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I'm Warrior Stone, the hero who will save this world!
 ― Stone[source]

Stone is a player in Lucid Adventure. He is the Vice Guild Master of Elixir Plant Guild[1] and is currently ranked no.1 in the Lucid Ball Ranking System.[2][1][3]

Stone was chosen by the Dragon of Light to save Lucid Adventure from its impending doom.[5] During the two year time skip, he defeated Dark in a ranked match.[1]

Alongside his Guild Master, Principal, Stone ended the war between Giga and Yopy Land and truce was formed between the 4 major guilds.[1] He attended the Guild Summit and was present during the battle between Heart Heater and Xiang Yu.[6][7][8]

During the start of The Great War, Stone subjugated Nightmares by himself.[9] He rejected The Crow's attempt to get him to join Nightmare.[10] Stone answered Kongming's quest issue and engaged the Demon King Ge Des in battle.[3] Stone critically injured the Demon King and forced the latter to accept Nightmare. Stone eventually defeated Ge Des after using his body as a medium for Grand Master Haru's advent.[11]


Stone has tanned skin, long black spiky hair and black eyes. He wears a white coloured neck brace, an orange jacket, a black t-shirt with a yellow smiley face on it, a yellow belt, black trousers and white/orange coloured trainers.[1]

Stone carries five swords with him. Three of the longer swords are hanging of his lower back while the shorter thicker swords are hanging off his upper back.[1]

In the real world, Stone's appearance has not been fully seen as his face is currently wrapped in bandages after he was hit by a car. He wears a typical hospital long sleeve shirt and bottoms with grey socks.


Real World

Lucid Adventure


As the current strongest player in Lucid Adventure, Stone is extremely confident in both himself and his abilities. He openly challenged Giga and Yopy Land members that disagreed with his guild master's suggestion to a fight.[1]

Stone finds the repetition of defeating the weak boring and yearns to fight a strong opponent.[12] As seen during his battle with Ge Des, fighting a strong opponent gets Stone in a buoyant mood.[3] He was ecstatic that he could finally face a worthy opponent.[4]

He seems to get a kick out of mocking his opponents as he mocked Dark for his "tacky" horns after defeating him[2] and mocked the power of Ge Des's blow and said that it didn't amount to much[3].
Despite wanting to test himself, he is not willing to let himself be corrupted for the sake of more power as he rejected The One-Eyed Nightmare's attempt to recruit him for Nightmare.[10]

Stone is a very direct person and jumps head first into fights which can be used by his enemies. This brash attitude led to him falling for Nightmares trap and losing the reward he got from defeating Ge Des.[11] Nightmare Choco Bibi called him "stupid" and an "idiot" for falling a simple trick.[11]




Stone cares for his mother deeply. He was deeply saddened about his mother crying and blaming herself for his fatal accident. He was forcibly summoned to Lucid Adventure by the Dragon of Light and the Dragon of Light's proposal to save Lucid Adventure on the condition that he could see his mother when his mission was completed. he actually wanted to send his mother a whisper to his mother right away and tell her that his accident was not his fault, but was stopped by the Dragon of Light for fear that he would be deleted if he was caught by 'The System'.[5]

Elixir Plant Guild

Stone was placed in the Elixir Plant Guild directly by the Dragon of Light in order to grow and get stronger.[5] The everyday relationship between him and his guild members is unknown but they are all bonded by the guilds relationship to the Dragon of Light who gives the guild powers.[13]


Stone respects Principal and can usually be seen by her side when she appears in public. He acted as an enforcer when Principal urged Giga and Yopi Land to stop warring[1] and he accompanied her to the 4 Guild Summit at The House of Beginnings. At the start of the Great War, Principal could be seen Stone telling Stone about the Nightmares at the Southwestern Field.[12] Stone has the full trust of his guild master as Principal did not worry about the 1000s of Nightmares in the area because of Stone's abilities.[12]


Dragon of Light

Stone has a deep relationship with the Dragon of Light. She forcibly summoned him from the real world while in order to save the world and promised to let him see his mom in a dream if he completed the mission. Stone agreed to become a warrior and was placed in the Elixir Plant Guild directly by the Dragon of Light. Stone was given his class and his swords by the Dragon of Light and was actually not confident that he could handle all of The Swords of the Five Warriors, but he was encouraged by the Dragon of Light and was placed in the Elixir Plant Guild by her in order to get stronger. She also granted him his personal attribute.[5]

