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Team Light, also known as Team Giga No.1 and Team Han Gun-Soo, was a Giga team that competed in the last ever Combat Tournament.


Said to be the strongest team ever put together by Giga in a Combat Tournament, Team Light was the strongest team in the competition. It was a team led by the Vice-President of Giga himself, Han Gun-Soo. They were the overwhelming to favourites to win the Combat Tournament and displayed immense power as the competition went on.[1]

The teams combat rank was rated as SS by BJ Umai before the start of the tournament. It has the strongest players in the tournament, including the Estimated Rank No.3 Light, the Rank No.43 Secretary Kim and the Rank No.49 Secretary Park.[1]

During the PvP Rounds, the team was chosen as the representative of God of Blessings. Hungry Ghost, a Gambler with frightening strategic capabilities, was added as the fourth member of the team. The teams already formidable power was supplemented by the Blessings of the God of Blessings, which pushed the power of the team to a different level.[1]

Team Light unsurprisingly reached the final of the tournament where they faced Team Dark. Unfortunately for the team, they faced a Hardcore Leveling Warrior who had temporarily regained his Rank No.1 Abilities, stats and items through Dark's Wind Up skill. Secretary Park, Secretary kim and Hungry Ghost were all defeated in 10 seconds. Light was overwhelmed even after Majinization. The team eventually succumbed to a defeat after a Nightmare Powered Majin Light was defeated by the Rank No. 1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Lacerate(節).[2]


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