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Super Short-Range Teleportion is a Space Magic skill used by Choco Bibi.


Choco Bibi teleports the target over a very short distance.[1]


Instance Description
Episode 53 As Wajangchang Man charged at The Best Swordsman, Choco Bibi uses Super Short Range Teleport on The Best Swordsman to teleport The Best Swordsman behind Wajangchang Man and left Wajangchang Man open to The Best Swordsman's Ankle Slash.[1]
Episode 53 Choco Bibi used Super Short Range Teleprt to teleport Hardcore Leveling Warrior behind the attacking Kkakdugi, while The Best Swordsman cut Kkakdugi to pieces with Fragmentation.[1]


Translation Notes & Issues

Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Issues

초 단거리 순간이동 is incorrectly translated by LINE Webtoon as Close Distance Teleport.

초 means "super". 단거리 means "short distance, short range". 순간이동 means "teleportation; teleport".

초 단거리 순간이동 literally means Super Short-Distance Teleport or Super Short-Range Teleport .

Notes & Trivia

  • When Hardcore Leveling Warrior was telported behind Kkakdugi, Choco Bibi was never mentioned "Super Short Range Teleport", but given the distance and the fact The Best Swordsman said "Choco Bibi let's go again", it is has been assumed that it is the same skill.
  • Choco Bibi unlocked his personal attribute the day before he used this skill.