Ge Des noticed that Stone was being protected by the Dragon of Light during their fight.[4] In fact, Dragon of Light appeared on the battle field to support Stone directly. She aided him multiple times while he faced the Nightmarized Ge Des by releasing him from Nightmare's mental attack and protecting him from a fatal attack from Ge Des.[5] After Ge Des was defeated, Stone showed concern for the Dragon of Light who was breathing heavily after expending all of her mana to aid him.[11]


After defeating Dark in a ranked match, he mocked Dark's hairdo, calling it "tacky". Some say that he is the reason Dark changed his hairstyle.[2] They were both present at the Summit but they did not interact directly.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Stone's constant beating of weaker people has left him bored. He sees Hardcore Leveling Warrior as a player that had reached the peak and it is implied he wants to fight him in combat.[12] The One-Eyed Nightmare attempted to lure Stone to the side of Nightmare by saying that joining Nightmare would allow Stone to "surpass Hardcore Leveling Warrior very easily..." but Stone declined the offer.[10]


As one of the members of Elixir Plant and a member of the Players' Union, Stone is against Nightmare. He rejected the One-Eyed Nightmare's attempt to recruit him to Nightmare and has been subjugating them since the start of The Great War. He was eager to kill what he thought was No Name and rushed into do it.[11] Unfortunately for him, it was a trap.[11]

The Crow

The One-Eyed Nightmare approached Stone in an attempt to recruit him for Nightmare. The One-Eyed Nightmare used the speculation about "Hardcore Leveling Warrior vs Stone" debated to try an entice Stone. Although Stone listened to it, he refused to be "corrupted" and tried to trap the Nightmare in order to take him to the Dragon of Light. The One-Eyed Nightmare escaped and said that Nightmare will always be waiting for him which caused Stone to rebuke him.[10] The One-Eyed Nightmare was aware of Stone's "simplicity" and told Nightmare Choco Bibi about it, which led to Nightmare Choco Bibi to easily trick Stone and acquire Ge Des's Soul Fragment.[11]

Ge Des

Stone engaged Ge Des after seeing Kongming's quest issue.[3] Stone was excited to finally be facing a worthy opponent and mocked Ge Des for thinking he was a rookie warrior. Stone could finally go all out and was impressed by Ge Des's power. He was surprised that he needed three of his warrior swords to fight Ge Des.[4] After Ge Des Nightmarized, Stone was shocked at his power, especially after Ge Des destroyed his four swords and even thought that Ge Des would kill him. After Haru defeated Ge Des, Stone acknowledged that Ge Des was dangerous and admitted that he didn't think it would be beyond his power to defeat Ge Des alone.[11]



There's no one here who can beat him one-on-one
 ― Yopy[source]

As the vice guild master of Elixir Plant Guild,[1] Stone has the second highest authority over one of the strongest guilds in Lucid Adventure.

As the current Rank no.1 player, Stone is the current strongest player under the heavens and one of the strongest beings in the game and on a similar level to Hardcore Leveling Warrior in his prime. Just like Hardcore Leveling Warrior in his prime, Stone is an All-Stat and has all his stats maxed out at 999.[11] At some point in the two year timeskip, he defeated the powerful player, The King of Dark Land and current rank no.3 player, Dark, who had previously held an undefeated record and is 'hard to beat'. Werewolf implied that he is no "ordinary swordsman".[2]

His mere presence alongside his guild master, was enough to stop the war between Giga Empire and Yopy Land, two of the biggest powers in Lucid Adventure.[1]

During the summit between the strongest guilds in Lucid Adventure, Yopy proclaimed that there was no one present at the summit could defeat Stone in a one-on-one fight and claimed that Han Sung-Gong would have readily accepted his proposal to fight for the leadership of the Guild Alliance if Stone was in Giga.[8]

A glimpse of Stone's power was shown he went to the Southwestern Field. He faced about a thousand Nightmares that included Elahistos by himself and easily defeated them in a single moment. The battle was easy that Stone was yawning afterwards.[12]Such is Stone's combat power that The One-Eyed Nightmare personally tried to lure Stone to the side of Nightmare.[10]

