Teleport is a space magic used by space magicians. It is also the Skills Type personal attribute of Choco Bibi.


Teleport is a skill that allows objects to be transported across space and distance instantly. The object does not transverse the physical space between the starting point and the destination.

Choco Bibi acquired this as his Personal Attribute. Due to his class as a magician he is able to combine both his class and Personal Attribute to become a Space Magician as well as use high level enchantment magic with his Teleport skill.

In order to use his Teleportation skills on objects, he needs to imbue them with a 'Telportation Mark'.

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Notes & Trivia

  • It is apparently very rare for a human to have the Teleport skill as Octonash was shocked to see Choco Bibi using the skill.[1]


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