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Taek[1], also known as Grand General Taek,[3] was a player in Lucid Adventure. He was the Grand General of Yopy Land and one of Yopy's confidantes.[1] He was widely known throughout Lucid Adventure for his abilities in combat as well as his brash attitude.

He was part of Team Yopy Land that competed in the Combat Tournament. They were eliminated by Team Dark during the PvP Round.

About a year into the 2 year timeskip, Taek was involved in a fatal car accident on a rainy day. Unfortunately, Taek died. There were many suspicious circumstances that surrounded his death. The connection to Taek was cut off all of a sudden and he couldn't be reached for quite some time. The accident also occurred in a neighbourhood that Taek would not normally go to.[4]


In-Game - Taek has a muscular and angular build. His eyes are black in colour and his black hair is styled like a Faux Hawk. In some panels, his hair is deep reddish-brown at the tips. His eyebrows are prominently thick, like his lips, therefore earning him the nickname "Duck Mouth"[1] and "Duck Face"[2] from Pooh Upooh and Hardcore Leveling Warrior respectiively. He is usually seen wearing a large black leather jacket, which he keeps open to reveal his bandage-wrapped chest.

Berserk - Taek's eyes begin glowing hot red and white.

Real World - Taek's avatar looks similar to his real-life appearance. Instead of black hair, his hair is styled in an undercut and dyed purplish-maroon in colour.



Real World

Lucid Adventure

Video Games


Taek is shown to be rash and usually prefers to use brute force to solve problems rather than using strategy like when he killed all the assassins sent to Yopi Land instead of leaving one for interrogation[5], which can frustrate his teammates.

Like Yopi, Taek cares deeply for the NPC and is willing to put himself in harms way to protect them.[6] He also tried attack Giga's Diplomatic Ambassadors for attacking Yopi Land's citizens even at the risk of war.[6]

He cares for his teammates and is willing to stay and fight with them rather than flee even when the odds are completely against him.


Yopi Land


Taek was a very good friend of Yopi's, to a point that they see each other as brothers. In Season Two Episode 32, Yopi refers to Taek as "his little brother". He then clarifies that they are not related by blood, but they were like real brothers.

When Taek died in real life, Yopi suspects Giga's interference due to the sudden occurrence and due to the fact that Taek had died in a neighbourhood which he usually wouldn't have gone to. Yopi even risked having the agreement and truce between Yopi Land and Giga Guild broken to exact revenge on Sam Han, only stopped by Dark's Team appearing.

Taek was also the Grand General of Yopi Land, and the right-hand man of Yopi in Lucid Adventure.

Pooh Upooh

They were guildmates. Taek and Pooh Upooh, like the rest of the guild, go way back. They first met when Taek was at Level 27. Yopi, Akira, Taek and Lime (in slime form) raided Pooh Upooh's dungeon, the dungeon of Cursed Black Magic. They defeated the dungeon and released Pooh Upooh from her curse. From then on, Pooh Upooh joined Yopi Land's guild. Lime grew into human form at the end of their raid.


They were guildmates. Taek and Lime, like the rest of the guild, go way back. Yopi, Akira, Taek and Lime (in slime form) raided Pooh Upooh's dungeon, the dungeon of Cursed Black Magic. They defeated the dungeon and released Pooh Upooh from her curse. From then on, Pooh Upooh joined Yopi Land's guild. Lime grew into human form at the end of their raid.

During the 4v4 Combat Tournament, Lime sacrifices herself to save Taek which enabled him to achieve the conditions to unlock his Berserk attribute (death of a precious comrade).


Taek and Akira, like the rest of the guild, go way back. Yopi, Akira, Taek and Lime (in slime form) raided Pooh Upooh's dungeon, the dungeon of Cursed Black Magic. They defeated the dungeon and released Pooh Upooh from her curse. From then on, Pooh Upooh joined Yopi Land's guild. Lime grew into human form at the end of their raid.

Dark's Party

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Taek didn't like Hardcore Leveling Warrior at first and said that he's the type of guy that'll betray them whenever he wanted. Their first interaction wasn't so nice as well as Hardcore Leveling Warrior disrespected Yopi back in his Rank 1 days, this prompted Taek to get mad at him and told Hardcore that he should be respectful as he was in their territory.