Stone's true combat prowess was on full display during his fight with the Demon King Ge Des. Stone was able to go blow for blow with the Demon King Ge Des, who has his horns released.[3] Just before Stone's arrival, Ge Des had easily defeated a team comprised of high rankers that included the no.2 ranker Ham, the no.5 ranker Gangrim and the no.6 ranker Zhao Yun as well as Giga's 12th team that specializes in monster raids almost single-handedly.[3] Stone forced the Royal Horned Ge Des to unleash 90% of the Demon King's Emblem and use more power from the Demon World.[4]

During Stone's battle with Ge Des, Zhuge Kongming used Lucid Ball to measure Stone's combat power. Stone's combat power reached 99.27% of Lucid Ball's reference value set by the rank no.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior, which caused the shocked Zhuge Kongming to question if it was a battle between two beings that surpassed the former no.1 ranked Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[4]

With his three warrior swords equipped, Stone was able to critically injure Ge Des and forced the Demon King to accept Nightmare as a last resort.[4] Only after accepting Nightmare and fusing with his god-grade item could Ge Des overwhelm Stone.[5]

Even without his swords, Stone easily defeated Dummy Nightmare's barehanded.[11]

Physical Abilities

As an All-Stat, all of Stone's basic stats are maxed out at 999.[11]


Stone's strength stat is already at the max level.[11] A blow from Stone knocked out Ham albeit Ham had her back turned and had her guard lowered.[3] The power of Stone's blow shocked the Demon King Ge Des, who could not believe that a human could have such power.[3] He easily defeated multiple Dummy Nightmares that surrounded and even took off No Name's head with a single blow, albeit it was not the real No Name.[11]


Stone's movement speed is already at the max level.[11] Stone's attack speed is so fast that he can slash thousands of targets in a blink of an eye and appear to not have even removed his hands from his pockets and drawn in swords.[12] Stone instantly appeared behind The One-Eyed Nightmare, despite The One-Eyed Nightmare being on a hill without the One-Eyed Nightmare having any time to react.[10] Stone was able to trap The One-Eyed Nightmare in a confinement tool without The One-Eyed Nightmare being able to react.[10] He dodged a point blank sword attack from Ge Des.[4]He dodged a point blank beam shot from Ge Des's forehead which caused the horned Ge Des to remark that Stone is "fast".[4]

Durability and Endurance

Stone took a punch in the face from Ge Des with his Royal Horns released and only got a nose bleed, which greatly shocked the Demon King.[3] Stone suffered no injuries after receiving a kick to the head by Ge Des that had enough force to send Stone's head into the ground.[4]

Stone has shown extremely high levels of pain tolerance. Even after having his a large chunk of his left shoulder and his left leg blown off by Ge Des's, Stone was able to keep his composure and said that the attack hurt just a bit.[4]He was able to immediately continue fighting.[4]

Warrior Abilities

Main Article: Warrior

A Warrior who is protected by the Dragon of Light, the co-ordinator of the world
 Ge Des[source]

Stone is a Warrior that is protected by the Dragon of Light.[4] He was chosen to be the saviour of the world by the Dragon of Light herself and got his class and weapons directly from her.[5] As noted by Ge Des, Stone is no ordinary warrior. Stone is able to use Warrior's Emblem that he got from the Dragon of Light, an emblem of the chosen one that is inscribed on the body of a true warrior.[4] Ge Des commented that only a few genius warrior's are capable of this feat.[4]

Stone is able to equip and utilize the powerful swords of the warrior class. He is even capable of using 3 Warrior swords at the same time and using an amount of mana that Ge Des said should not be possible for a human.[4]

As the warrior class has a storied history with the Demon King's, Stone has various demon eradicating skills.[4][5]


As a Warrior, Stone is able to wield the powerful swords of the past warriors. Stone's attack speed is so fast that he can slash thousands of targets in a blink of an eye and appear to not have even removed his hands from his pockets and drawn in swords.[12] His attack on Elahistos was incredibly fast that he decapitated the Demon without seeming to remove his hands from his pockets.[12]

The accuracy of his strikes were so good that he decapitated every single Nightmare monster's head, including Elahistos, cleanly.[12] Stone was able to clash swords with a 'Royal Horned - Ge Des' equipped with a god-grade item and not be pushed back.[3] He delivered a blow to Ge Des that was so powerful, that despite Ge Des successfully blocking it, the ground beneath Ge Des cracked from the force of the sword strike.[4]

