The Sword of Deletion is a Divine Sword used by Sword Master. It is the most powerful weapon Lucid Adventure.[1]


It is a Divine Weapon capable of completely obliterating a large landmass of multiple mountains.

Unlike Zero's bug weapons that can only delete characters, Sword Master can use The Sword of Deletion to delete the players very existence from Lucid Adventure, preventing them from ever logging back in even with a new character.[1]

Sword Master used it to destroy Nathan Han's unavoidable attack that was powered by Nightmare, while completely annihilating the land mass behind the slash.[1]

The Sword appears to require a lot of power to wield as Sword Master was visibly exhausted after using it in his incomplete form.

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Notes & Trivia

  • It is not clear if The Sword of Deletion was in the padlocked Brown Scabbard Sword Master was seen with in Episode 21.[2]


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