Sik is a demon in Lucid Adventure. He is the 16th Demon King and the former ruler of the Demon World.[1] He is a direct descendant of Hoi and the father of Ge Des, Ruud Ra Kan and Grian Den.During the Human-Demon War, he tried to collect the power of 'Iho' and corrupt the world. 'Sic' was thwarted by 'The Knights', a powerful and chivalrous order created by the descendants of 'The Heroes'. He was eventually sealed by The Grand Master of the Knights, Haru.




Skills & Abilities

Skill Tree

Demon King Skills

  • Sphere of Sealing: Sik creates a spherical barrier that is capable of sealing multiple targets within it's core. It is powerful enough to contain The 3 Demon Prince's and easily withstand their attempts to break free of it.



Notes & Trivia


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