The multiple aerial sword clashes between Stone and the Royal Horned Ge Des created a shockwave that was strong enough to cause the very earth to shake and Charming Castle to begin collapsing.[4]The combat power unleashed by Stone with just a single warrior sword during his aerial sword clashes with Ge Des reached 99.27% of the reference value of Lucid Ball set by the ranked no.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior, which caused the shocked Zhuge Kongming to question if Stone had surpassed the former rank no.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[4]

  • Multi-Sword Wielding: Stone is capable of wielding multiple warrior swords with incredible ease during combat. During his battle with Ge Des, he wielded three warrior swords at the same time. It is unknown if he can equip more at the same time.[4]
  • Unarmed Weapon Wielding: Through either telekinesis or magic, Stone is able to wield the Sword of the Seventh Warrior and his fourth sword without touching them.[4][5]
  • Anti-Demon Sword Attacks: Stone can perform a Sword Dance that specializes in killing demons.[5]


Stone can fly at high speeds, levitate and stand in mid-air as if he was standing on solid ground. He was able to move at high enough speeds to match the Royal Horned Ge Des.[4]Stone and the Royal Horned Ge Des clashed their swords at such a speed that they appeared as streaks of Light.[4]It has not been revealed if this is a result of his class or some other ability.

Defensive Barrier Creation

With the power of the Sixth Sword, Stone is able to create a powerful shield that is strong enough to protect Stone from Ge Des's sword attack that was capable of destroying Charming Castle, and left Stone only with a missing chunk from his shoulder and his left leg.[4]Stone created a magical barrier (마법 방어벽) in an attempt to block what he thought was a beam attack from the Nightmarizing Ge Des, but it turned out to be a mental attack.[5] It is unclear if the magical barrier was a result of the Sixth Sword or a skill of Stone's.

Instant Regeneration

Due to the Sword of the Seventh Warrior, Stone is able to regenerate from near fatal injuries instantly. His leg and shoulder that had been blown off by Ge Des's attack instantly regenerated when he used the sword.[4] The left side of his face and left arm instantly regenerated after they were blown off by an attack from the Nightmarized Ge Des.[5]

Anti-Demon Energy Projection

Stone is capable of firing a powerful blast that is capable of destroying a Demon King ranked being such as Ge Des.[4]

Dragon of Light's Direct Intervention

While fighting, Stone can be supported by the Dragon of Light directly. It is unclear if this is just a projection of the Dragon of Light or the Dragon of Light herself. The former seems the most likely

Mind Manipulation Resistance

Stone by himself appears to be susceptible to mental attacks as the The One-Eyed Nightmare successfully attacked him with one.[5] With the aid of the Dragon of Light, he was barely able to escape Ge Des's barrier.[5] She warned him to be wary of mental attacks.[5]

Protective Barrier

Dragon of Light was able to use her mana to protect Stone from the Nightmarized Ge Des fatal attack; the attack destroyed 3 of the warrior swords Stone had equipped as well as a large portion of the surrounding area that included Kejiten Castle and Alision Castle.[5] Where it not for the Dragon of Light, Stone would have been killed by the attack.[5]

Advent of Haru

With the aid of the Dragon of Light's mana, Stone can release his last sword which causes Haru, "The Strongest Human to Ever Exist", to descend into his body and transform his body into to her own.[5] In this form, Haru is in complete control and her physical body can only be maintained for a limited time due to the Dragon of Light's mana. The ability is taxing on the Dragon of Light as she was breathing heavily after Haru transformed back into Stone and had to go and sleep due to using up all her mana in that form.[11]

Personal Attribute

Stone's personal attribute was given to him directly by the Dragon of Light and she told him it would make him the strongest warrior.[5]

Combat Style

Stone fights with swords in close range combat. During his battle against Nightmares, he delivered multiple slashes with incredible speed and precision.[12] During his fight with Ge Des, Stone was shown to use 3 swords at once.[4]

Skill Tree

Warrior Skills

  • Warrior's Blow: a special skill of the Sword of the Fourth Warrior. Physical damage 5000%.
  • Warrior's Emblem: an active skill of the warrior. The emblem of the chosen one inscribed on the body of a true warrior. A symbol of courage. Activates warrior-exclusive skills and reduces the amount of mana used for warrior-exclusive skills by 50%. Stone was given this emblem by the Dragon of Light when she forcibly summoned him from the real world.
  • Justice Shield: Sword of the Sixth Warrior's special skill. Physical/magical defense +100,000.
  • Perfect Regeneration: A special passive skill of the Sword of the Seventh Warrior. 80% HP is recovered every 1 second.
  • Light of Demonic Eradication: Stone blasts a large beam of energy from his three swords that completely incinerates the target.
  • The Sword Dance of Demonic Destruction: Stone performs a sword dance that unleashes multiple slashes at the target.


