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Yeah, I'm the main character who will save this world, I'm Hero Stone!
 ― Stone[source]

Stone is a player in Lucid Adventure. He is the Vice Guild Master of Elixir Plant Guild[1] and is currently ranked no.1 in the Lucid Ball Ranking System.[2][1][3]

Stone was recruited directly by the Dragon of Light to save Lucid Adventure from its impending doom.[5] He was placed in the Elixir Planty guild by the Dragon of Light to aid his growth.[5] During the two year time skip, he defeated Dark in a ranked match.[1]

Alongside his Guild Master, Principal, Stone ended the war between Giga and Yopy Land and truce was formed between the 4 major guilds.[1] He attended the Guild Summit and was present during the battle between Heart Heater and Xiang Yu.

During the start of The Great War, Stone was subjugating Nightmares by himself.[6][7] He rejected The Crow's attempt to join Nightmare.[8] Stone answered Kongming's quest issue and engaged the Demon King Ge Des in battle.[3] Stone critically injured the Demon King and forced the latter to accept Nightmare. Stone eventually defeated Ge Des after using his body as a medium to summon Haru.[9]

Along with the Primordial Dragons and Heart Heater, Stone was transferred to the Demon World in order to confront the Demon King - Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[10] The two eventually faced off in a fierce one on one battle, which ended in Stone's defeat.[11]


Stone has tanned skin, long black spiky hair and black eyes. He wears a white coloured neck brace, an orange jacket, a black t-shirt with a yellow smiley face on it, a yellow belt, black trousers and white/orange coloured trainers.[1]

Stone carries five swords with him. Three of the longer swords are hanging of his lower back while the shorter thicker swords are hanging off his upper back.[1]

In the real world, Stone's appearance has not been fully seen as his face is currently wrapped in bandages after he was hit by a car. He wears a typical hospital long sleeve shirt and bottoms with grey socks.


As the current strongest player in Lucid Adventure, Stone is extremely confident in both himself and his abilities. He openly challenged Giga and Yopy Land members that disagreed with his guild master's suggestion to a fight.[1]

Stone finds the repetition of defeating the weak boring and yearns to fight a strong opponent.[6] As seen during his battle with Ge Des, fighting a strong opponent gets Stone in a buoyant mood.[3] He was ecstatic that he could finally face a worthy opponent.[4]

He seems to get a kick out of mocking his opponents as he mocked Dark for his "tacky" horns after defeating him[2] and mocked the power of Ge Des's blow and said that it didn't amount to much[3].
Despite wanting to test himself, he is not willing to let himself be corrupted for the sake of more power as he rejected The Crow's attempt to recruit him for Nightmare.[8]

Stone is a very direct person and jumps head first into fights which can be used by his enemies. This brash attitude led to him falling for Nightmares trap and losing the reward he got from defeating Ge Des.[9] Nightmare Choco Bibi called him "stupid" and an "idiot" for falling a simple trick.[9]

Major Battles


  • (To Dark): "Haha! What are those horns? It's tacky. You lost because of it".[2]
  • (To Giga and Yopy Land forces): "If any of you got a problem with that, come fight me!!!"[1]
  • (To Giga): “What are you doing you idiots!!! Do you all wish to be destroyed here? Wake up!![12]
  • (About the Great War): "The war started, but nothing's changed. It's still a repetition of killing the weak."[6]
  • (To himself): "I want to fight...someone as strong as me..!!"[6]
  • (To himself): "Hardcore Leveling Warrior, the No.1 Ranked Player before me..!!! Who will be stronger, me or him...?!"[6]
  • (To Ge Des): "What? the Demon King's punch amounts to this much?"[3]
  • (To Ge Des): "Yeah, I'm the main character who will save this world, I'm Hero Stone!"[3]
  • (To Ge Des): "...I've never hidden my identity. I simply haven't met a worthy opponent".[4]
  • (To himself): "The only one who can take him [Ge Des] down is me, the chosen one of this world...!! I'll save this world no matter what...!!"[5]
  • (To the Nightmares:): "Even without the dragon's protection, I'm already an All-Stat."[9]
  • (To Choco Bibi): "Hey. Long time no see. It's amazing that you've held out this long against the Demon King, isn't it? Don't worry, I'm here now!!"[13]
  • (To Hardcore Leveling Warrior): "We're here to take you down, Hardcore Leveling Warrior!"[10]
  • (To Hardcore Leveling Warrior): "Is that it? You're not a big deal."[14]

