Swordmage Mode is a mode used by Hardcore Leveling Warrior after equipping the Royal Cobalt Blade and An Apprentice Magician's Hat.[1][2]


After using his Lucky Coin skill to increase his intelligence significantly, Hadcore Leveling Warrior equips The Royal Cobalt Blade and An Apprentice Magician's Hat.[1]

In this mode, all normal attacks enchant magic skills and his magic proficiency becomes 100%.[1]


The Combat Tournament - Siege Round

After realising he could not engage Fengxian in a physical duel, Hardcore Leveling Warrior entered Swordmage Mode. He was able to use skills such as Switch, Five Barriers and Slow Area on Fengxian's arm before using Force Use Skill on to Return To Base.[1]

He entered Swordmage Mode to use a Barrier to protect his teams base from Bubble's Color-Mixed Bubble skill.[2]

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Notes & Trivia

  • After buffing his intelligence with a Lucky Coin, Hardcore Leveling Warrior could use 20 more skills during the buff time.[1]
  • Sword Mage Mode is not an explicit transformation that is in his skill tree but more of a self imposed transformation due to equipping items.


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