Level Known Stats Instance Notes
Unknown All-Stat 2 Episode 78 Revealed by Stone during his battle with the Dummy Nightmares and the fake No Name.[14]


Warrior Exclusive Items

  • Sword of the Fourth Warrior: True name unknown. A sword that belonged to the fourth great warrior who had a strong sense of justice. Only a true warrior can handle this sword. Special Skill: Warrior's Blow. It was destroyed by Nightmare Ge Des.
  • Sword of the Sixth Warrior: True name unknown. A sword of a warrior who boasted an absolute defence. The sword and shield are one. Special Skill: Justice Shield. It was destroyed by Nightmare Ge Des.
  • Sword of the Seventh Warrior: True name unknown. A sword of the warrior of healing that was a healer double class. No matter how much bones and flesh are cut, they are all regenerated by the power of the sword. Special Skill: Perfect Regeneration. It was destroyed by Nightmare Ge Des.
  • Stone's Fourth Sword: True name unknown. Stone used it during his battle with Ge Des. It was destroyed by Nightmare Ge Des.
  • Stone's Last Sword: True name unknown. When released, the sword allows Haru to descend and take over Stone's body.

Other Items

  • Confinement Tool: Stone carries around a confinement tool that contained the Dragon of Light's mana. It shrinks the target and traps them. Stone destroyed it after The One-Eyed Nightmare escaped.[10] It is unclear if he has more than one.


Quest Status Start End
Nightmare 'Demon King Army' Incident Near Charming Castle Completed Season 2 Episode 75 Season 2 Episode 78



Stone in the hospital (Season 2 Episode 77).jpg

Stone was hit by a car whilst crossing the street which led to him being in a coma. He woke up blind and completely paralysed with his hearing the only thing that was working out of his five sense. He was in constant pain every single day once the drugs wore off and was saddened by his mom's constant crying and blaming herself for his accident. One day, while he was dreaming, he was forcibly logged into Lucid Adventure by the Dragon of Light and asked to become a warrior to save Lucid Adventure from destruction.

Stone meeting the Dragon of Light (Season 2 Episode 77).jpg

The elated Stone was happy that he could see and move again and tried to contact his mom immediately but he was stopped by the Dragon of Light and warned that he could be deleted by 'The System' if he was discovered as him being there is against the rules. Stone agrees to be her puppet and The Dragon of Light summons the The Swords of the Five Warriors and tells him he will be placed in a guild in order to grow and become stronger. She then marked him with the Warrior's Emblem and gave him his personal attribute.[5]

Stone mocking Dark after defeating him in a ranker battle (Season 2 Episode 14).jpg


Stone vs Dark

During the two year time skip, the Stone defeated Dark in a ranked match, giving him his first loss and only loss. Before leaving, he mocked Dark's hairstyle, calling his horns "tacky".[2]

Season 2

Summit Arc

Principal and Stone stopping the war between Giga and Yopi Land

Alongside his Guild Master, Principal, Stone appeared during the battle between Giga and Yopy Land. Principal urged the factions to stop the fighting and Stone challenged anyone that had a problem with what Principal said to fight him. A truce between the guilds was formed immediately.[1]

Principal and Stone during the summit

Accompanying his Guild Master, Stone and Elixir Plant Guild arrive at the House of Beginnings. They are soon joined by Giga Empire. Han Sung-Gong and Principal exchange pleasantries and soon after, Yopy Land and the Big 4 of the Underworld arrive. Yopy's disposition changes when he sees Han Sung-Gong and he becomes enraged. Principal remarks that she could hear Yopy's heart beat from where she was. Dark Land are the final Guild to arrive at the summit. Akira attacks Yopy whilst Principal and the other guilds watch on.[6] Stone seems surprised by the attack. After the exchanging of greetings, the 4 Big Guild leaders enter Principal's lotus-like barrier and Stone waits.[7][8]

