Taoist Kim was a player in Lucid Adventure. She was a 'member' of Chairman Kim's infamous workshop. In Lucid Adventure, Taoist Kim was a member of Team Taoist that took part in the last ever Combat Tournament. Team Taoist was knocked out by the eventual winners, Team Dark.

At some point in the past, she became a prisoner of Chairman Kim's due to not being able to pay back her debt. He took part in the ambush of the then #1 ranked Hardcore Leveling Warrior along with the Antii-Hardcore Leveling Warrior Alliance.

In the real world, Taoist Kim is actually a female. Alongside Lila and Gong Won-Ho, she took part in an escape plan hatched by Gong Won-Ho.




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Season 1

Taoist Kim is amongst the disgruntled players that attacked Hardcore Leveling Warrior during the Cobalt Castle Kill Python Request Quest. He alongside members of Scallion Head's guild were defeated by the then Rank 1 player.[1]

Translation Issues

Notes & Trivia

  • Taoist Kim made a brief appearance in Episode 1 and reappeared in Episode 39 but her character name was first revealed in Episode 46.
  • Taoist Kim is modelled after 'Taoist' (도사, dosa), one of the main characters of the Daum Webtoon series, Taoist Land.
  • The characters name is '김도사'. When he was first introduced, Line Webtoon called her Taoist Kim, but since Episode 119, she has been called 'Guru Kim'
    • '김' means 'Kim'.
    • '도사' (Dosa) can be translated to 'Taoist/Daoist' or 'Guru'.
      • 'Guru' in this case means someone who is an 'expert or more informally, a 'whizz' e.g. a Computer guru/expert/whizz.
      • 'Taoist' is the more appropriate translation for the character.
  • Taoist Kim is the second character in the series that has been revealed to be different genders in both the real world and Lucid Adventure. The first was Silla.


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