Nevertheless, Taek cooperated with Hardcore Leveling Warrior and even protecting him from Octonash in the end during the Subjugation Round. They have a health rivalry going on as both compete with each other for their power as Taek taunted Hardcore Leveling Warrior multiple times during their fight in the PVP Round and Hardcore Leveling Warrior challenged him during the Subjugation Round.


Taek and Dark were not on good terms. Although Taek attended and celebrated Dark's birthday, he said that he only got along with Dark for Yopi's sake. When Dark called him petty, he was insulted. He called Dark a brat in return and got into an argument with him.

Heart Heater

Taek and Heart Heater were acquaintances. They fought each other one on one during the PVP and Tac was furious as to how was Heart Heater, a loan shark, a Dragon Knight. Tac was defeated by Heart Heater but the latter said that he give Tac a lower interest rate if he comes to him for a loan after the PVP Round.


Taek hated Giga. He openly expressed his dislike for Giga and had tried to attack them multiple times like when they almost killed a citizen of Yopi Land.

Skills & Abilities

He is commander Taek. He never loses a fight.
 Pooh Upooh

Taek is the renowned Grand General of Yopi land and his strength is widely known across Lucid Adventure.[3] Many people such as Zhang Fei seek to challenge Taek because of this but none were able to beat him. He served as the powerful tank of his group and was considered by Hardcore Leveling Warrior as a powerful threat, even being frightened when Taek activated his 'Berserk Mode'.[7][8]

Personal Attribute

Main Article: Kim Gu

Kim Gu: Taek shares the characteristics and is able to use the skills of Kim-Gu, the main protagonist of 'The Head' Webtoon Series.

Immense Attack Power: A single blow from Taek was able to kill a one star monster, send Octonash flying into a mountain in the Subjugation Round[9] and destroy an entire castle in the Siege Round.[10] According to Hardcore Leveling Warrior, every single punch from him was almost as strong as a critical blow.[7]

Immense Durability and Endurance: Taek was extremely strong for a tanker as noted by Hardcore Leveling Warrior and his bare fists were able to match Heart Heater's Magic Sword of the Knights which held formidable magic power.[7][11] Taek is able to completely resist the paralysis effect of the Paralysis Sword, something that not even the Best Swordsman could even resist, as shown when Hardcore Leveling borrowed his stats to resist the sword attack of Zero disguised as BJ Umai.[12]

When Taek was speared through by Zhang Fei's spear, he merely walked through the entire 1.8m spear and knocked out the latter, even locking the spear in place that Zhang Fei couldn't even get it out.[3] Add on that, Taek was able to endure numerous attacks from Zhang Fei whose physical damage is ranked among the Top 1% among the likes of Prime Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Stone.[13]

Magic Defense: Taek is able to take most magic skills with the exception of high tier binding spells.[14][15]

Main Character_Berserk

Increased Attack Power: His overall power is immensely increased in this state that even Hardcore Leveling Warrior was frightened by him.[8] A blow from Tac in this mode was capable of severely injuring Hardcore Leveling Warrior, despite the latter absorbing the blow with the Sword of Honor[8]. Every single blow of his was also a finisher and the force from his punches was cracking the ground itself.[16]

Increased Speed and Agility: Taek is able to continuously perform an extremely fast barrage of powerful punches to pulverize his opponents and even able to attack without delay after a single one of his punches were blocked.[16][17]

Combat Style

Taek does not use any weapons and is a brawler, using his fists to fight. He regularly uses the J.R.I.R. Crush to attack opponents. He has a brutal combat style as he would often use his fatal injuries as a means to let his opponent's guard down and attack them.[3]

Skill Tree

Kim Gu

  • J.R.I.R. Crush: Taek delivers a powerful blow that is capable of killing a Field Boss.
  • Normal Punch: Taek delivers a strong blow capable of killing opponents in one hit.
  • Main Character_Berserk: the passive skill of Tac's personal attribute that activates when a precious comrade of Tac's dies in front of him, entering into a berserker state.

Combination Skills


  • Slake: Allows Taek to learn Ligos' skills.



The Three Musketeers

I almost had him...