Once the guild leaders meeting is over, the lotus like barrier dissipates and Yopy informs everyone that there will be a fight for the Guild alliance position between Dark Land and Giga and tells Stone that Principal already declared that Elixir Plant withdrew from the battle. Stone found it "interesting". [8] Stone observed the duel between Heart Heater and Xiang Yu. After Heart Heater's body is taken over by the Dragon of Evil and released his aura, Stone smirked and said the Dragon of Evil is "quite good". The relaxed look on Stone's face disappeared after The Dragon of Evil (100% Controlling Heart Heater) blocked Xiang Yu's spear attack with his mouth. and remarked that the Dragon of Evil was playing with everyone and silently believed that the Dragon of Evil is strong in a different way to the Dragon of Light and is a terrifying guy. Stone watched nervously as the Dragon of Evil easily tanked Xiang Yu's strongest attack.[15]

After Xiang Yu is killed by the Dragon of Evil, Han Sung-Gong orders all of his Giga forces to attack the Dragon of Evil. The enraged Stone told Giga to "wake up" and asked if they wanted to be "destroyed" by the Dragon of Evil.[15] After Giga accepted Dark Land as the victor, The Great War Quest was initiated and Dark was officially declared the leader of the alliance.[16]

The Great War Begins Arc

Light work...

Principal informs Stone that about a 1000 Nightmares are in Southwestern Field and Stone goes there and kills all the Nightmares almost instantly. by beheading them. Stone is then confronted by an enraged Elahistos, who Stone beheads instantly. Stone yawns and says that he is bored and is tired of facing weaklings. He then wonders who would be stronger between himself and the Ranked No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[12]

Beyond the Boundary Arc

Stone is a field comprised of a pile of many dead Nightmare bodies. He then yawns and tears come out of his eyes.[9]

Demon World Prelude Arc

Stone watches sees a 'System Message' stating that the Ranked No.2 Player, Ham, had taken down both Nightmare Oz and Nightmare Bamboo Spear Man. He instantly notices The One-Eyed Nightmare who teleported out of nowhere on top of a hill behind Stone. The One-Eyed Nightmare tells Stone that he is not there to fight ad wants to talk to Stone. Stone instantly appears behind The One-Eyed Nightmare and implores him to surrender.

Stone trapping the Mysterious Nightmare in his confinement tool (Season 2 Episode 60).jpg

The One-Eyed Nightmare attempts to tempt Stone to Nightmare by saying that Stone could easily surpass The Ranked No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior if he joined Nightmare. Stone rebuffs The One-Eyed Nightmare and captures him a confinement tool that contained the Dragon of Light's mana and planned on taking The One-Eyed Nightmare to the Dragon to find out who he is. The One-Eyed Nightmare escaped and left a Nightmare dummy in his place. As he left the One-Eyed Nightmare informs Stone that Nightmare knows that Stone seeks power and they will be waiting for him always. Stone crushes the Confinement Tool with his hands and tells The One-Eyed Nightmare to "Cut the Bullshit".[10]

Advent of the Demon King Arc

Clash of the titans

Stone sees Kongming's quest issue and heads toward Charming Castle. He knocks out Ham before she can blow herself up and gives Ge Des a blow but Ge Des counterattacks with a blow of his own. Stone is unfazed and wipes the blood from his nose saying that Ge Des's blow didn't amount to much. The Demon King Emblem on Ge Des's forehead begins to react to Stone and both Stone and Ge Des clash with their respective swords. Ge Des asks Stone if Stone is the Warrior of this era and Stone confidently responds that he is the warrior that will save the world.[3]

Clash of the titans

Stone avoids a sword strike from Ge Des and counterattacks with Warrior's Blow but it is blocked by Ge Des. Ge Des asks if Stone has been hiding his identity the whole time an Stone denies this and states that he simply hadn't met a worthy opponent. Ge Des fires a beam from his forehead which Stone dodges. Stone then tries to slash Ge Des from behind but Ge Des backflips out the way and kicks Stone's head into the ground. Stone immediately kips up and activates the Warrior's Emblem, which Ge Des responds with by unleashing 90% of the Demon King's Emblem.[4]

Stone clashes with Ge Des after his leg instantly regenerates (Season 2 Episode 76).jpg

