Sword Force Annihilation was a divine skill used by God of Combat.


God of Combat further increases the power of the Divine Sword Force in his right arm and uses it to attack the target.[1]

He used it on Zero after she had absorbed the power of the users but could not even make a scratch on her.[1]

Translation Isses

  • '검강멸' is translated as 'Divine Strength Extermination' by Line Webtoon.
    • '검강' literally means a stronger version of '검기' which literally translates to 'Aura of a Sword'/'Sword Aura'/'Sword Energy'.
    • '멸' literally means: eradication'; 'extermination'; 'extinction'; 'destruction'; 'annihilation'.
    • A more accurate translation would be 'Strengthened Sword Aura Eradication'.


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