Taek started hunting for EXP in a ground that was claimed by Akira. He was elated with the amount of experience points he was getting from killing multiple pink slimes. The annoyed Akira who had just defeated Yopy for doing the exact thing and then warned Taek to get of his hunting ground before he gets beat up. This enraged Taek proclaimed that he had already taken over hunting grounds of people who he himself had beaten up. Taek is quickly defeated by Akira and left with a badly swollen face. Akira tells the defeated Yopy and Taek to get lost before he really kills them. Taek's bravado causes him to claim that he was close to beating Akira, which Yopy silently disagreed with. Taek then asked Yopy for some potions.[7]Season 2 Episode 85</ref>

Taek and Yopy comically punching each other during their 8th consecutive loss to Akira (Season 2 Episode 85).jpg

Taek then asks Yopy if he wants to gang up on Akira. They both rush at him and are easily defeated once again. Taek once again says that they were close to killing Akira and tells Yopy to follow him and level up somewhere else so that they can get back at Akira. Over the course of the next day, Yopy and Taek faced Akira 63 times and lost, sometimes even comically. Taek and Yopy then worked hard to level up and the next day they went back to the hunting ground to confront Akira. Taek asks Yopy for some potions as his energy level was not completely filled up with Yopy silently cursing that Taek never pays him back. They both hear a scream from the direction ahead and see the defeated Akira is being threatened by a Masked Brute. The Masked brute is about to kill Akira for not telling him the location of the other beginner's hunting ground but before he can land his strike, he is kicked away by Taek and Yopy, with Taek proclaiming that Akira is their prey.[7]

This moment is a gift...

Taek, Yopy and Akira join hands and eventually defeat the Masked Brute. Taek boasts about his moves and says that since he helped Akira and Yopy win, that the hunting ground should be his. Akira then walks off aloofly and tells Taek that the hunting ground is his, which annoys Taek. Yopy tells Akira and Taek that the three of them should start a guild. The three of them go on various quests with each other and even enjoy meals together. Eventually, their dream comes true and Yopy Land is formed. After purchasing a castle, the three of them go the hunting ground where Akira beat Yopy and Taek 20 times in a row. They reminisce about the past. Yopy says he wants to get them both something to celebrate winning the castle. He asks Taek what he wants and Taek simply says that the moment the three of them are sharing was a gift.[7]

At some point, Taek and Yopi met in real life and played Lucid Adventure together.

Season 1

Black Magic Dungeon Arc

Taek killed all the assassins sent to the Capital by an unknown persons. He killed them all and forgot to leave one to interrogate. He then chastises Yopi for being late.[5]

Taek protected a little girl from General Manager Park who had come to Yopi Land alongside Light as part of the diplomatic team. Taek tried to attack the team until he was binded by them. The hostilities ended when Yopi arrived to the scene. During their meeting, Taek tried to attack Light but was binded again until the diplomatic team left.

Preliminary Round Arc

Taek who was part of Team Yopi Land was estimated to have a combat rank of S by BJ Umai. He was seen along with his team to be cruising through the round.

He was then seen participating in a drinking contest after finishing the round and then losing it shortly after.

Subjugation Round Arc

After Team Dark teleported to Team Choco Bibi's location who were captured by Team Yopi Land, Taek confronted Team Dark, saying he'll beat Hardcore Leveling Warrior up as well until the latter had told Pooh Upooh about their deal. Taek was surprised about the alliance and tried to chastise Pooh Upooh about it but the latter retorted back, saying Hardcore Leveling Warrior will be useful against magic unlike Taek.

Team Yopi Land, Team Dark and Team Choco Bibi were then confronted by Octonash after disposing Taek disposed a one star field boss. Octonash overwhelmed them at the start as Taek and Hardcore Leveling Warrior were unable to crack her shield. He saved Hardcore Leveling Warrior from Octonash who was about to stab him in the back by punching her to a mountain. They soon faced off against Ligos and Todish. Taek threw Tempest at Todish which ultimately killed the latter and Todish as Tempest self destructed. Taek and Lime tried to protect Pooh Upooh from Ligos but were easily killed by the demon. After Ligos' defeat, Taek was revived alongside the alliance by Hardcore Leveling Warrior.

