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Seotda is the conceptual magic of Hungry Ghost's personal attribute, Hwatu.


Seotda is a special conceptual spell for enemy gamblers. Both Hungry Ghost and the enemy gambler are trapped in a 'Seotda Field' (Korean: 섰다의 필드) (Line Webtoon: 'Hwatu Field') and play a gambling game based on the Hwatu game, Seotda . The loser of the game dies.[1]


Instance Description
Episode 165 Hungry Ghost trapped Hardcore Leveling Warrior in a Seotda Field and forced him to play Seotda. Hungry Ghost was confident he would win the gamble as he had 999 luck due to being buffed by the God of Blessing. He drew a 1-3 Flush (January and March) but unfortunately for him, HCLW drew the 'Secret Royal Inspector' (4-7 Flush; April and July). Hungry Ghost was defeated and died as a result.[1]

Translation Notes & Issues

Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Issues

'섰다' is incorrectly translated as Hwatu by LINE Webtoon.

섰다 is pronounced and romanized as "seotda" or "sutda" and is never directly translated into English. It literally means "It Is" in English.

International Translations

Name Platform Language
LINE Webtoon (Taiwanese) Traditional Chinese
Hwatu LINE Webtoon (English) English
Sutda LINE Webtoon (French) French
LINE Manga Japanese

Notes & Trivia

  • 'Seotda' is one of the games based on Hwatu cards. It was made popular by the "Tazza" movies,.It is a fast paced betting game that is special when played with Hanafuda cards. The rules can be seen here.