles

Notes & Trivia

  • Sehun Kim revealed the following information about Tempest in a twitter post[8]:
    • His real name was is '차진혁' (translation: Cha Jin-hyuk).
    • 국문학과 (translation: Department of Korean language and literature)
    • 서양문학 번역에 관심있음 (interested in translation of western literature)
    • ㅇㅇ대 3년 (translation: third grade in college)
  • Sehun Kim revealed that the university students of Grass Roots Guild all go to the same Seoul-based mid-level universities.[9][10]
  • The author revealed on the official Hardcore Leveling Warrior instagram page that The Best Swordsman's birthday is August 30.[1]