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Secretary Park is a player in Lucid Adventure. He is a member of the Giga Empire and the secretary of the Giga Vice President, Light. He was Ranked no.49 in the Giga Scout Ranking System and is a member of Totoras.

He was a part of Team Light that took part in the last ever Combat Tournament. They were defeated by Team Dark in the PvP Round Finals.


Secretary Park is a young man with a large muscular build and black hair with a comb over hairstyle. He usually wears the classic male Giga uniform all the time.

During the PVP Round however, he wore a long sleeve stand collar shirt that exposed the middle of his chest, golden plated shoulder armor with blue strap wrapped around his body, blue belt with a golden buckle, linen pants and shoes. Though he usually becomes shirtless during the fight.



Secretary Park is generally a serious person in and outside of battle, he is a calculating fighter as he was able to analyze where Tempest was going to teleport next and figured out what to do against a rampaging Top Baldhead by reversing his power.

He doesn't like giving new employees a hard time as he told General Manager Park to take it easy on the new employee.




Secretary Park is loyal to Light and regards him highly. He complimented Light's strategy during the Siege Round and was worried about Light when Ultimate Healer summoned the Sword of God and when Hardcore Leveling Warrior flicked him.

Secretary Kim

As fellow secretaries to Light, they are on good terms and respect each other. He entrusted Secretary Kim with Light whilst he dealt with Hardcore Leveling Warrior who finished him off easily.

Skills & Abilities


Secretary Park is a strong and skilled player as he was chosen by Light to be a part of his team for the Combat Tournament. He was ranked the 49th strongest player by Giga during the First Nightmare War.


Secretary Park's class is Sword Weapon Master which allows him to wield legendary attribute weapons

Personal Attribute

Double Biting Teeth: Secretary Park's second attack is unavoidable and is known as 'Double Biting Teeth'.

Skill Tree

Sword Weapon Master Skills

  • Biting Tooth: Secretary Park throws the chained dagger at the opponent and hooks them.
  • Biting Fang: Secretary Park uses the chained dagger to quickly stab their opponent.
  • Lion's Fang: Secretary Park pierces the target opponent with his chained dagger.

Gan Jiang - Mo Ye

  • Yin Absorption: Secretary Park absorbs the power of any attack.
    • Absorb: Secretary Park absorbs the power of the opponent's attack.
    • Release: Secretary Park releases the power of the attack through his attack.
  • Rain Slash: An ultimate attack with 100% hit that slices the target with the power absorbed from their attacks.
  • Lasso of Yin and Yang: An undodgeable skill that roots the target in place using its own chains.
  • Eternally Cursed Sword Strike: Secretary Park strikes the target with the Cursed Sword - Thircapo. Supposedly powerful enough that Hardcore Leveling Warrior could never survive it.



  • Golden Daggers
  • Gan Jiang - Mo Ye: a legendary attribute weapon. It is a sword that comes as a pair.
  • Demonic Sword - Thricapo: a cursed sword that burns the wielder and deals permanent damage to its enemies.



Season 1

Notes & Trivia

  • Secretary Park made his first appearance in Episode 29 but his name was finally revealed in Episode 133.
  • He is chronologically the 2nd 'Park' to be introduced in the series and the 4th in the series.
  • He was mistakenly called 'Secretary Kim' multiple times in Episode 134.