The two clash multiple times aerially which causes Charming Castle to start collapsing and the very core of the earth to shake. Ge Des launches Sword of Darkness at Stone and Stone brings out his second sword and activates Justice Shield to take the blow. The strike destroyed Charming Castle and Stone's left leg and bit of his left shoulder are missing. Ge Des asks Stone if he can fight in such a condition and Stone responds by pulling out his third sword which instantly heals his injuries and clashes swords with Ge Des once again. Stone then blasted Ge Des with Light of Demonic Eradication which incinerates Ge Des and causes the Demon King to fall to the earth. As Ge Des dropped to the earth he accepted Nightmare and underwent Nightmarization.[4]

Stone supported by the Dragon of Light (Season 2 Episode 77).jpg

As Ge Des Nightmarizes, the Dragon of Light appears behind Stone and tells him not to be afraid and that his real power will be unleashed. Spurred on by this, Stone brings out his fourth sword and dashes at the transforming Ge Des. Stone attempts to kill him while he is transforming and uses his Sword Dance of Demonic Destruction but he is pushed back by the Nightmare encasing Ge Des and he is blasted by a beam in the form of a mental attack.

Stone facing Ge Des's attack (Season 2 Episode 77).jpg

The mental attack forces Stone to have a flashback showing how he became a warrior but he is pulled out of the barrier by the Dragon of Light. Ge Des successfully transforms and sends four beams at Stone that destroy the left side of Stone's face and his left arm, but his passive instantly regenerates them. Ge Des attacks Stone and destroys the Sword of the Sixth Warrior with a single blow. Stone is sent flying and is hit by an attack that destroys the whole landscape and all three of the warrior swords that Stone had equipped. The Dragon of Light's mana protects Stone from the attack and Stone is left with just his torn trousers. As Ge Des launches Meteor x99, Stone listens to the Dragon of Light's command and releases his last sword. The sword transforms Stone into Haru and she descends to battle Ge Des.[5]

Stone surrounded by Dummy Nightmares (Season 2 Episode 78).jpg

After Haru defeats the Nightmarized Ge Des, a reward chest appears and Stone returns to his body and is relieved at defeating such a dangerous opponent. Just as the fatigued Dragon of Light leaves Stone's side, he is immediately surrounded by Dummy Nightmares that appear to be led by No Name. No Name orders the Dummy Nightmares to charge at Stone. Stone thinks that Nightmare is looking down at him and rushes at No Name.

Whilst rushing towards No Name, Stone easily defeats the onrushing Dummy Nightmares and he then punches off what seems to be No Name's head, but it turns out to be a trap set up by Nightmare Choco Bibi. Nightmare appendages appear from the fake No Name's body and bind Stone, restricting him from moving. Nightmare Choco Bibi thanks Stone for being so stupid and teleports away with the reward chest to Stone's dismay.[11]

Major Battles


  • (To Dark): "Haha! What are those horns? It's tacky. You lost because of it".[2]
  • (To Giga and Yopy Land forces): "If any of you got a problem with that, come fight me!!!"[1]
  • (To Giga): “What are you doing you idiots!!! Do you all wish to be destroyed here? Wake up!![15]
  • (About the Great War): "The war started, but nothing's changed. It's still a repetition of killing the weak."[12]
  • (To himself): "I want to fight...someone as strong as me..!!"[12]
  • (To himself): "Hardcore Leveling Warrior, the No.1 Ranked Player before me..!!! Who will be stronger, me or him...?!"[12]
  • (To Ge Des): "What? the Demon King's punch amounts to this much?"[3]
  • (To Ge Des): "Yes, I'm Warrior Stone, the hero who will save this world!"[3]
  • (To Ge Des): "...I've never hidden my identity. I simply haven't met a worthy opponent".[4]
  • (To himself): "The only one who can take him [Ge Des] down is me, the chosen one of this world...!! I'll save this world no matter what...!!"[5]
  • (To himself:): "Even without the dragoon's protection, I'm already an All-Stat."[11]