After their alliance' victory was announced and were being tracked down by BJ Umai, Taek and Hardcore Leveling Warrior teleported to Umai's location and took his team down. However, Taek questioned who Umai was as he knew that he wasn't the real Umai. He was then seen being overwhelmed by the imposter and told Hardcore Leveling Warrior, who he had swapped places with, that this Umai wasn't the real one. After Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Zero fought, Taek was joined by the others and saw the outcome.

As the round ended, Taek greeted Team Dark and the others farewell and left.

Siege Round Arc

Team Yopi Land was matched against Team Giga No.5 by Dacon. As their match began, Team Giga No.5 were immediately were pouring every firepower they've got against Taek who was walking towards them. Taek tanked through all their attacks and destroyed their castle in a single blow, winning the match for Team Yopi Land.

Dark's Birthday Arc

Taek attended Dark's birthday alongside Yopi and Pooh Upooh. After celebrating it, Taek left with Yopi. He then asked Yopi a question regarding his kindness towards Dark.

During Giga's invasion as Han Gun-Jae was being sealed by Han Sung-Gong's subordinates, Yopi Land and the Grass Roots arrived with Taek suddenly attacking Giga's soldiers and attempted to attack Han Sung-Gong as well but was blocked by Zhang Fei. He and Zhang Fei engaged in a fierce fight which left Taek bloodied instantly. Taek baited Zhang Fei by making himself open to attacks and after the latter fell for it, Taek knocked Zhang Fei out and at Guan Yu. He was then seen fighting Giga's army as he and everyone were teleported back by the Three Goddesses of Fate.

Giga's Special Recruitment Interview Arc

Taek had a conversion with Rhythm Monkey about the job interview that Giga was currently undergoing for the PVP Round.

PvP Round Prelude Arc

As Team Dark came to him and his allies for footage of Yopi's fights, Taek declined immediately and told them they cannot afford to share that information with an 'enemy'. After Dark called them petty, Taek was irritated by him and argued with Dark until Akira came.

When Hardcore Leveling Warrior declared himself as an enemy of Yopi Land, Taek ordered Lime to stand back and let him handle things if things get out of hand.

PvP Round Quarterfinals Arc

Team Yopi Land faced off against Team Dark. After a short discussion, Team Yopi Land chose to fight together as does Team Dark.

The battle begins with Taek and Hardcore Leveling Warrior attacking each other. Taek slightly overwhelmed Hardcore Leveling and was about to finish him off until Ego blocked his attack. When Pooh Upooh was critically wounded by Heart Heater, Taek and Lime retreated with the former attacking Heart Heater. As their battle continued, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was about to finish off Taek with a buffed Moonlight Slash. Taek attempted to tank the attack but was saved by Lime who entrusted him with Pooh Upooh. This caused Taek to activate his passive, Main Character Berserk after Lime died.

Taek then overwhelmed Hardcore Leveling Warrior who feared him at the moment and forcing him to back away. Taek was then attacked by Heart Heater who joined their fight to aid his teammate. After Pooh Upooh possessed Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Taek backed away to her real body, telling her that this better not put her in danger too.

Taek and Heart Heater then fought a one on one battle and engaged in a slugfest with both of them charging at each other. Taek's first attack was blocked by Heart Heater's sword but his second attack was relentless and critically hit Heart Heater, shocking the latter. Taek tried to attack him once again but was surprised by Heart Heater who stopped his punch with his bare hand. Tank relentlessly delivered numerous powerful blows until he was met with a fist to the face by Heart Heater who had unleashed his draconic power, stunning him momentarily.

Recovering quickly from the attack, Taek relentlessly delivered a barrage of blows again but was then sliced apart by Heart Heater, seemingly ending their fight. Taek surprisingly got back up with an arm full of blood, shocking Heart Heater once more, but immediately collapses and dies.

After the match concluded, Taek sat in silence until he was surprised by Pooh Upooh, who he didn't expect to be alive after the match.


Taek died in a car accident in real life in a neighborhood he wouldn't normally visit. Before that, the connection between Taek and Yopi's phone got cut off all the sudden and he couldn't be reached for quite some time.


Yopi swore vengeance for Taek and even sided with the Major Four Guilds of Misfits, including Sad Smile in order take revenge on Giga.

It was revealed by Gorilla that he had been killed by assassins from Giga Group under the order of Han Gun-Ho.

