"Unlike Dark and Hardcore Leveling Warrior...all I can do is try hard, endure and make it to the end! Cause that's just who I am"

Go Sora (Line Webtoon: Sora Ko), also known as Sora in Lucid Adventure, is one of the main protagonists of the Hardcore Leveling Warrior series and a member of Team Dark. She feels indebted to Hardcore Leveling Warrior after he saved her from Nightmare a year before the start of the series.

Thus she has made it her goal to be as strong as Hardcore Leveling Warrior. Stating it was him that taught her to never give up.

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Sora is very jovial and positive , though a bit gluttonous. She always have compassion for her friends and is willing to put her life on the line for her friends. She always had a one sided admiration and possibly love for HCLW and wants to get strong so she can prove herself to him. Underneath her positive attitude lies her inferiority complex. She recognizes that her personal attribute is ordinary compared to the likes of dark, hclw, and even fengxian and lacks the strength to defend her team. She feels like she is being left behind , so she wants to become stronger in order to defend her friends and prove herself to HCLW.

In her return to Dark Land after two years, Sora would come back not only stronger but far more confident. Speaking her mind to Dark with ease though still retains her gluttony nature and care for her friends. Also showing dislike for the false 'Hardcore Leveling Warrior'.

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Hardcore Leveling Warrior Edit

Sora first met Hardcore Leveling Warrior a year before the start of the series. Where she was the one person he saved, leaving a grand impression of him to her. This made her decide to possibly be a Swords woman as he told her to "Get Stronger". She has a mass admiration of him and always gets along well having up to no arguments with him. Willing to even risk her life for him if she so sees it.

It was also hinted that she may posses more than just admiration for him, and actual signs of affection. First mentioned by Novelist Han, the second being her unexplained jealousy when Hardcore Leveling Warrior left to meet No Name under the impression she was Armes. In any case, she is a valued comrade to him and vice versa. The two working together in many battles, the most recent in the PvP round.

By Season 2, she is one of the few to believe and know Hardcore Leveling Warrior is still alive.

Dark Edit

Originally only going along with helping him, Sora soon found herself being friends with Dark. Aiding Dark on his quest to see his grandpa and protecting him when he is in danger. Granted their are times she has become visibly annoyed by him, sometimes angered. During an argument where she stated he was nothing more than a rich rude child who knew nothing, and had the weirdest hairstyle with those horns.

At the end of the day though, he is still her trusted companion. Even eliminating Manager Park through anger when the Giga player killed him during the siege round. It has also been stated that she wishes to catch up to him like Hardcore Leveling Warrior due to his own unique personal attributes. Thus like her idol HLW, she wants Dark to also recognize her for who she is.

By Season 2, she shows some reprimanding to Dark for putting his kingdom as risk, but still protects him and cares for his safety.

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A good ally that Sora trust and gets well along with. Unlike Hardcore Leveling Warrior, if she borrows or eats something, it's HCLW that pays for it instead of her. Granted Heart Heater did warn her to ask next time she borrowed something from him-Dragon Stone. Sora showed some fear in response. Either way, the two are on good terms with Heart Heater explaining that she has changed thanks to Hardcore Leveling Warrior.

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While the two haven't talked much, both have a good enough respect for the other. In Master Swordsman case, glad she and Dark are with Hardcore Leveling Warrior. Sora even having visited him in hopes to become stronger by being taught Moonlight Slash. Though Master Swordsman couldn't teach her that skill, he did help in making her stronger by making her due real combat experience.

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Like many, Sora also knows the true nature of Giga and dislikes them. Defending her friends from the various attacks they make and vowed with Dark to help him in beating them in the Combat Tournament.

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After her run in with Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Sora went to the mountains to train in order to get stronger. Along her journey she met Novelist Han and saw his incredible strength. Admiring such power, she quickly asked him to be her master, which he reluctantly accepted. Training her in a way that she will have special 'potential' in the future. Though she did question why he had panties in the first place. Regardless, she still appreciated his help.

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Not much interaction has been seen between the two. The most being Laling showing some small hostility toward Sora wondering if she was trying to hook up with Hardcore Leveling Warrior with her 'frivolous' look. A question Sora could not answer properly. Despite this, Sora still ended up protecting her with Ego during the explosion from the Godcha prize Dark used.

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  • Eat Up - Ego's mouths develops sharp teeth and her mouth becomes big enough to swallow a player. Ego then consumes the target, killing them in process.[1]
  • Chew Up - Ego chews the opponents weapon everytime it comes into contact with it and eventually destroys the weapon.[2]
  • Free Transform - Ego takes the form Sora desires. So far Sora has transformed Ego into a shield.[4]

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Level Period Stats Time
30 The Very First War Unknown When Hardcore Leveling Warrior saved her from Nightmare.[6]
73 Siege Round Prelude Unknown Raised her level from 70 to 73 after clearing the Dungeon with Dark.[7][8]
90 PvP Round Final Unknown Based on her stats sheet for The Combat Tournament Final.[9]


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  • Ancient Devil's Ore Pieces
  • Gold Card: A Gold Card with Dark's insignia on it. It was given to her by Heart Heater before she departed Dark Land to journey around Lucid Adventure. It presumably has gold coins that can be spent.[10]

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Lucid Adventure Edit

A year before the start of the series, Sora was saved from Nightmare by Hardcore Leveling Warrior and then spent a year training in the mountains to get stronger.[11] Around the same time, she killed a 100 werewolves to complete her Class Change, which took her two months.[12]

Part 1 Edit

After a year training in the mountains, she went to Yopi Land to eat the famous Yopi Grilled Skewers. General Guan Yu ended up skipping the queue and is swiftly punched into a wall Sora.

She then saw Hardcore Leveling Warrior supposedly about to be attacked by Rim and intervened, promising to protect him. The recovered General Guan Yu attempts to attack Hardcore Leveling Warrior with his Nagitana, but he missed and spilts Rim in half. Sora, Heart Heater, the split Rim and Hardcore Leveling Warrior escape in the teeth of Grabert. Grabert takes them to the Hut on Dragon Mountain, where Sora and Hardcore Leveling Warrior are introduced to Dark

Dark wants Hardcore Leveling Warrior to help him Level up and Hardcore Leveling Warrior agrees to do so for $3 Million. The group return to prepare for a dungeon quest but Dark is wary about Hardcopre Leveling Warrior's strength and asks him to prove himself by beating Scallion Head with Sora saying Hardcore Leveling Warrior doesn't have to prove himself to anyone.

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The Taster's Journey Edit

Sora departing Dark Land

Having helped Dark in establishing Dark Land, Sora decided to see the bigger world of Luid Adventure and grow stronger in her own way. As she was about to depart Dark Land with Ego, 2 Hoohians try to convince her to stay as well as Heart Heater but she is insistent on leaving. Heart Heater gives her a payment in the form of a gold card. Sora tries to reject it but Heart Heater tells her it's for all the help she has given Dark Land. He also tells her that she can borrow money from Dark Land at 0% interest. Sora then departed Dark Land.[10]

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  • Sora made her first appearance in Episode 2 but her character's name was revealed in Episode 3. Her real name, Go sora, was revealed in Episode 12. Webtoon translates her real name as Sora.

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