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"I've been trying so hard not to lose what's important to me anymore. And I'm confident in myself because of that"
Ko Sora, known as Sora in Lucid Adventure, is one of the main protagonists of the Hardcore Leveling Warrior series and a current member of Dark Land. 5 years ago, Hardcore Leveling Warrior saved her from Nightmare and told her to get stronger. Inspired by his words, Sora has since been training to become as strong as him. She feels indebted to Hardcore Leveling Warrior and admires him greatly.

During Season 1, she competed in the last ever Combat Tournament as a member of Team Dark. After going through many trial and tribulations, Sora and her team won the Combat Tournament after defeating Team Light in the PvP Round Final. After Hardcore Leveling Warrior's disappearance, Sora helped Dark with the building of Dark Land. She eventually left to explore Lucid Adventure and become stronger.

Two years later, she returned to Dark Land having experienced a tremendous amount of growth in both her confidence and power. She believes that Hardcore Leveling Warrior is alive and is trying to find him along with Dark.


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