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Sword Energy is the unique resource of the Swordsman Class in Lucid Adventure.


The aura of Swordsmen's that determines their level of Swordsmanship.[1][2]

Sword Energy can be emitted either through the user or be used to strengthen the sword itself to allow for sharper attacks or all at the same time.[1][3]

Swordsmen who can emit their sword energy through their blades are considered as dangerous.[2]

Known Users

Name Sword Spirit


The Best Swordsman Red The Best Swordsman emitted his Sword Energy against Nightmare The Best Swordsman.
Miyamoto Musashi Red Musashi emitted his Sword Energy as he readies himself to attack the imprisoned Yopy.
Sasaki Kojiro Bright Blue Sasaki Kojiro showed hers as she fought and moved against Heart Heater, Xiang Yu, and Yopy.
Lila Orange Lila emitted her own Sword Energy when she tried to engage the newly awakened Sora in Episode 153.
Sora Deep Sky Blue Sora's Sword Energy was weak in the beginning but once she was able to emit it on her Ego Sword, it became stronger.
Cocomori Pink Cocomori's Sword Energy peaked the skies itself.
Drip Soup Orange Drip Soup showed his Sword Energy when he attempted to fight Cocomori for the Ego Sword.

Translation Notes & Issues

검기 is translated as Sword Spirit in Episode 27 and Blade Energy in Episode 153.

검 means 'swords'. 기 is the Korean form of the Hanja , which means “energy, aura, vitality, vigor”.

Notes & Trivia

  • '검기' is the Korean hangul form of the Hanja '劍氣'.(geomgi) is a popular terminology in martial arts fantasy novels and is usually translated as Sword Qi in Chinese to English Novels translations.