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Skills & Abilities

Season 1

"Unlike Dark and Hardcore Leveling Warrior...all I can do is try hard, endure and make it to the end! Cause that's just who I am" Sora

Innate Potential Ability:


Great Swordmanship:

  • Sword Spirit:

Season 2

"..I'm pretty damn strong" Sora
Two years later, Sora's power has grown tremendously through her training. Her strength is recognised by Dark, the current Rank no.3 player as well as well as Lu Bu and Werewolf.[2][3] She easily defeated a 100% Nightmarized Gurland without taking a single damage.[3] During the Lucid Adventure Arc, she defeated the top ranker, Apple, in a one vs one duel showing that her power is amongst the Top Rankers in the game.

Enhanced Strength: Sora shows immense strength by using a large broad sword that requires two hands to hold. She held the sword with one arm without straining.[3]

An unskilled attack from Sora was stong enough to pierce the Moonlight Slash used by a 100% Nightmarized Gurland and split the Great Demon in half.[3]

Sora slammed Kelea into the ground with enough force to destroy the ground on impact.[4]

Improved Movement Speed: Sora was able to dodge Gurland's Moonlight Slash and appear above him instantly despite her wielding a heavy broadsword.[3]

Improved Durability: Using her sword, Sora was able to block Hell Fire from Gurland without taking any damage. Sora was able to catch a kick from Kelea, a player that has the power of a ranker, with ease and not take any damage.[4] Apple, one of Giga's top rankers theorised that Sora has very high resistance stats as Sora was able to survive three shots of her vengeance bullets; Even rankers couldn't make it after getting hit by one of Apple's bullets.[5]

Improved Swordsmanship: Sora's swordsmanship has developed greatly over the last two years. She is able to use sword skills that are able to critically wound Gurland without using her Ego Sword.[3] Sora's attack power has grown exponentially over the last 2 years. With her current broad sword, she killed all of Gurland's servants with one slash.[2] She was able to break Gurland's Sword and crack it again. Her attack carried so much force that Gurland was shoved into the ground. She critically injured Gurland with a skill so powerful, that it created a wind strong enough to push back the observing Dark and Lu Bu.[3]

Personal Attribute


Strength Enhancement

Speed Enhancement:

Healing Augmentation:

Ego Sword


Combat Style

Skill Tree


Great Swordsman Skills

Sora Skills

Taster Skills

Ego Sword Skills

  • Eat Up: Ego's mouths develops sharp teeth and her mouth becomes big enough to swallow a player. Ego then consumes the target, killing them in process.[6]
  • Chew Up: Ego chews the opponents weapon everytime it comes into contact with it and eventually destroys the weapon.[7]
  • Free Transform: Ego takes the form Sora desires. So far Sora has transformed Ego into a shield.[9]
  • Spoon Mode: Ego transforms into a spoon. It is a form that was enabled only when the taster's speciality is activated. The changed form depends on the food she eats.[10]

Hero Skills

Other Skills


Level Period Stats Time
30 The Very First War Unknown When Hardcore Leveling Warrior saved her from Nightmare.[12]
73 Siege Round Prelude Unknown Raised her level from 70 to 73 after clearing the Dungeon with Dark.[13][10]
90 PvP Round Final Unknown Based on her stats sheet for The Combat Tournament Final.[14]




Consumable Items


Hero Exclusive Items

Other Items

  • Ancient Devil's Ore Pieces
  • Gold Card: A Gold Card with Dark's insignia on it. It was given to her by Heart Heater before she departed Dark Land to journey around Lucid Adventure. It presumably has gold coins that can be spent.[15]
  • Dragon Tendon Bandage: It is a bandage made with Dragon's Tendons. Its elasticity and durability is beyond imagination


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