  • (By Principal): "The Southwestern Field, Stone. The number of enemies is about 1000...but if it's you..."[6]
  • (By The Crow): "You've probably heard the talk of the world. The talk that asks who would win if Hardcore Leveling Warrior, the former first ranker, fights with Stone".[8]
  • (By Ge Des): "He took my attack with his face...?! Was there such a human?!"[3]
  • (By Dragon of Light): "Please become a Hero and save this world from its near destruction"[5]
  • (By Nightmare Choco Bibi): "I didn't expect the first ranker to be this stupid"[9]
  • (By Nightmare Choco Bibi): "I'll take this [Ge Des's Soul Fragment reward chest]. Here you can have this instead [flicked a cigarette at him] you idiot"[9]
  • (By Hardcore Leveling Warrior): "Whether it's luck or hard work, only the winner has the right to talk."[11]

  • (By Werewolf): "So, there he [Dark] was, undefeated after hundreds of matches....then he met him [Stone]. From what he [Dark] told me, he first thought it was just another swordsman. But little did he know, that swordsman was also an undefeated champion. Some say he [Dark] changed his hairdo because of what he [Stone] said."[2]
  • (By Yopi): "There's no one here who can beat him one-on-one."[15]
  • (By Ham): "I've...never seen this kind of battle before [Stone and Ge Des's fight]...".[4]
  • (By Zhuge Kongming): "This guy's [Stone] combat power measurement is almost at the MAX...!! It's a battle between two beings [Stone and Ge Des] that have surpassed the former first ranker, Hardcore Leveling Warrior?"[4]
  • (By Ge Des): "A Hero who is protected by the Dragon of Light, the co-ordinator of the world"[4]
  • (By Dragon of Evil): "Ho. He's pretty good."[14]
  • (By Hardcore Leveling Warrior): "What are all those buffs?! That guy is totally a blessed character!"[14]
  • (By Hardcore Leveling Warrior): "I'm pissed off...I had to work my ass off to get here... becoming the first ranker like that...he did it without any effort!"[14]

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    Notes & Trivia

    • Stone was first mentioned in Season 2 Episode 14. His silhouette was first seen in Season 2 Episode 14. He made his full debut in Season 2 Episode 31, in which his name was also revealed.
    • After Stone's backstory was revealed in Season 2 Episode 77, many fans said that Stone has the motif of a typical Isekai protagonist who is usually forcefully summoned to another world and asked to save said world.
    • He is the only player to defeat Dark in the 'New Ranked System'.[2]
    • Stone's class was revealed to be Hero in Season 2 Episode 75.
    • The trainers that Stone wears is a homage to the 'Air Jordan 1 High Travis Scott' shoe. Kim Sehoon is a massive fan of trainers.
    • Before he was hit by a car and put in a coma, Stone was already a Lucid Adventure player as he noticed the log-in sound from the game when the Dragon of Light summoned him.[5]
    • Stone is the second character in a Coma that is seen playing lucid Adventure. The first was Han Gun-Jae.
    • Based on the information revealed about Stone's situation in the real world in Season 2 Episode 77, some Korean fans have a theory that Stone is Lila's son. In Episode 176, it was revealed by Chairman Kim that Lila needed money for her child's surgery.
    • Some Korean fans believed that Stone's personal attribute was Yeon Gaesomun, a powerful military dictator in the waning days of the Goguryeo Kingdom, which was one of the Three Kingdoms of ancient Korea. Many Korean scholars today echo Shin Chaeho and praise Yeon Gaesomun as a soldier-statesman without equal in Korean history. Tang and Silla sources portrayed Yeon Gaesomun as a brutal and arrogant dictator who carried five swords at a time, and had men prostrate themselves so that he could use their backs to mount and dismount his horse.
    • Because of Stone's ability to use multiple swords at the same time, fans compared him to a few other popular manga characters such as Haru Glory, the main character from Rave Master and Roronoa Zoro from One Piece.
    • Stone's combat power may exceed the combat power of the rank no.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior with three warrior swords equipped, but this was never explicitly stated in the webtoon.
    • Stone's personal attribute was never explicitly stated in the webtoon. Season 2 Episode 77 was titled "Stone's Personal Attribute Unleashed", so there are several theories as to what the personal attribute was based on that Episode.
      • Some believe that Stone's personal attribute is the Advent of Haru because it occurred in Season 2 Episode 77.
      • Some believe that it is the Hero's Emblem because when the Dragon of Light told Stone that she would grant him his personal attribute that would make him the strongest Hero, Stone was immediately marked with Hero's Emblem.
      • Until the author explicitly states Stone's personal attribute, it will be left as "???" to avoid speculation.