  • (By Principal): "The Southwestern Field, Stone. The number of enemies is about 1000...but if it's you..."[12]
  • (By The One-Eyed Nightmare): "You've probably heard the talk of the world. The talk that asks who would win if Hardcore Leveling Warrior, the former first ranker, fights with Stone".[10]
  • (By Ge Des): "He took my attack with his face...?! Was there such a human?!"[3]
  • (By Dragon of Light): "Please become a warrior and save this world from its near destruction"[5]
  • (By Nightmare Choco Bibi): "I didn't expect the first ranker to be this stupid"[11]
  • (By Nightmare Choco Bibi): "I'll take this [Ge Des's Soul Fragment reward chest]. Here you can have this instead [flicked a cigarette at him] you idiot"[11]

  • (By Werewolf): "So, there he [Dark] was, undefeated after hundreds of matches....then he met him [Stone]. From what he [Dark] told me, he first thought it was just another swordsman. But little did he know, that swordsman was also an undefeated champion. Some say he [Dark] changed his hairdo because of what he [Stone] said."[2]
  • (By Yopi): "There's no one here who can beat him one-on-one."[8]
  • (By Ham): "I've...never seen this kind of battle before [Stone and Ge Des's fight]...".[4]
  • (By Zhuge Kongming): "This guy's [Stone] combat power measurement is almost at the MAX...!! It's a battle between two beings [Stone and Ge Des] that have surpassed the former first ranker, Hardcore Leveling Warrior?"[4]
  • (By Ge Des): "A Warrior who is protected by the Dragon of Light, the co-ordinator of the world"[4]

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    石頭 (Shítou) LINE Webtoon (Taiwanese) Traditional Chinese
    Stone LINE Webtoon (English) English
    LINE Webtoon (French) French
    LINE Manga Japanese

    Notes & Trivia

    • Stone was first mentioned in Season 2 Episode 14. His silhouette was first seen in Season 2 Episode 14. He made his full debut in Season 2 Episode 31, in which his name was also revealed.
    • After Stone's backstory was revealed in Season 2 Episode 77, many fans said that Stone has the motif of a typical Isekai protagonist who is usually forcefully summoned to another world and asked to save said world.
    • He is the only player to defeat Dark in the 'New Ranked System'.[2]
    • Stone's class was revealed to be warrior in Season 2 Episode 75.
    • The trainers that Stone wears is a homage to the 'Air Jordan 1 High Travis Scott' shoe. Kim Sehoon is a massive fan of trainers.
    • Before he was hit by a car and put in a coma, Stone was already a Lucid Adventure player as he noticed the log-in sound from the game when the Dragon of Light summoned him.[5]
    • Stone appeared to have played Lucid Adventure before being summoned to the game by Dragon of Light. In Season 2 Episode 77, he recognised the logging in sound of Lucid Adventure, which means that he had probably heard it before whilst he had logged in on his own violation.
    • Stone is the second character in a Coma that is seen playing lucid Adventure.[5] The first was Han Gun-Jae.
    • Based on the information revealed about Stone's situation in the real world in Season 2 Episode 77, some Korean fans have a theory that Stone is Lila's son. In Episode 176, it was revealed by Chairman Kim that Lila needed money for her child's surgery.
    • Some Korean fans believed that Stone's personal attribute was Yeon Gaesomun, a powerful military dictator in the waning days of the Goguryeo Kingdom, which was one of the Three Kingdoms of ancient Korea. Many Korean scholars today echo Shin Chaeho and praise Yeon Gaesomun as a soldier-statesman without equal in Korean history. Tang and Silla sources portrayed Yeon Gaesomun as a brutal and arrogant dictator who carried five swords at a time, and had men prostrate themselves so that he could use their backs to mount and dismount his horse.
    • Because of Stone's ability to use multiple swords at the same time, fans compared him to a few other popular manga characters such as Haru Glory, the main character from Rave Master and Roronoa Zoro from One Piece.
    • Stone's combat power may exceed the combat power of the rank no.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior with three warrior swords equipped, but this was never explicitly stated in the webtoon.
    • Stone's personal attribute was never explicitly stated in the webtoon. Season 2 Episode 77 was titled "Stone's Personal Attribute Unleashed", so there are several theories as to what the personal attribute was based on that Episode.
      • Some believe that Stone's personal attribute is the Advent of Haru because it occurred in Season 2 Episode 77.
      • Some believe that it is the Warrior's Emblem because when the Dragon of Light told Stone that she would grant him his personal attribute that would make him the strongest warrior, Stone was immediately marked with Warrior's Emblem.
      • Until the author explicitly states Stone's personal attribute, it will be left as "???" to avoid speculation.