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I've been trying so hard not to lose what's important to me anymore. And I'm confident in myself because of that
 ― Sora[source]

Ko So-Ra,[3] known as Sora in Lucid Adventure,[4] is one of the main protagonists of the Hardcore Leveling Warrior webtoon and a current member of Dark Land. She is "The True Hero of the Era".[1]

During The Very First War 5 years ago, the then ranked no.3 Hardcore Leveling Warrior saved Sora from Nightmare and told her to get stronger. Inspired by his words, Sora embarked on her training to become as stronger. She feels indebted to Hardcore Leveling Warrior and admires him greatly.

During Season 1, she competed in the last ever Combat Tournament as a member of Team Dark. After going through many trial and tribulations, Sora and her team won the Combat Tournament after defeating Team Light in the PvP Round Final. After Hardcore Leveling Warrior's disappearance, Sora helped Dark with the building of Dark Land. She eventually left to explore Lucid Adventure and become stronger.

Two years later, she returned to Dark Land having experienced a tremendous amount of growth in both her confidence and power. She believes that Hardcore Leveling Warrior is alive and is trying to find him along with Dark.


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Real World

In the real world, Sora Ko is brown-haired woman with fair skin. She usually wears a gray hoodie and dark green pants. When at work, she wears over a green apron with the number '25' in the middle.

At home, she wears a white shirt and pink shorts.

Lucid Adventure

Sora wore many kinds of clothing and armor throughout Lucid Adventure. She has a lean and athletic physique with magenta eyes and fair skin much like her real life self. She is also regarded as the most beautiful amongst other female players.

In her early days of playing Lucid, she had long back hair and was wearing a sleeveless blue armor that exposed her midriff, a waistcloth, and leg armor. When she started training with Novelist Han, she had cut hair off to neck length and wore a turtleneck black sweater with pants.

When she arrived in Yopi Land, she reverted back to her old outfit but with the addition of a upturned collar shirt worn over her armor, loose sleeves and the black dragon panties that her master gave her. During the Dungeon Arcs, she swapped her loose sleeves with Medusa's Gauntlet and wore a large blue belt with a small blade sheathed. Throughout the Elimination and Subjugation Round, she combined two armors and wore a sleeveless full body tight fit white clothes with a blue breastplate, blue waist armor, black leg armor and white gloves.

Before the Siege Round, she changed her outfit and wore a dark green coat with a gray shoulder plate on her left arm, black cleavage armor that protects the midsection but exposed her sides, black pants and gray boots. During the Siege Round, she wore the black horned helmet that came with the armor she bought. Midway before the start of the PVP Round, she no longer wore her coat, shoulder plate, and black horned helmet.

During the PVP Round, she styled her hair in a short high ponytail with eye length bangs and two longer side bangs that frame her face. She wore a light blue scarf around her neck and overall, wore a samurai themed armor which consists of a grey breastplate, scaled shoulder plates, purple gauntlets, scaled waist armor with the insignia of Team Dark on her cloth, black pants that tucked inside her purple and black boots and she wore dark clothing underneath all that.

Two years later, she returns to Dark Land, with her hair turned azure, back length, and disheveled much like Hardcore Leveling Warrior's hair when he was Rank 1. She currently wears a sleeveless black shirt, baggy black pants, a thin blue scarf around her neck, slippers, and Dragon Tendon Bandages wrapped around her arms, stomach and legs. She used to wear a white and blue coat over her shoulders as well but it was destroyed by Hephai.


Sora is very jovial and positive, though a bit gluttonous. She always has compassion for her friends and is willing to put her life on the line for them. She always had a one sided admiration and possibly love for Hardcore Leveling Warrior and wants to get strong so she can prove herself to him. Underneath her positive attitude lies her inferiority complex. She recognises that her personal attribute is ordinary compared to the likes of Dark and Lu Bu and lacks the strength to defend her team. She feels like she is being left behind, so she wants to become stronger in order to defend her friends and prove herself to Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[5]

Sora doesn't get angered easily except when it comes to food as seen when she attacked Guan Yu.[6] She also dislikes being talked down to as seen when she snapped after Dark called her a troll and was rude to her.[7]

On her return to Dark Land after two years, Sora would come back not only stronger but far more confident. Speaking her mind to Dark with ease though still retains her gluttonous nature and care for her friends. Also showing dislike for the false 'Hardcore Leveling Warrior'.


Season 1

  • (To Brand New Alibag): "I know why you're so strong now. You're...honest. You're honest with yourself to be stronger. I... have to be more honest with myself too!"[8]
  • (To herself): "To earn Hardcore Leveling Warrior's recognition.. I swung my sword thousand, no, tens of thousand times to fully master it..!!"[9]
  • (To herself): "Maybe... working hard isn't the only answer. I'm going to count on my luck. If I lose, I lose."[10]
  • (From Heart Heater to Lila): "Will..Effort.. unlike Dark and Hardcore Leveling Warrior...all I can do is try hard, endure, and make it to the end! Cause that's just who I am!"[11]
  • (To Lila): "I...won't give up... If I do... then all possibilities are gone."[12]
  • (Sora after her awakening): "Whew... it feels good to be strong.. again."[13]
  • (To Lila): "My greatest weapon. It's never giving up."[14]

Season 2

  • (To Apple): "Hehe.. all that talk about personal attribute...If you're as powerful as you say you are, you wouldn't even have had to say it"[15]
  • (To Dark): "Hehe, well... I'm not some ordinary human either. I'll show them what I can do."[16]
  • (To herself regarding Le Zilk): "He sure is the greatest swordsman of ancient demons... He's really strong and I love it!! All the opponents I've met after two years of training were strong but not strong enough to make me go all out! Now I'll get to use my power for real!!"[17]

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Translation Notes

Issues and Errors

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Real Name

고소라 is Sora's full name and can mean Ko So-Ra.

Her given name "소라", romanised as So-Ra, is a Korean feminine given name. Unlike most Korean given names, which are composed of two single-syllable Sino-Korean morphemes each written with one hanja, So-ra is an indigenous Korean name, a single two-syllable word meaning "conch shell". So-Ra can be written as Sora.

Her surname "", romanised as Ko (Hanja: 髙|高), is also variously romanized as GoGoh, or Koh. It is a common Korean family name.

In Episode 12, LINE Webtoon mistranslated 고소라 as simply Sora instead of Ko Sora.

International Translations

Name Platform Language




高彼蘿 (Gāo bǐ luó) 彼蘿 (bǐ luó) LINE Webtoon (Taiwanese) Traditional Chinese
Sora; Sora Ko Sora LINE Webtoon (English) English
Sora; So-Ra Ko Sora LINE Webtoon (French) French
LINE Manga Japanese

Notes & Trivia

  • Sora made her first appearance in Episode 2 but her character's name was revealed in Episode 3. Her full name, "Go Sora", was revealed in Episode 12 which LINE Webtoon incorrectly translated as just "Sora". They have correctly translated it since as then as "Sora Ko".
  • Sora was the 87th customer and the last person in the Yopi Grilled Skewers queue in Episode 2.
  • The author revealed that Sora's birthday is March 3rd.[2]

Setting Errors

In Season 2 Episode 15, Sora's name was mistranslated as "Kang Sora" (강소라) instead of "Ko Sora". Also, her full name should also not have been used in the game as her game name is simply "Sora". LINE (English) changed the name to Ko Sora while LINE (Taiwan) changed her name to simply "Sora", which is the correct version.