Sword of Deletion - Delete is a Divine Skill used by Sword Master.


While he is wielding The Sword of Deletion. The Sword of Deletion stops time and deletes the very existence from Lucid Adventure.[1]

Since the existence itself is deleted, the player cannot respawn or log into their accounts ever again. It is impossible to evade or counter attack because time is stopped.[1]

The skill is so strong that Han Gun-Jae had to unite with his other forms, Novelist Han and Alpaca Man, in order to execute the skill.[1]


Instance Description
Episode 103 Sword Master used Sword of Deletion - Delete on Han Sung-Gong. Han Sung-Gong was able to move through the time freeze and block Sword Master's strike.

Notes & Trivia

  • Han Sung-Gong was able to bypass the time freeze because of his personal attribute, Oedipus, a personal attribute that is specially customised to counter Han Gun-Jae.[2]


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