Major Battles


  • (To Akira): "What did you just call me? You're dead meat. A whole load of people lost their hunting ground to me after I beat them up! Bring it on, you punk!"[7]
  • (To Yopy): "Hey, why don't we gang up on him [Akira] and split the hunting ground six to four?"
  • (To Yopy): "Hyung, I think this very moment is a gift"[7]



Video Games

Playable Appearances

Translation Notes

Issues and Errors

Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Issues

Character Name

'택' is translated as Tac by Line Webtoon. It is romanized as 'Taek' by Koreans and this wiki will be using the proper version.


Take's Yopy Land title, 대장군, is simply translated as Commander by Line Webtoon. 대장군 is the hangul for the hanja '大將軍' which means 'Grand General'/'Supreme General'/'Commander in Chief'. '大將軍' is an official position which came into being during the Warring States Period, and reached the zenith of its influence during the Han dynasty. At first, the person in this position was the supreme military commander (modern equivalent ~ Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff). During the later half of the Han dynasty, he also took over the day to day executive affairs of government (modern equivalent ~ Hideki Tojo). During the Three Kingdoms period, the position again became military-related (modern equivalent ~ United States Secretary of Defense).

'大將軍' in the Japanese historical kana たいしやうぐん and means:

  • (military, historical) a commander in chiefespecially:
    • under the 律令 (Ritsuryō) system, a commander of three lesser 将軍 (shōgun) each commanding 3000 soldiers [from Asuka to Nara period]
    • a commander of an expeditionary force with the task of subduing rebels against the imperial court or barbarians [from Nara to Heian period]
    • a commanding officer of the imperial court leading a group of samurai from relating or dependent families [since the end of the Heian period]
    • a shogun [since the Kamakura period]
  • the head of a samurai family or other warrior class
  • the leader of a faction, cabal, or other group of conspirators
  • (cosmology) in Onmyodo, one of the eight gods of the 暦 (koyomi, “almanac”)

This wiki will be going with the original Chinese version of Grand General.

International Translations

Game Name Platform Language
澤 (Zé) LINE Webtoon (Taiwanese) Traditional Chinese
Tac LINE Webtoon (English) English
Tac; Taec LINE Webtoon (French) French
LINE Manga Japanese

Notes & Trivia

  • Taek's design and personality are based on Kim Gu, the main character of the Naver Webtoon series, The Head (Korean: 대가리, Romaja: daegali) (also known as 'The Boss').
  • His name is based on the name of the author of the The Head, Jeong Jong-Taek

Tracing Controversy

A tracing incident occurred that involved 'The Head' and a popular fighting series known as 'Chan' (Hangul: 짱). It was discovered that a few fighting sequences from 'Chan' were plagiarized by the author of 'The Head'.

On March 13 2019, Jeong Jong-Taek corrected the plagiarized fighting sequence and issued an apology.

On March 15 2019, Naver pulled all the previews of 'The Head' from it's website with an apology for the incident and eventually removed 'The Head' from it's website permanently.

Although Kim Sehoon, the author of the Hardcore Leveling Warrior series, has not explicitly mentioned the connection between The Great General Taek and 'The Head' webtoon, the situation is very obvious. General Taek is a character with the of "cartoon character Type" personal attribute, and his signature attack is the "Justice Realization Crush". This skill name is a technique used by Kim Gu in 'The Head'. Taek has not appeared in the Hardcore Leveling Warrior series since the incident and will most likely not appear in future Episodes.

In response to the incident, Naver Webtoon's said: "The character is not a motif of The Head's 'Kim Gu', but rather a character that uses a skill reminiscent of Kim Gu" Naver continued: "It is not without the influence of The Head, but it is hard to say for sure whether or not he will appear in future. The development of the story and the appearance of the character depend entirely on the artist."[18]

Taek suspiciously disappeared from the webtoon and most Naver fans suspected it was a response to the tracing controversy. Eventually, Taek was killed off by Kim Sehoon and conicidentally, he was also removed from the Awakening: Hardcore Leveling Warrior with NAVER WEBTOON game. Although it has not been explicitly stated that the controversey led to taek's removal, it is generally accepted by Korean fans that it was the main cause rather than for story reasons.

It must be noted that Tracing without permission is a very serious issue in South Korea and Naver did not want their reputation damaged.