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Team Choco Bibi is a Grass Roots Guild Team that competed in the Final Combat Tournament.

They were eliminated by Team Light during the PvP Round Quarter finals.


The team was originally solely composed of Grass Roots players such as Tempest and Drip Soup with Choco Bibi as the leader up until the PvP Round where a fourth teammate was required. Their team's combat rank was estimated to be A+ by Umai.

Cocomori joined the guild later and became part of the team. Team Choco Bibi was chosen by the Three Goddesses of Fate as their representing team in the tournament.



Preliminary Round

Team Choco Bibi passed the round, getting 100 points ready, and came in 31st place. They stalled Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Party from coming in last place as one of them didn't trust the latter team yet.

They eventually allow the team to pass through and passed the Preliminary Round.

Siege Round

Team Choco Bibi faced off against Team Giga No.3. Team Choco Bibi won and passed the Siege Round.

PvP Round

Team Choco Bibi faced off against Team Light. After a long arduous battle, Team Choco Bibi lost the Quarterfinals of the PvP Round.


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