Stone Golem is the Skill Type Personal Attribute of Kkakdugi.[1]


Kkakdugi can create a large Stone Golem body as an armor.[1]

The Stone Golem Armor was solid and can seemingly only be damaged by a person with a high strength stat such as HCLW who ahd a strength stat of 800+.[1]

The Armor granted Kkakdugi enough strength to make Hardcore Leveling Warrior believe that his Personal Attribute was a Strength Type Personal Attribute.[1]

It seems that Kkakdugi built Caste Dandan on a rocky mountain in order to collect high quality ores for his Personal Attribute.[1]

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Notes & Trivia

  • Kkakdugi can presumably use Stone Golem in other ways besides shielding himself in an armor but this was never revealed.


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