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Skill/Stat Type is one of the Four Personal Attribute Types in Lucid Adventure. It is a Tier 3 Personal Attribute.


About 70% of the players in Lucid Adventure correspond to this Tier. Players with this Personal Attribute Type can find out there in the beginning. It is better for them to choose the Job that matches their increased stat and maximises their skill.[1]

Skill Type

Skill Type Personal Attributes grant the player a unique skill that can be strengthened and utilised in combination with their jobs.

Known Skill Types

  • Triple Attack - Keynes is able to deliver 3 consecutive hits when the first hit isn't a miss. He can increase the number of hits by 9 times using the Shadow Clone skill of his Thief Class.
  • Stretch - Bamboo Spear Man is able to extend and shrink the length of his weapon, increasing the range of his attack.
  • Teleport - Choco Bibi is able to Teleport objects. He incorporated this skill with his Class to become a Space Wizard.
  • Stone Golem - Radish Kimchi can create stone golems as well as encasing himself in a stone golem like armor to increase his attack and defensive power.
  • Summoning Skills - The Martial Artist Rui Rui is able to summon a Legendary creature to fight alongside her.
  • Bubbles - Bubble is able to control Bubbles. She is a Wizard that advanced to become an Elementalist, granting her the ability to use Bubble Magic.
  • Conveyance - After having his Tribe changed from a Therianthrope to a Mechanic, Assistant Manager Park 38 is able to alter parts of his body allowing him to take the form a humanoid, a horse and a centaur.
  • Counter: Magma designates a target as his 'Counter'. His cyborg body can be modified to neutralise the targets skills. All his stats are multiplied fivefold when he's facing a counter target.
  • Persistent Teeth: Secretary Kim's Dagger can't be pulled out until it hits the second time.
  • Hwatu: Hungry Ghost is able to use gambling card skills based on the Korean card game, Hwatu.
  • Rule - Chess: Ham is able to create a conceptual magic based on the strategic board game, chess.

Stat Types

Stat Type Personal Attributes increase the players stats. It is best for the player to choose a class that matches their increased stats.

Known Stat Types

  • Aggro - Anchovy Envy's stats increase the more people hate him. Female players hate him even more and when he is fighting against a 'female' his attack doubles.

Uncategorised Stat Types

  • The Blue Chunk Devil - Heart Heater believed that he had a 'Stat' Type Personal Attribute and wrongly invested in fighting stats rather than on magic.

Notes & Trivia

  • Despite being the most common personal attribute, Stat Types are the least represented personal attribute in the series, even more so than Transcendental Types.


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